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    D&D General Would you like there to be a new publication of Dark Sun?

    So it’s not clear in the OP if the choice is whether we want WotC to publish Dark Sun or someone publish Dark Sun, bc my vote is the latter. I definitely DON’T want WotC to develop and publish it in-house. I think there are great writers and designers who can do it justice (and hopefully make a...
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    D&D Movie/TV Dungeons & Dragons movie prescreening for Amazon Prime members March 19th

    Theater was 90% full. Enjoyed the movie and plan to see it again with some friends who didn’t see the early screening.
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    D&D Movie/TV Dungeons & Dragons movie prescreening for Amazon Prime members March 19th

    Bought tickets for this Sunday as well - can’t wait to finally see it!
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    D&D 5E WotC: Why Dark Sun Hasn't Been Revived

    I’d rather they give someone else the opportunity than to allow the setting to languish. The interview is sad news but makes it clear Dark Sun isn’t coming from WotC. So why not give someone else the shot? I don’t care if it’s from WotC or not - I just want it to be good.
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    D&D 5E WotC: Why Dark Sun Hasn't Been Revived

    I think WotC should do a Request for Proposal (publicly or behind the scenes) for submissions how a writer/studio would approach Dark Sun with modern sensibilities. If they find the right partner, they license it (with approval rights) but not under the WotC banner (to avoid implicating their...
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    Savage Worlds and Deadlands…

    I haven't ran a Dramatic Task yet under SWADE but have a load of xp with 4e Skill Challenges (SCs). My reading of DT is that it's a bit restrictive and much prefer the SC approach. I like the freeform process of SCs and especially don't like restricting it to "rounds" like in combat. I found...
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    Savage Worlds and Deadlands…

    2023 is the year I'll be exploring SWADE and I can't be more excited. I started with Deadlands back in the day and backed the kickstarter for the new version, mainly out of nostalgia. I had played prior editions (Explorer, Deluxe) but with SWADE, I'll actually be GMing it. I find SWADE to be a...
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    What are your thoughts on system-less worldbuilding/setting books?

    I've gotten a few systemless books for reference or inspiration. A few for Star Trek and Star Wars. Got an atlas or something for Witcher. An artbook for Cyberpunk 2077 to get into Cyberpunk RED (and after watching Edgerunners). And an artbook/guide for The Dragon Prince since my kids are fans...
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    Stop telling me to boycott WotC. If you support open gaming, tell who to support. (+ thread)

    I'm hoping this OGL Fiasco will result in at least a few game systems becoming more popular. I remember a time when Storyteller (Vampire) seemed to eclipse D&D for awhile. Personally, I am completely enamored with SWADE right now. It's hitting the right level of crunch and story elements I tend...
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    Player Engagement Outside of Session Time

    I'm a bit more tolerant of that b/c knowing that stuff is self-rewarding. Like in 7Worlds, one of the players runs a Psion (psionic). SWADE rules aren't that complicated tbh. So if that player hadn't read the general rules on Psionics beforehand, I would be fine explaining it (roll this to...
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    What do you NOT want to use tech for in you TTRPG?

    I pretty much play TTRPG online exclusively now (on Fantasy Grounds). The only exception is during special occasions with family. But all my regular gaming is online, which is the main reason in fact gaming has become regular. As for what I would keep electronic versus analog? Of the four you...
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    Player Engagement Outside of Session Time

    I'm a player (a rare opportunity) in a new SWADE game set in The Seven Worlds. We're all busy professionals with families so we're going through some growing pains. First, set up (especially character gen) always takes up more time in the beginning. So a bit more is expected. In this case, we...
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    Star Wars: Andor

    Yeah, I agree with this. I really enjoy the show but the "find my sister" arc is all but abandoned during these later episodes. I assume it will be a thread that will be picked up in later seasons, or supply the zinger in this one. But the story could be tighter. That being said, I really like...
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    Highlander & Street Fighter

    As you probably know, there was a SF game by White Wolf. It's OOP but I know I snagged hard copies of some old supplements (the core rules may be difficult to get). However, WW had remnants of that in Shards of the Exalted Dream for Exalted and World of Darkness: Combat. For Highlander, I'm...
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    Star Wars: Andor

    I’m also hoping that word of mouth will garner the show more attention over time. It really is a good show and hope others will eventually see it for themselves.
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    Star Wars: Andor

    Can you elaborate? Is there some tracker on viewership?
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    Star Wars: Andor

    Watched the last episode and I have to say, this is just as good as the Mandalorian IMHO. Are there one or two more seasons? I read S1 is halfway but thought there was going to be a S3. That said, this makes me want to run a burgeoning Rebellion campaign! I love how the rebels are a rag-tag...
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    Deadpool 3: He said yes!!!!

    I’m waiting for someone on the net who reads lips to transcribe. Shouldn’t be too difficult?
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    Anime on Netflix

    Another vote for Death Note. I couldn’t stop binging it. And the soundtrack is fantastic!
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    Broken Weave Is A Tragic Fantasy Setting From Cubicle 7

    I’m getting Dark Sun vibes too (and less Gamma World).