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    RPG Print News – Goodman Games and More

    That is super helpful, thank you! I've not had a chance to play Necropolis, but it's high on my list of adventures I want to run.
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    RPG Print News – Goodman Games and More

    That's awesome! This really has me tempted. I'm really close to splurging on this and Dungeon #112... If you're familiar with it, how would you say this compares with Necropolis (the Gary Gygax supermodule)?
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    This Sounds Familiar

    Outstanding article. Thank you!
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    D&D General Not gonna worry, Will just keep playin (+)

    To be honest, it seems like this is maybe a bigger concern for 3PP than for players. At least it certainly is for my playstyle. I definitely would hate to see this develop for the havoc it might wreak on 3PP. I'm not worried about any personal impact.
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    D&D General Not gonna worry, Will just keep playin (+)

    I already have more material than I could ever hope to run. I'm still looking at 7 Paizo APs, a host of old Dungeon magazines, Necropolis, and a whole bunch of other adventures/campaigns that I'm itching to play. Plus my own home-brew ideas. And that's just 3rd edition/Pathfinder. I have...
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    Revisiting The Keep on the Borderlands

    Hey Redswift. Welcome to the boards! It's been a while, but let me see if I can dig it up. It would be in my handwritten notes, but if I can find it I'd be happy to type it out for you.
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    D&D Tactics: Hikes

    Yeah. I find claims that wildlife isn't dangerous to be laughable. You need to treat the wilderness and wildlife with respect, and getting into the wrong situation can quickly lead to a bad injury or worse.
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    Worlds of Design: The Nature of Armies

    Armies in my world include elite units of pegasus riders, shock cavalry of golem-crafted dire bears, veteran units of professional soldiers, light mage-knight cavalry, and other various types of units. Magic infuses D&D, and I think it's unrealistic to picture an army that doesn't take it into...
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    D&D 5E Epic Monsters: Abraxas

    Nice design! I especially like how the poison makes people more vulnerable to psychic damage as the battle goes on. Complementary mechanics like this always seem to create more interesting encounters.
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    TSR The Full & Glorious History of NuTSR

    Astonishing. I haven't been following and just read through this. I just... I have no other words.
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    Pathfinder 1E As a GM, have you ever struggled against “easy magical solutions?"

    My general rule is to allow these things to always work the first time. I want the players being creatively engaged with the game! In fact, I usually struggle with players that just want to be spoon-fed. Getting the players to investigate anything is usually an exercise in frustration. I...
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    Halloween Horror: Building Fear

    I can't believe there haven't been more comments on this. Great article, thanks for writing it! It would be pretty cool to see you pick one of the horror styles and walk through a sample adventure and how/why you would construct it that way. Last year I transported my party to a haunted house...
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    Podcast #163: Necropolis with Mark Greenberg

    I have the 3rd edition version of Necropolis, and I can honestly say it is an amazing adventure. It hearkens back to the deadly days of trapped tombs and merciless opponents, and it drips with color and secrets to explore. I've not yet had a chance to run it, but it's very high on my list. I...
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    D&D 5E So Much Witchlight Art!

    I'm sure it'll be a roll of the dice to determine which is which.
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    D&D 5E Wild Beyond the Witchlight Features Warduke & More!

    I don't play 5e, but I may have to buy this anyway. I'm super stoked by everything I've heard about the adventure, and I imagine I could get some awesome ideas from it.
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    Blog (A5E) Level Up: Magical Items & Wondrous Artifacts

    Those three artifacts are seriously cool. I was somewhat uninspired by the list of generic artifact benefits, and the way it's written it implies that all artifacts should just be a collection of abilities from these lists. However, the actual artifact writeups were awesome. It might be...
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    Taking the Chair

    Your last point (prep the starting scene in detail) is a really good one. Even after 30+ years of running games, I can't tell you how many times I've been in that exact situation because I spent all my time thinking about the overall game but failed to think in enough detail about how to setup...
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    D&D General On Grognardism...

    My very first d20 is a 20-sided dice, numbered 0-9 twice, that I scratched in the 10's place. I still have it to this day and bring it out for special occasions. :)
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    The Lost Art of Dungeon-Crawling

    <quote snipped> I'm sorry that you've lost the wonder. What kind of adventures do you like? What is it about dungeons that makes it so you can't have those adventures in a dungeon?
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    The Lost Art of Dungeon-Crawling

    Yeah, it really wasn't meant to play that way. The stats are there for if they are needed, and for sure they often will be, but it's a distinct lack of imagination if the whole thing just becomes a kick-in-the-door slashfest. I don't know if I can put my finger on what makes dungeons fun for...