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  1. D1Tremere

    Press [Chaosium] Chaosium is part of Paizo's Open RPG Creative License initiative

    I mean, these things are not really equivalent are they? It seems like companies who have never let people freely publish material using their IPs are championing a generic system license that still doesn't grant access to their IPs. You want to make a published product for free using the...
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    A Thought: Probably Best Download all OGL material NOW

    Ahh. The video I was watching said Gross Revenue so I was confused. So it really matters there on the official wording of the final version.
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    A Thought: Probably Best Download all OGL material NOW

    I'm confused. How does this effect drivethru or kickstarter? To my understanding, drivethru is a store front, and individual sellers will simply need to switch to the new OGL with little or no change. Kickstarter isnt profit, and the OGL 1.1 specifies profit. Unless the kickstarted product...
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    A Thought: Probably Best Download all OGL material NOW

    I don't think the new OGL even effects those sales from what I've seen. At worst, the current small business sellers would need to apply and switch the logo.
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    Stop telling me to boycott WotC. If you support open gaming, tell who to support. (+ thread)

    Maybe I'm missing something, but the Savage Worlds Ace license (the one that would cover the same content use that the new OGL 1.1 seems to) seems identical in most ways to the new OGL 1.1 already. You have to be approved, it only applies to companies trying to make a large profit, it must carry...
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    Dragonlance Dragonlance Creators Reveal Why There Are No Orcs On Krynn

    Not really necessary. Just because Orcs aren't native doesn't mean there aren't any. Spelljamming, magic gates, etc. Make it possible for any race to be in any setting in atleast small numbers.
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    Backward Compatibility

    Do you really think any of this effects backwards compatibility? It seems like a minor effort to work with any of this.
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    After my players tried to break it, we discovered that the new half-race rules are hilarious and terrible.

    I think the way to avoid this is the same way to avoid the OPs stated discoveries, which is to not frame everything in such a mechanical way in the first place. We aren't talking about reskinning a dwarf, we are talking about the unique circumstances of nature and nurture in a magical universe...
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    How will the 5.5e Core Book & in general deal with MtG settings?

    I Imagine not even the D&D creative design team know the answer to this yet, though I think they are likely to continue supporting MtG D&D settings going forward due to the popularity of the products they have so far released.
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    D&D General Would It Matter To You if D&D Books Were Illustrated by AI Instead of Humans?

    I'm seeing a lot of "the artist deserves" arguments, but who really deserves anything? It's subjective. Either everyone deserves to be able to make a living doing the thing they love, or no one does. I say give everyone a universal income and let artists make are because they love it, let AIs...
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    D&D 5E PC Limitations vs. Do Whatever You Want

    The Data WotC and D&D Beyond post each year showing most used classes/races/spells/Etc. As for the Lore Bard comments, your ignoring all of their lore based abilities (skill bonuses, secrets, etc.) and just focusing on one of their combat abilities. I also did not say that players wouldn't...
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    D&D 5E PC Limitations vs. Do Whatever You Want

    I don't think this is the case, and the data that has been collected so far (such as it is) doesn't support this view.
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    D&D 5E PC Limitations vs. Do Whatever You Want

    I think there is a very paternalistic mindset that has been internalized so much that it is often hard to see past. The new rules, for example, do not remove boundaries and limitations so mush as encourage changing their source. Instead of a rules set imposing massive restrictions on player...
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    All about Ardlings

    I thought of them basically as Egyptian god versions.
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    DM's no longer getting crits on PC's

    Crits from the monsters interfere with cooperative story telling. If a player overcomes great adversity to achieve their story arc, the last thing they generally want is to die to a few lucky/unlucky rolls. This is especially true when you consider that monsters often outnumber the PCs, allowing...
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    How Would You Make Inspiration More Used?

    I've been considering dropping the inspiration mechanic for the story point mechanic used in the Essence 20 system (GI Joe/Transformers/Power Rangers).
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    D&D 5E Books to Keep? discard?

    I still use books from AD&D 2nd ed, so I suggest keeping everything but thats just me.
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    "One D&D": do you like this name for the 2024 edition?

    As the dissenting voice I will say, I like the clear "no more editions, just tools" message they are going for.
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    Spelljammer Why is the upcoming Spelljammer book worth getting excited about?

    Spell Jammer has always been one of my favorite settings, largely because I see it as a tool/mechanic more than a setting. Much like traveling across a continent or ocean can be a great way to introduce new adventures and locals, doing the same thing across the planer multiverse is even cooler...
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    Spelljammer The Forgotten Realms eats Spelljammer before it even finishes digesting Radiant Citadel!

    That's what is has always been. Various themes and settings plugged in to the original FR setting by TSR.