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    Picard Season 3

    Yeah, I don't understand why TV is so bloody hard to see. How is it so hard to make things visible? As for the episode, interesting, dramatic, but frustrating. Some mysteries needed more development.
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    Should moon druids have elemental form?

    I'd sooner give the Moon Druid something else, and make a "Elemental Wildshape" feat.
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    Developer Video on Druid/Paladin/Expert Feedback

    Unfortunately, I don't think we have good data on this, but one way to check this would be to compare how often Druids were played in other editions and other TTRPGs. WoW data ... while good, having the computer to automate gaming functions makes it an apple/orange comparison, except for flavour...
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    Picard Season 3

    I'm trying not to fall for recency bias, but Pike's Enterprise from Discovery and Strange New Worlds might be my favourite implementation of the Enterprise.
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    Non-gaming hobbies

    I don't drink enough to consider going deep into mixology, but I did take a bartenders course cough years ago, and I do enjoy the alchemy of it. So, I prefer sugar. I like to cook, but also bake. Baking can be quite zen for me, put a podcast on the headphones and it's just me, the voices in my...
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    Developer Video on Druid/Paladin/Expert Feedback

    OTOH, the only time I've seen anyone roll up a Beastmaster Ranger was someone using Tasha's version.
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    Developer Video on Druid/Paladin/Expert Feedback

    I don't, I have had players that find spellcasting complicated, a Druid which has spellcasting in addition to another complicated mechanic is a complete non-starter.
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    What changes should be made to the artificer in 1dnd?

    I'd like a very different Artificer, that isn't using the standard spellcasting progression. I find they suffer as a half-caster, I'd sooner try to make something different. Also, it seems like a lot of the more interesting features are buried too deep in the class progression.
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    What would you put in 1D&D from 4E?

    It's been explained, one of the problems is that a lot of new classes were left to wither with no further support. Second, class bloat. Third, they want the core classes to have a strong archetype and a lot of the other classes felt too niche or were stepping on the core's toes. And ... I don't...
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    What would you put in 1D&D from 4E?

    Less a specific thing ... but I want OneDnD to get some of the more inventive and exploratory energy that 4e had. What is missing from 5e is some of the more experimental stuff that 3.5 and 4e were willing to do. Incarnum, Shardminds, Avengers, Warlords, the last time I saw something that felt...
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    (+) Hopes for The Monk

    I never saw it in play, so while I like it, I don't know if it worked at the table, but the 13th Age version of the Monk had an interesting way of doing martial arts without Ki. You would learn a martial technique that would consist of three moves: an Opener, Chain and a Finisher. You can use...
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    Summon: MTG Experts!

    First previews of the set are coming down:
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    The Last of Us (HBO Max)

    I just don't think the probability of a cure or Ellie's wishes were much of a factor in Joel's decision making. And, I get that the Fireflies are desperate. This is the fourth base of theirs we've seen, and the other three have failed. They've failed to make headway against FEDRA and they were...
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    New Wild Shape

    I saw similar point systems in Pathfinders implementation of Druids and I didn't care for it. Honestly, how I'd do it is have some subclasses offer unique forms (a swarm form for a spore/vermin Druid), a few niche forms that are accessible by feats, and maybe a few spells that you can cast while...
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    Picard Season 3

    Given that it was still a bit of a fight from Janeway and Picard to get Seven into uniform, no doubt there's probably an admiral or someone in personnel that might've done it out of spite. Or even just a "this might be good for both of them" naivete. Which, given some of Voyager's holodeck...
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    Picard Season 3

    Eh. A lot of Starfleet officer died that day and a lot lost friends and family. And it fits with Shaw's antagonistic relationship with Seven as well.
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    Star Wars Mando season 3

    Or the Mandalorians were mythtaken and are saur about it
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    Eldritch Blast as a class feature of the Warlock

    I don't mind making Eldritch Blast a class feature, but I do wish they'd take away the multi-targetting and just have it scale like other cantrips. And introduce a generic ranged force cantrip for the other Arcane users.
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    Summon: MTG Experts!

    Sorry, there are two major Magic games. Limited is where you open a few packs and build the best deck out of what you open. There are two main types: Sealed and Draft. In Sealed, you generally open 6 packs of Draft Boosters, and build the best deck you can out of the cards in those packs (and...