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    Making critical hits cool again

    In my system hit rolls (3d6 plus the usual modifiers) can explode, meaning every time you roll a 6 you roll a die again. I got two option for scoring a critical hit: for every multiple of 6 with which you outrun your opponent's defense you roll one more weapon die, only the weapon die. for...
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    D&D General Most iconic (fantasy) enemy groups?

    Ghouls Cultist Dragon BHH
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    Avoiding Death Spirals WHILE making damage count

    seems very similar to Starfinder Hit Points and Stamina Points - Rules - Archives of Nethys: Starfinder RPG Database BHH
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    After Winter’s Dark Kickstarter & setting discussion

    just one big problem: shipping cost and no POD (with LULU , so UE friendly and not DriveTh that is only UK friendly...) support. C&C anf Frog God are only for USA and near state market. (i had the pdf already..but want physical books) BHH
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    I should write a book called "Diary of an RPG Hoarder"

    The RPG manuals I own are and will be my legacy. I hope my children and perhaps grandchildren want to use them because a book never dies and lasts for centuries. And if my children won't use them and won't be role-players, despite how many wonderful hours of fun and amazing friendships they'll...
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    D&D General Are you jumping ship? What will you be switching to?

    my printed copy of Cepheus has the OGL page BHH
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    WotC quietly deleting access to the 3e SRD

    some links BHH
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    Cypher System by Monte Cook Games: what do you think about it?

    should be this Cypher System Fantasy Compendium - Monte Cook Games | Cypher System Creator Program | (few post before..) BHH
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    D&D 5E Build/Stats to Sauron in DND 5e

    Sauron is a Maiar, and one of the greatest, not a "human"... is on another power scale.. BHH
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    Free League announces Dragonbane, the translation of Swedish RPG classic Drakar och Demoner

    looking at quickstart the system is d20 roll under, with several idea from 5e (i would prefer BRP based..) BHH
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    Free League announces Dragonbane, the translation of Swedish RPG classic Drakar och Demoner

    The Bestiary of Ruin Masters (and by addon all manuals) was a successull kickstarter (by Riot Minds) i'am just waiting for delivery.. BHH
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    D&D 5E Revised Mystara Player's Guide- Free setting guide written using the WOTC Fan Creation License

    Hi truly thanks for your awesome work! i suggest to try to optimize the pdf using tool like GitHub - maltris/optpdf: A simple script utilizing ghostscript to optimize PDF-files the file size goes down to near 62mb thanks again for your dedication! BHH
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    20 Questions Instead of Infodump

    On my manual i suggest these questions before building the character Imagine what it looks like What is the main personality trait of the character What are his tics, ways of doing, habits What are its primary objectives A curious thing, a funny thing, an embarrassing thing and a typical...
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    Homebrew A Leveled Up Bestiary

    Learn Latex, seem complex at first but the learning curve is fast and online you will find any example/code snippet needed. there is also a neat template for simulating DnD layout GitHub - rpgtex/DND-5e-LaTeX-Template: LaTeX package to typeset material for the fifth edition of the "world's...
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    Homebrew A Leveled Up Bestiary

    following. Awesome initiative! BHH
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    D&D General How would YOU do "classless D&D"?

    In a nutshell my classless system (based on 5e/pf1/pf2/OSR) works like this: 1) at each level the character gets 1 point to increase magical ability or skill with weapons (BaB) 2) every 2 levels takes a feat that somehow resembles class ability 3) many feats can be taken more time to improve...
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    D&D General How would YOU do "classless D&D"?

    while the feat buy is the key to classess system, any new "DnD" that want to be classless must be done with a new array of feats, different from actual feats (anyone that can read italian can look here TUS/OBSS at master · buzzqw/TUS , il mio sistema senza classi basato su 5e/pf2/osr) BHH