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  1. pjrake

    Good Audiobooks

    Any good D&D novels on audiobook for a twelve hour drive to Gen Con?
  2. pjrake

    Sentinels of the Multiverse

    Looking for a player in the Bronx area to join our monthly tabletop game. Private house, residental area; plenty of parking. We get together about once a month and play different tabletop games. This month we're playing Sentinels of the Multiverse. If interested, email me at -PJ
  3. pjrake

    Spycraft & Agents of Oblivion Inspirations

    What good novels are out there to read for inspiration? Just started running some espionage adventures and feel a bit out of the loop after running a fantasy game for so long. PJ
  4. pjrake

    Game Store in Long Island, NY

    I'm in Port Jefferson recording a new album and just finished tracking and want to visit a local game store. Does anyone know if there's one nearby? Thanks!
  5. pjrake

    Selling My Dwarven Forge Collection

    Sorry if it's posted in the wrong section; I couldn't find where the Classifieds sections is listed. Selling my whole collection. It's local pickup only in the New York City area (I know there are alot of D&D players here!). My link to the Craig's List post is here, includes TONS of pictures...
  6. pjrake

    Improv Thread!

    I ran an improv fantasy one-shot, and we all had a blast! It looks like the players actually want to continue and possibly turn it into a campaign. Are there any sites, articles, books, etc that focuses specifically on this style of running a game? Maybe you guys can add your experiences...
  7. pjrake

    Pathfinder 1E Player Looking to Join Pathfinder or D&D (any edition) NYC

    I'm looking to join a group in NYC. Have car and willing to travel (even to North Jersey or Long Island). If you're looking for a player that's not a rules lawyer (casual player) email me at or PM me. PJ
  8. pjrake

    Moving to Jersey City, looking for a group

    I'm interested in joining too. I'm in the Bronx but can travel. Currently running a Savage Worlds fantasy game, but been wanting to play Pathfinder. Shoot me an email at
  9. pjrake

    Savage Worlds - Hit Point System?

    I was thinking the same thing! Wil check the boards over at SW but I'm interested in a HP system too. -PJ
  10. pjrake

    Can you suggest a RPG system.

    How about Dragon Age? It is rules-light, has an innovative stunt system, and easy to prep. I went from Savage Worlds, to D&D Essentials, to Dragon Age. Still love SW but having fun with DA now. -PJ
  11. pjrake

    Creating an "Out" (My Example)

    We are playing this Friday :) -PJ
  12. pjrake

    Creating an "Out" (My Example)

    Wow... memories! I was thinking more along the lines of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade... but Metroid... how I miss thee. -PJ
  13. pjrake

    Creating an "Out" (My Example)

    The Beholder scenario is part of the ongoing story. He is on the north west corner of the lair; the players come from the spiral staircase. I actually plan on having him "go down" with the lair. My plan is not for a TPK. In fact, I'm only having the PCs damage him until he's bloodied, at...
  14. pjrake

    Creating an "Out" (My Example)

    Glad I posted this! 1. Instead of the random chance of falling debris, each creature (at the beginning of the round) is affected by an "attack" at +6 vs. Reflex. Is the +6 still to high? (it's a 9th level encounter). 2. Remove the Slow condition and just keep difficult terrain (on a successful...
  15. pjrake

    Creating an "Out" (My Example)

    Okay, so this weekend my players are going to face a Beholder (the new 9th level one from the Monster Vault), and I wanted to create a scenario where his lair collapses and the players must escape before it completely falls apart. In other words, once he's bloodied, I want to create an "out."...
  16. pjrake

    Looking For Essential Players in NYC

    Looking for casual, mature players to run the new Essentials game, either as a one-shot, or hopefully a running campaign. If you're interested, you can shoot me an email at -PJ
  17. pjrake

    NY - Looking for a group in Brooklyn, Queens, etc.

    Hi. I'm interested in trying out PF. Never played 3.5 (only 3.0 and 4E), and I'm a casual player also looking for a group. Willing to travel also (have a car). Weekends are preferable. You can reach me at or shoot me a message on FB at -PJ
  18. pjrake

    New or Old DM Screen?

    I got all the Essentials stuff, including the new DM Screen w/ the updated DC levels. However, I hate that it's so flimsy. And all my PCs are still 4e and not "essentials" so my question is: should I still use the old DM screen or are the updated info (errata, etc) too crucial for the game? -PJ
  19. pjrake

    Web-Based CB is Live (Official Announcement)

    Can you see a selection of Player's Handbook magic items if you're creating an Essentials character? I'm trying to add a Flaming Weapon +2 but it's not showing up in the inventory list. -PJ
  20. pjrake

    Online Character Builder is LIVE!

    Just made a level 9 Essential Knight (Fighter). At level 7 I get a Weapon Specialization, and it gave me Staggering Hammer. However, I equipped him with a longsword so I want to change the WS to Bladed Step. Looked everywhere but couldn't find where I change make that switch. I can swap Powers...