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    Secret Conflict Resolution in GMless systems? Suggestions Wanted!

    I am in the process of designing a role playing game based on the works of Edgar Allen Poe, and have run into a problem. I want to have it be GMless to emphasize the isolation present in a lot of the fiction, but I am struggling to find a way for there to be secret attacks between characters...
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    Tomb of Annihilation

    I am running this right now, my group is in the first level of the tomb. 1. What is something you would change in how you ran it? Definitely do more with connecting of the different factions to the random encounters. Have more yuan-ti, red wizards, etc. When the players get to the city it...
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    D&D 5E Tomb of Annihilation Meta Thread
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    The Yellow Road

    It's a Swedish RPG that takes place in "The 80's that never was", where there are these Hadron Colliders called Loops and some extra robotics technology from the same company. The weird things originate from the loops, and they may or may not be directly investigated. It is very similar to...
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    The Yellow Road

    I love this! it kinda makes me want to use it for a game like Tales from the Loop, where kids are investigating weird things, but a more horror/Grimm spin on it.
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    Drow Adventure Resource Recommendations

    Thanks! This is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. I'll have to pick these up.
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    Drow Adventure Resource Recommendations

    Inspired by Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes and Out of The Abyss, I am interested in starting a campaign based in and around Menzoberranzan with drow PC's. I own Out of The Abyss and have run the first half of it, but was wondering what resource recommendations you all had for me to draw from...
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    Joke Names you've never used...but want to.

    I played a ranger noble named Sir Vival, and my brother played his brother in a different game, the paladin Re Vival There was also for an Esper Genesis game, Dwane "the Croc" Johnson, stone Matoki (elementally themed lizardfolk), and the cybermancer known only as Hacker, who wore a green mask...
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    D&D 5E Weapon material

    Why would they be made of anything but Iron/Steel? Is it a darksun style world with bone and obsidian weapons, or an ancient world bronze age style setting? I could find or make something but would need more details.
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    What Things Would You Want in a 5E City Prep Tool?

    I noticed some typos in some of the descriptions, and some of the encounter locations didn't make sense for a city, like a field of crops. Also, my personal preference is to avoid crazy sounding tavern food names, like a side of dragon with horse puree. I would make those less silly. Also, for...
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    Survivor Thread: Animated Fantasy Movies--Hobbit Wins!

    The Last Unicorn--24 The Hobbit--19 The Lord of the Rings--17 Princess Mononoke--20 Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind--22 Spirited Away--22 The Secret of NIMH--19 Kubo and the Two Strings--16 Howl's Moving Castle--18 The Dark Crystal--24
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    Survivor Appendix E (5e) Authors- Ursula K. LeGWINS!

    Alexander, Lloyd 20-2 = 18 Cook, Glen 22 Jemisin, N.K. 11 Kay, Guy Gavriel 17 LeGuin, Ursula 22 +2 = 24 Lynch, Scott 14 McKillip, Patricia 20 Pratchett, Terry 19 Wolfe, Gene 18
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    Survivor Subclasses (Gish Edition)- IT IS OVER!

    Eldritch Knight 1+1=2 Oath of Ancients 6-2=4
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    Survivor Subclasses (Gish Edition)- IT IS OVER!

    Arcane Trickster 27-2=25 Eldritch Knight 28 Gloom Stalker 5+1=6 Hunter 16 Oath of the Ancients 26 Oath of Devotion 11
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    D&D Beyond: Infernal Options in MTOF

    Is there a transcript anywhere?
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    Survivor Subclasses (Gish Edition)- IT IS OVER!

    Arcane Trickster 29 Eldritch Knight 27 Gloom Stalker 23 +1=24 Horizon Walker 15 Hunter 19-2=17 Oath of the Ancients 24 Oath of Conquest 1 Oath of the Crown 14 Oath of Devotion 17 Oath of Redemption 18 Oath of Vengeance 13 Monster Slayer 16
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    Survivor Subclasses (Gish Edition)- IT IS OVER!

    Arcane Trickster 26 Beast Master 4 Eldritch Knight 22+1=23 Gloom Stalker 22 Horizon Walker 17 Hunter 18-2=16 Oath of the Ancients 28 Oath of Conquest 10 Oath of the Crown 16 Oath of Devotion 18 Oath of Redemption 20 Oath of Vengeance 17 Monster Slayer 16
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    D&D 5E Cyberpunk Conversion

    Ive played cyberpunk in savage worlds before with a good degree of success. Also check out the esper genesis 5e sci fi conversion for inspiration. It is not cyberpunk but it is a lot closer than standard 5e.
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    Check Out The Centaur PC Race From The 5E Midgard Campaign Setting!

    I played in a one shot where the characters were assassins trying to kill the Arch Duke. The caveat was that we had to blame it on the performers guild, and so we had to sneak an elephant into the duke's private chambers and then make it look like it killed him. A fun game, ended up escaping...
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    D&D 5E Homebrewing a race: Gnomeferatu

    Gnefarious Gnomish Gnecromancers Maybe have the Feat options be worked into subraces? I like the theme but haven't done a balance analysis. Also, there was a surfarcher spreadsheet that had a make a race by points algorithm in it. I'm not sure where you can find it, but it could be helpful.