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  1. MichaelArkAngel

    I draw the occasional D&D map

    God damn, you make me want to bust out my Rapidograph pens, and start creating again!!! I have been spoiled by Photoshop for so long, but your stuff is always inspiring, even for this 40-something guy!!!
  2. MichaelArkAngel

    D&D 5E Running Horde of the Dragon Queen: Bard Wants to Join Rezmir!

    I had a player go undercover, a joined the Cult of the Dragon. It was a tricky thing to run, but it got him close to Rezmir. My question to you, what is this players reasoning for wanted to join "the other side?" And if they are playing with other adventurers, do they have a problem with this...
  3. MichaelArkAngel

    Advice needed on starter adventure

    I did something completely different, you can take this with a grain of salt, but let me explain... I started my group of adventurers at level 0, meaning "plain old people" without a lick of adventuring skills. I took an old AD&D module called N4:Treasure Hunt which is an introductory module...
  4. MichaelArkAngel

    Sentient Weapon Question

    Some great answers my friends! XP for Everyone!!!
  5. MichaelArkAngel

    Sentient Weapon Question

    Ok, I hope this makes sense as I explain. One of the characters in my group of adventurers found himself in the possession of a sentient longsword. Well, I use the term "sentient" loosely, being that the sword is actually a pixie that can assume the form of said longsword, placed upon her from a...
  6. MichaelArkAngel

    WOTC is hiring a new Game Designer for D&D

    Love D&D, but I would never work for the "dumpster fire" of a company in WOTC. Waaaay too many politics, and agendas being pushed for my tastes. Odds are if you're a "white dude" your chances of getting hired over anyone else are slim to none as well...
  7. MichaelArkAngel

    Waterdeep: Dragon Heist Hot Off The Press

    WOTC is just another WOKE company that loves them some diversity no matter what it does to affect their company. I love D&D, but absolutely despise WOTC... Get woke, Go BROKE!
  8. MichaelArkAngel

    UK4 When a Star Falls Maps for Download

    Hi everyone! Once again I have a set of maps I'd like to share with everyone out there, from an underrated classic UK4 "When a Star Falls." The links are below, all hi-res maps ready to go for your virtual tabletop games! Enjoy! Derwyth Derro Lair Tower of the heavens Ground Floor Tower...
  9. MichaelArkAngel

    Does anyone have any experience with running campaigns starting at level 0, or where the adventurers start as commoners?

    I ran a pre-made level 0 adventure called "Treasure Hunt," though it was made for second edition, it translates pretty easily for 5E. It was fun, since everyone was just a commoner, caught and then awaken on a slave ship with no idea where they are. It was also neat that the actions a player...
  10. MichaelArkAngel

    Call of Cthulhu - Behold the Mother (Dead Reckonings) QUESTION?

    After hearing a podcast of this adventure, I thought I'd try my hand at running this. after multiple readings and getting the handouts prepared, I noticed an important handout to the game missing - the spell "Empower the Mother of Pus." The adventurer's were supposed to find this and be able to...
  11. MichaelArkAngel

    Call of Cthulhu: The Haunting - Corbitt House Maps

    I've made quite a few maps for D&D that I thought I would try my hand at something a little more modern, well 1920's modern...This is my first foray into making a map for Call of Cthulhu, this one is for the Introductory one shot "The Haunting." I have seen plenty of handouts made for this game...
  12. MichaelArkAngel

    DUNGEONFOG | Create RPG Maps and GameMaster Notes

    The fact that its a subscription service ruins the whole concept for me. Why do I need a subscription for a DM note/map taking tool? It's a shame, I would have gone all in except for that fact.
  13. MichaelArkAngel

    N1 Against the Cult of the Reptile Gods MAPS

    Pretty cool note Seth Skorkowski a fantasy and horror author, more notably known for his Call of Cthulhu reviews, recently did a review of Against the Cult of the Reptile god. Even cooler is he used my map of Orlane in the review, and also included a link to ALL the maps for this adventure! I...
  14. MichaelArkAngel

    [Gameplay] The Lost City

    How cool! I remember running this one back in '84....good times, I'll definitely check these out, thanks for the share!!!
  15. MichaelArkAngel

    D&D 5E Have you run any "Classic Modules Today" from DMs Guild?

    I'm running a campaign taking some newer players through old AD&D modules that I grew up with, that I've converted to 5E. Its amazing how much I have had to "tone" down encounters, otherwise they would be a slaughter. I knew AD&D was the real deal, but wow! Iam currently running a 5E...
  16. MichaelArkAngel

    Playing D&D: Homebrew or Published Setting? Why?

    I go published, just due to time restraints or life in general. Though I do intersperse some custom flavor when it applies to a characters backstory.
  17. MichaelArkAngel

    [Indiegogo] MapForge battlemap creation software for RPGs

    I jumped on this last March, I'm glad the time is being taken to make this a great product, the latest alpha release is very promising!
  18. MichaelArkAngel

    X2: Castle Amber (Chateau d’ Amberville) MAPS

    X2: Castle Amber (Chateau d’ Amberville) MAPS I'm still in the process of finishing these maps up at the moment, but I thought I would share what I have so far. Just like my previous maps for Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh and Against the Cult of the Reptile God, these maps are FREE to download...
  19. MichaelArkAngel

    D&D 5E Green Slime for 5E?

    Does anyone have any stats for Green Slime for 5E? the 5E MM completely ignores this monster, yet the 5E DM guide gives some stats to it. Has anyone made this monster for 5E , and could you share your build?