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  1. Bayonet

    D&D 5E Bayonets OoTA Campaign Log

    I've had a lot of fun reading campaign logs/session recaps over the years, and I figured it'd be fun for me to share my own. I've just started Out of The Abyss with a gang of friends, and I'll endeavor to keep updating this for the entertainment of all and sundry (okay, me and maybe one bored...
  2. Bayonet

    D&D 5E Is Storm King's Thunder a flop . . ? Still early yet but doesn't look that good.

    Aw, shucks. I thought Storm King's Thunder would be one of those D&D products that everybody loved and no-one got a hair up their a$$ about! ;) I haven't played it yet, but it's on my list. If it isn't the most cohesive adventure, I'm sure it's good enough to cannibalize.
  3. Bayonet

    D&D 5E Rules you ignore

    Encumbrance, definitely. Every now and again I'll let the characters know whether they can carry all this treasure/goods/whatever or whether they need porters or a cart, but that's about it. I always forget inspiration, even though I like it.
  4. Bayonet

    D&D 5E Can you get cover from area effects, like cone as in breath wepon?

    I agree on this point here. I can't understand why someone would rely on CON to tough out a blast of fire or acid, rather than relying on their reflexes to avoid it (DEX). Seems poorly thought out.
  5. Bayonet

    D&D 5E Let's have some Inn Fun!

    Three young apprentice mages are drinking cheap lager and working over a scroll. They bicker over the pronunciation of the arcane words, constantly correct each others calligraphy, and slosh booze everywhere. At some point, the mages accidentally cast whatever spell it is they're trying to copy...
  6. Bayonet

    D&D 5E Fixing the terrible Grapple feat

    I've house-ruled Grappler so that, in addition to advantage on all Grappling related checks, Grapplers can 1) do 1d4+str dmg on a 'shove' (reskinned as a throw/slam/hard takedown, etc.) 2) Attempt to strangle an enemy. Grapplers must first roll to immobilize (restrain) the enemy, then pass...
  7. Bayonet

    D&D 5E Battlemaster Maneuvers - only 3-4 good ones?

    I played a Battlemaster Fighter through the entirety of the HotDQ/RoT campaign, and I definitely used Riposte and Rally the most. The ability to smash a guy, yell at the Rogue to stop bleeding like an idiot, and smash a guy again was pretty fun. Riposte is just sensible, more attacks. I...
  8. Bayonet

    D&D 5E Somatic and Verbal - Value Added?

    I'd go the same way on this. I like the fact that magic users can be crippled if silenced or bound, and that the loss of a spell focus or component pouch can make them the magic equivalent of a Champion Fighter with a shiv, so I keep them in the game. I only really get into the component debate...
  9. Bayonet

    D&D 5E Finding 5th edition too "safe".

    It's easy enough to house-rule, in any number of ways. Variant rest and recovery, increasing CR for encounters, changing or eliminating saving throws, ruling death at 0hp. If you're players want 5e to be more deadly, make it so.
  10. Bayonet

    D&D 5E Are there any penalties from coming back to life in 5th edition?

    I add a level of exhaustion and, depending on the 'grittiness' of the game, will make a PC roll on the lingering injury table. For a resurrection, I'd definitely make the player roll on the madness table. Probably take away either a level and/or a point from an ability score as well. Death and...
  11. Bayonet

    D&D 5E Rolled character stats higher than point buy?

    Rolled stats = "I made up these stats and will pout if you call me on it."
  12. Bayonet

    D&D 5E Is the rapier "necessary"?

    Throw all your players for a loop and make it so that you roll DEX to hit (to see if you're accurate enough to hit what you're aiming at) and you roll STR to damage (to see if you can put enough force in to make it count). In my opinion, that makes the most sense, and should be how the game is...
  13. Bayonet

    These awesome, free 1-2 pages adventures

    Just chiming in to give another big plus to the Trilemma adventures. I keep a battery of them on hand in my DM binder as ready to go one-shots. They're all interesting scenarios, and they're pretty enough to frame! Keep up the good work, Fuseboy!
  14. Bayonet

    D&D 5E Green Ronin asks if they should do more 5e

    Couldn't agree more. More short, tight and versatile modules would be great. If it isn't financially feasible to release something the size of LMOP by itself, how about a compendium holding 4-5 adventures that size?
  15. Bayonet

    D&D 5E Single Players with Multiple Characters?

    I have a group that I game with regularly, but one of them, one of my best friends, is as much of a D&D fanatic as I am and down to play whenever. So, there are times when he'll be over for a drink and I'll haul out a One Page dungeon and run a short game. On those occasions I usually let the...
  16. Bayonet

    D&D 5E The Mono Class Party

    I think Clerics would be ideal for a one-class party. Depending on builds and sub-classes, you're going to cover a lot of ground when it comes to party 'roles'. RP wise, it also makes a lot of sense. Your PC's are envoys/crusaders sent by an allied group of churches to...
  17. Bayonet

    D&D 5E Allowing Strength for Bows--unbalanced?

    The Longbow already has the Heavy property, but maybe you could houserule it so that any Heavy weapon requires a certain amount of Strength? Possibly a minimum of 12 STR? As a fellow weapon/fighting nerd, I understand the frustration. I've argued for awhile now that Dex should govern a PC's...
  18. Bayonet

    D&D 5E Hexcrawls/wilderness adventures

    I've looked at purchasing that, and it does look great. Chris Kutaliks stuff looks good, too. Check out Fever Dreaming Marlinko and Slumbering Ursine Dunes.
  19. Bayonet

    D&D 5E Hexcrawls/wilderness adventures

    I would love to run a 'living world' hexcrawl for my players, tight village and environs level, sprawling frontier style, etc. My major problem is that I can't draw for crap. Show me an overland map, and I'll think up hundreds of fun encounters, plot points, etc. Tell me to make that map, and...
  20. Bayonet

    D&D 5E Magic item attunement, like-dislike?

    I like it. I like permanent magic items being relatively scarce and valuable, and I like the idea that these items require some sacrifice on the part of the user.