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    Tavern name riddle help

    I might be temped to use simple riddles like these and then turn the answers into town squares or monuments like Candle Square or Clock Tower. Except, make four of them and have the intersecting lines on the map mark the X for the inn you want them to find.
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    What's a word that means "NPC or Monster"

    How about something camp and alliterative like Props, Pillars and Players?
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    Question about optional dice method.

    Yes, it seems I can't avoid the why with this crowd. This type of method would be completely optimized through a multiple dice, step system, of success--as you alluded to--whereas a very accurate progression of successes could be modeled. But, I have zero interest in creating or advocating for...
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    Question about optional dice method.

    The systems becomes more statistically relevant with multiple dice. It also allows choosing a 'lottery' of numbers to create a very tailored step of succession. The real interest to me is how that makes a player feel while engaged. So, you are suggesting having to roll a 2 or 12 on 2d6 would...
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    Question about optional dice method.

    As a kind of informal poll...without a poll, I have a quick question. If you were playing a game where the die resolution system depended on hitting a range of numbers within the center of a spectrum, as opposed to rolling high or low, would that bother you? Or further yet, resolution called...
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    GMing as Fine Art

    You know, for the longest time I thought Umbram and Ovinomancer were the same person.
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    GMing as Fine Art

    A la Rrose Sélavy
  8. duchamp.fountain.jpg


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    A New Kickstarter From Monte Cook Games!

    That is a stunningly brilliant Kickstarter. Wow. Really slick.
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    If Superman exists and went bad....

    2 As a world leader, I would search for anyone Superman cared for deeply or loved. While he was occupied by his new hobby of world domination I would capture said people. I would then implant wireless detonation explosives in each captive giving the trigger to many different people in many...
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    Creating space and place

    I agree completely. But, I can't ignore the obvious enjoyment it brings out in it is a balancing act that I manage group to group. Yes, I see what you mean...and even I have been jarred in a similar fashion. Though, as a GM, I welcome a player asserting, or reasserting, their...
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    statue of baphomet in detroit - discuss civily

    This in no way means people can't say 'Merry Christmas.' These are business decisions so as to not ostracize people. Simply put, they make more money when people feel more included. Employees are paid to represent the company and thus should speak in a manner that benefits the company...
  13. Wild Gazebo

    Creating space and place

    I've found the older I get the less I rely upon the itemization of an encounter. I remember spending an exhaustive amount of time differentiating my encounters in terms of level of danger, type of scenery, placement of obstacles and the length of time it will require. Now-a-days (while this...
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    Doing science
  15. Wild Gazebo

    How meta is too meta?

    Your premise is fine...your implementation needs a little work. I would simply present the idea as playing actors in a modern setting...and then let the details unfold in the game. No need for other stats. I think you would be surprised how much players would flush out their own characters...
  16. Wild Gazebo

    AMA [June 10] Margaret Weis, Author (TSR, Dragonlance, Margaret Weis Productions, Cortex, Firefly RPG, Star of the Guardians)

    Thank-you for all the great reading. Something always bothered me about The Seventh Gate. I never really went back to read it critically; but, without asking too much, did you do something different while you wrote this book? I'm curious more as a creator as opposed to a critic--I enjoy...
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    When someone else ruins your enjoyment of a something

    While I've inadvertently conditioned myself out of hobbies and pastimes...I must say I have also reconditioned my self back into a couple. Sometimes 'time' can be a great healer. The more profound disappointments, for me, have sprung from venturing past the beginner stage of pastimes into...
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    Some More N.O.W. Art Previews!

    Yeah. I think I'm probably being too picky. Half of my education is in Fine Arts so I tend to get easily distracted by, perhaps unimportant, details when it comes to compositions.
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    Some More N.O.W. Art Previews!

    I see so much of this stuff now-a-days. Are people really not bothered by the poor contrast between the photography and the digital painting? Or, is that part of the flavor? I think it would at least be better if the perspective between the figures and the background was consistent. Then it...
  20. Wild Gazebo

    Rolling dice on the trail?

    Important: Dice thermos. Have a small thermos to use as a dice cup...shake and flip...lift the thermos off the lid...check the result of your roll in the thermos lid. Has worked for me many times.