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  1. The Eternal GM

    The Arcana Wiki - Distilling Real World information into gaming material

    Very nice idea indeed. I'll watch this and see how it goes, not really sure if I'd have anything useful to add, but never know.
  2. The Eternal GM

    Out of Print games You Miss...

    While I still play it, I think Marvel SAGA is the most missed out-of-print rpg for me. DC Heroes (2nd Edition boxed set) too.
  3. The Eternal GM

    [True/False] There is a point in every campaign when the PCs come to blows.

    I call false, a campaign CAN be all about players competing/conflicting but that's not something I've seen much outside of oWoD chronicles and the odd 'evil' campaign in more traditional ones. I always wanted to run A Game of Thrones precisely to see how much infighting it would breed. Never...
  4. The Eternal GM

    A new 4e poll please be honest

    I can't vote... I don't care for 4th, preferring BECMI/RC. But I'll be playing 4th Ed. anyway and I DO prefer it to 3rd overall.
  5. The Eternal GM

    Why is 4e like World of Warcraft?

    Not a 4th Ed. hater... Just not as impressed as some/most/whatever. 4th Ed. does use many of the archetype names from CoH/CoV, albeit with different functions to that game. The fact that 'class' which has always dictated function now also needs an archetype makes it feel MMO-like to me (or...
  6. The Eternal GM

    Are you "kobolded" out?

    KotSF utterly kobolded me out... They should not have been the first foes of the game.
  7. The Eternal GM

    City of Heroes - opinions?

    While I dwell on the Euro servers, I have played CoH since beta (on and off, with breaks to play other MMO's) and keep coming back to it... I've got to say that since the original creators left to go work on Marvel/Champions the game has improved immensely, and I know NCsoft are planning a new...
  8. The Eternal GM

    Now that 4e is upon us, what will you do?

    Having seen 4th Ed. and deciding it is definitely not my kind of game, I'm now happy to be able to turn my attention to Labyrinth Lord without reservation or hesitation.
  9. The Eternal GM

    Rate 4e!

    I've played KotSF twice now and tried a few different characters. Nah, not for me. Not at all. I'll probably wind up playing it since others in my group are keen, but I won't be running it or putting any great amount of work into anything for it like I tend to in our group.
  10. The Eternal GM

    Another free NPC w/ art from the Wandering Men

    Top marks, I like it a lot.
  11. The Eternal GM

    Yet another look at KotSF/4th Ed.

    You can hardly call wandering monsters on PCs in the town tavern (well, not normally) and it'd just start another huge fight encounter if you did. KotSF doesn't cover wandering monsters either does it? Dunno... Haven't DM'd it. Sleep is sleep. It ought to send foes to sleep. For a per day...
  12. The Eternal GM

    Yet another look at KotSF/4th Ed.

    No idea about the DM's scaling of the encounters to be honest. Seemed okay generally, barring a certain goblin... I maintain, magic missile ought to be magic missile... Auto-hitting and all! not grognardy or anything, just preference. Plus I don't have a problem with magic-users relying on...
  13. The Eternal GM

    Yet another look at KotSF/4th Ed.

    Meh, may as well just have a crossbow then. 'Magic Missile' isn't exactly a flavourful alternative to me. Burning Hands is a one off each fight (damn good one mind you!) and scorching burst isn't reliable enough to protect the wizard all the time. We only had four of five characters in play...
  14. The Eternal GM

    Yet another look at KotSF/4th Ed.

    Thank you Andor, that's pretty much the issue I have (with D&D 4 as well as some other systems). I don't go for rules-light games, I like a good foundation of what works and how, but I find that 3.5 and 4 just try to do too much of it. And somewhere along the way it all becomes about the game...
  15. The Eternal GM

    Yet another look at KotSF/4th Ed.

    Wow, thanks all for not pulling me to bits when I think I really deserved it looking at my post (typical for me, my points work but my tone is always too harsh). Covering a lot of questions/responses fast here. Yes, we did only rest once every 24 hours. Yes, there still seems no reason not to...
  16. The Eternal GM

    Yet another look at KotSF/4th Ed.

    Damn you! *shakes fist ineffectually*
  17. The Eternal GM

    Yet another look at KotSF/4th Ed.

    So we played last night. 4 players, with varying levels of D&D experience from lots (me) through to only a couple of 3.5 sessions. Only the halfling didn't get used. So to most of us this was a 'new system test' session, and we were playing for laughs as for as the story went. So I was...
  18. The Eternal GM

    The Travesty! The Horror! Male Medusae.

    I'm sad enough to have always have been annoyed at D&D's Medusa 'race' as opposed to having Gorgons. Male Medusa? So there's thousands of her and now she's a tranny too? Wow... Or whole swathes of 'not happening in my games thanks all the same.'
  19. The Eternal GM

    Which Edition?

    BECMI for me... or one of the retro-clones of said system. So I guess that's a vote for the OD&D really.