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  1. NaturalZero

    Spells. What needs adjusted?

    This is the one thing, IMO, that seems completely borked about the system. It feels like an early, first-draft spitball idea for how saving throws could work before being tossed out for something that works better. Potentially having 4 out of your 6 saving throws never scale feels busted.
  2. NaturalZero

    How should the Wizard subclasses be revised?

    It's been 20 years since i opened a 2e book but im pretty sure 3e is when the design became totally generalist. You had minor restrictions for schools but it was pretty much the same pile of mush for every wizard build.
  3. NaturalZero

    How should the Wizard subclasses be revised?

    Remathilis pretty much covered this but when i picked up 5e, the issue was that you literally couldn't kit your necromancer out with necromancy spells. 95%+ of your build was the exact same as every other wizard because there just wasn't enough to fill out the concept. There are a bunch of...
  4. NaturalZero

    How should the Wizard subclasses be revised?

    The big issue is that wizards are just a huge pile of mush because of the shared spell list. The necromancer, the conjurer, and the illusionist all show up to the table with Sleep. The abjurer, the evoker, and the oracle all show up with fireball. There's almost zero differentiation between...
  5. NaturalZero

    How should the Wizard subclasses be revised?

    It would be great if they could toss the schools-as-subclass model and make more focused classes and subclasses based on a theme instead of everything going back to the same well. Make necromancer it's own thing with things that other subclasses don't get. Make abjurer it's own thing,. Make...
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    What would you put in 1D&D from 4E?

    Maybe I'm misremembering potions from 4e. I remember encounter spells just giving you back an amount based on your healing surge value and thought potions used the healing surge value too. Yeah, potions should give you that scaling amount so high HP character get a proportional benefit.
  7. NaturalZero

    What would you put in 1D&D from 4E?

    That's totally fair as a preference but that's part of what I like about them. It isn't infinite Diablo potions because there's a daily cap on how often you can keep bringing people back from the brink over and over. It's definitely a departure from 3e's infinite CLW wands or 5e where you can...
  8. NaturalZero

    (+) Hopes for The Monk

    This is exactly how psionics worked in 4e and I agree.
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    What would you put in 1D&D from 4E?

    I like Healing Surges precisely because they DON't work like a video game. In a video game, you have low level healing potions that you chug, but when you get more HP they become obsolete because they can't fill you up and are replaced by better and better healing potions. This is exactly how...
  10. NaturalZero

    Could Arcane Recovery be the link between Mage.

    Taking an hour to get your spells back instead of 8 hours is the opposite of encouraging the 10 minute workday though. If you can get them back, you don't have to call it a night after every encounter.
  11. NaturalZero

    Will Pact Magic survive?

    If they made short rests 5 minutes and balanced around that, pretty much all of the short vs long rest issues would evaporate.
  12. NaturalZero

    (+) Hopes for The Monk

    Make Str monk viable. It's one of the glaring problems with putting subclasses off until 3. Have the unarmed strike balanced against other weapons. Getting rid of the 5e version of GWM master is a good first step. In my homebrew, i have charkra-based magic users that just get attacks that are...
  13. NaturalZero

    Eldritch Blast as a class feature of the Warlock

    Having a EB be a poachable spell that auto-scales with level instead of class is one of the proud nails of 5e design. Every Cha build gets a sizable boost just by picking up 2 levels of warlock and walking away. It, like a lot of features, would be more easy to balance if it was a class feature...
  14. NaturalZero

    what would a 1D&D warrior archtype look like to play like the casters?

    This is literally Tome of Battle. The idea was to give martial classes maneuvers that went up to level 9. In order to get some higher ones, you needed so many of from a school at lower levels to qualify. Different classes had different recovery mechanics, either attacking without a maneuver, or...
  15. NaturalZero

    Less (and different) spellcasting?

    A million times this. The thing i hate the most about 5e is that every class points back to the same list of the same spells with the same slot mechanic. I like the system but hate a lot about the class design. It's hilarious and ironic that people complained about every class being "samey" in...
  16. NaturalZero

    Keith Baker asks about walking away from Eberron.

    I've really wanted a high fantasy old west game that wasn't alternate history.
  17. NaturalZero

    Keith Baker asks about walking away from Eberron.

    He absolutely should just make his own setting, with full control over it.
  18. NaturalZero

    1.2 and VTT [+]

    EDITed for a + thread
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    OGL 2.0 FAQ Roll for Crit and others have leaked copies. Live now.

    "We, at WotC, have formulated a new OGL to prevent content creators from making hateful material. Because we reserve the right to be the only one to create any kind of bad feelings in the community."
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    D&D Beyond Twitter Account says OGL will be addressed soon

    My rule on social media is, "if you like something, don't read the comments."