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  1. FarBeyondC

    DDAL Jasper DMS Dragonlance

    I just want to note that dragon is absolutely 100% handle-able with certain resources available to the group (Unless I'm horribly misremembering, Illilar and The Professor both have a Bag of Holding, so yeeting the dragon to the Astral Sea is at least theoretically on the table). Unfortunately...
  2. FarBeyondC

    D&D 5E Rune Knight Cloud Rune Shenanigans

    Maybe the character's trash at using a bow and arrow, or otherwise just a lot more effective at melee attacks? Also, you don't need a life-saving ability if the things threatening your life are all dead and dealt with. (Also, also, the life-saving ability doesn't work or is ill-advised in the...
  3. FarBeyondC

    D&D 5E Is the stun from Psychic Scream permanent if it is impossible to make the save?

    I wouldn't let changing forms end the condition, but definitely would let it be suppressed while in the form.
  4. FarBeyondC

    D&D 5E Durable Feat is weak, Healer feat is too strong

    A potential problem with bringing back a thread that hasn't been touched for months (or years) is that even if the given topic hasn't run its course, the people who've participated in the original discussion have long since moved on. Bringing the topic back in this way, even when there's a...
  5. FarBeyondC

    D&D 5E Forced March and Carry Capacity (random thoughts)

    Clearly, adventurers aren't being exhausted by the physical strain of travel but instead by the mental strain.
  6. FarBeyondC

    D&D 5E Choose 3 to protect you (a poll)

    So, about that... The fact that nothing on this list is immune to non-magical weapons means that something like my AL armorer/necromancer could handle everything that's not the adventuring party on this list through the use of spells and mundane items. I'll leave off everything that probably...
  7. FarBeyondC

    D&D 5E Choose 3 to protect you (a poll)

    Does the adventuring party have prep of any sort, or are they magically gear-less and experience-less level 20s? I'd still take them regardless, and probably wouldn't even bother making a second or third pick, but I'm curious as to how badly the others are screwed over in this scenario.
  8. FarBeyondC

    D&D 5E Spiritual Weapon vs. Fire Shield

    If the Spiritual Weapon attacks counts as my character making the attack for Fire Shield, it should also count for the purposes of Hex, Spirit Shroud, and a bunch of other effects. And I'm more than down for that.
  9. FarBeyondC

    D&D 5E DM's: How Do You Justify NPC's Having Magic/Abilities That Don't Exist in the PHB?

    This is very much an aside, but for the specific example mentioned, I'd probably go about it in one of two ways: 1. Give my BBEG an ability or trait that modifies the Scrying spell- to allow the sensor it makes to become visible and act as the origin point for any spells said BBEG could cast...
  10. FarBeyondC

    48 subclasses in the 2024 PHB: What are they?

    It (almost certainly) won't happen, but I think it'd be neat to see each class get at least 2 exclusive subclasses and then have the other subclasses be group subclasses.
  11. FarBeyondC

    D&D 5E Minimum ability scores for a PC

    Obviously, the true minimum for a PC to start adventuring is 3s across the board, before initial modifiers. Of course, no one's going to want or allow that 1 in 4738381338321616896 result (or a mere 1 in 101559956668416 result if rolling 3d6 instead of 4d6dl). My preferred minimum is 8s across...
  12. FarBeyondC

    D&D 5E Are Wizards really all that?

    Where's the irony? I see Max saying the game is balanced around a certain amount of encounters before a long rest, someone else saying that the stated number of encounters is hard to consistently implement in a way that makes sense, and him replying with a suggested change that could make...
  13. FarBeyondC

    Spelljammer Spelljammer Ships and Damage

    Keep in mind that 18d10 is the amount of damage they officially suggest for being hit by a crashing flying fortress and 24d10 is what they suggest for being crushed in the jaws of a monster the size of the moon. 16d10 is generous for that cannon's damage; it's the ships that are either absurdly...
  14. FarBeyondC

    What do we call One D&D?

    How have all of you missed the obvious answer?! Clearly, the new version of D&D 5e should have but one name: D&D 360 I'll... see myself out.
  15. FarBeyondC

    D&D 5E Can you cast an Area Damage Spell if you are under the "Hopelessness" Symbol?

    Adjudicating Areas of Effect on page 249~250 of the Dungeon Master's Guide seems to disagree with you.
  16. FarBeyondC

    D&D 5E Does Prestidigitation Break the Law of Conservation of Energy?

    Clearly, magic is fueled by vacuum energy, which is why our universe - estimated to be deficient of said energy to the tune of 120 orders of magnitude or so- is bereft of magic.
  17. FarBeyondC

    D&D 5E Vs Vecna battle simulations.

    No magic items is fine (something could have happened to them on the way to where Vecna is), but turning off Vecna's immunity to non-magical attacks kinda makes this a wash as far as being a remotely useful simulation is concerned.
  18. FarBeyondC

    D&D 5E Using booming blade on a reaction attack with sanctuary question

    The Range of Self in this instance clearly refers to the point of origin of the spell, and not its target.
  19. FarBeyondC

    D&D 5E Paralyzation rules tweak

    This is a thread from before the Rules for Grapple were errata-ed to include that line.
  20. FarBeyondC

    D&D 5E What Does a Strength 20 Look Like (In Real Life)?

    I don't know what type of science, engineering, or statistics you do in real life, but clearly it's not suited to the task of properly comparing or converting real world feats to a stat block under the 5th edition D&D rules system.