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  1. Matesamo

    WotC Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Video Game Announcement Trailer

    Looks like a fall 2020 release; PS4, Xbox One and Switch. Then Gold editions for PS5 and Xbox Series X early 2021.
  2. Matesamo

    DDAL Oracle of War is the New Eberron Adventurer's League Season

    I have not done the adventure league in years; if this debuts Halloween weekend when will it roll out to the stores?
  3. Matesamo

    Dragon Reflections #13 - How to win D&D!

    Some further notes on items I found interesting: * The Spring Revel hours were listed as 8am-12pm Saturday and 8am-6pm Sunday. Hopefully they didn't shut down at noon on Saturday! Price was $2 a day, $3 for both days and NO pre-registration was allowed. * There is a mention in the editorial...
  4. Matesamo

    Dragon Reflections #11 - The Sorcerer Speaks!

    Another fine issue from the early days of the magazine. It was interesting to see the mentions of the upcoming Advanced Dungeons & Dragons books and the excitement which they were being described. My other highlights from this issue include: Gary Gygax's editorial praising some non-TSR...
  5. Matesamo

    Dragon Reflections #10 – Snits and Orgies

    Loving this series of articles and fondly remember being able to flip through the newest Dragon at the local bookstore. If I had any suggestions it would be to include mention of some of the more interesting letters and ads from the era. It would be interesting to see what was propelling people...
  6. Matesamo

    When Rick & Morty Play D&D It Goes As You'd Expect!

    I have never watched Ricky & Morty but this comic was pretty funny. The old school initiation was the best, looking forward to the next issue. Maybe time to watch the show as well.
  7. Matesamo

    Dragon Reflections #9 - Welcome Wormy!

    While I would agree with this statement almost all of the time, in this case there was not much we could do until the very end. The Trampier story remains one of the strangest ones in the history of RPGs.