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  1. Silver Moon

    D&D 1E Early Game Reflections

    Members of my first D&D Gaming group had a recent social media discussion about an early campaign; Player #1: In my first campaign with you guys back in 1984 the plan was: "Sneak in, steal the sword, sneak out. Don't kill anybody." That ended with the castle partially collapsed and flooded, 75%...
  2. Silver Moon

    D&D 5E Advice needed: is it ok to kill a player’s character if he is not there!

    My original group had a rule that a PC could not die if the player was absent. We stuck with the rule, but on one occasion had a player successful argue that his character should not be dead at -10 hit points while the absent player's character beside him was still alive at -40 hit points.
  3. Silver Moon

    Lost Conquistador Mine (D&D/Boot Hill hybrid)

    Chapter 22, “The Conquistador“. Dec. 4, 1882: As Thock begins to exit the water the skeletal warrior attired in Spanish Conquistador armor raises the sword and speaks in Spanish. Thankfully Thock previously lived in Mexico and knows the language, understanding the warrior to say “Turn back or...
  4. Silver Moon

    Lost Conquistador Mine (D&D/Boot Hill hybrid)

    Chapter 21, “The Lower Caves“. Dec. 4, 1882: They continue to clear the rocks and dirt. As it was originally a gold mine Ginnie checked the rocks being removed for mineral content. Jake concludes that the task of digging is not in his job description. They eventually clear enough of the debris...
  5. Silver Moon

    Lost Conquistador Mine (D&D/Boot Hill hybrid)

    Chapter 20 "The Upper Caves", Dec. 4, 1882: They take a look into the cave and examine the support beams closer to gauge their sturdiness. They conclude that the rot is from decades of wear and they are not in any immediate likelihood of collapse. Cathleen spots a mountain lion in the vicinity...
  6. Silver Moon

    Lost Conquistador Mine (D&D/Boot Hill hybrid)

    [Sorry for the long delay, finally located the misplaced recordings of Game 4 of this module] Chapter 19, "X Marks the Spot" Monday, December 4, 1882: The night passes without interruption. They can the horizon with the telescope and do not see Mendoza or his guide anywhere on the horizon...
  7. Silver Moon

    "They Rode to Perdition" starring Arcade's Gang (D&D/Boot Hill)

    Arcade’s Gang in “They Rode to Perdition”, Module #159 – 4 games played 6-24-12 to 7-15-12 Cast of Characters (Owl Hoot Trail Character Class in parenthesis): Lord Josiah “Arcade” Arcadian – male human fighter/druid (shaman) Morgana Talks-with-Trees O’Shea Arcadian – female half-elf...
  8. Silver Moon

    How do you pronounce "bulette"

  9. Silver Moon

    Convention Game Survival Tips

    Glad it went well. A few more tips for next time based on my own experiences: (1) Pass out large index cards for each player to put his character name on. That will help both you and the player. (2) If possible, begin the story 10 minutes into the adventure with some narration explaining...
  10. Silver Moon

    Gaming Group Turns 36!

    Thank you all for the kind words.
  11. Silver Moon

    Gaming Group Turns 36!

    It was pretty good. We arrived at the island that we were bringing the couple from another world to where they will used a magical sword to open a portal to leave the world, then seal it behind them. The only problem is that the sword draws Mind Flayers to it.
  12. Silver Moon

    Gaming Group Turns 36!

    I've actually moved four times, the first three were to the west Boston suburbs, so around 45 minutes south of where the game started. For the last 25 years we have been in New Hampshire, around 45 minutes north of where the game started. Of all the active players my brother is the only one...
  13. Silver Moon

    Gaming Group Turns 36!

    Most of my career has been as a supervisor of financial audit teams - accurate record keeping is second nature
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    Gaming Group Turns 36!

    I have found that some 3E modules have adapted quite well. One that comes to mind is "Beast of Burden" from Dungeon Magazine #100. Ones that look like too much work to adapt I just steal bits and pieces from (plot points, names, maps, etc.). One of our players actively plays 5E with his...
  15. Silver Moon

    Gaming Group Turns 36!

    For the most part. We began as 1st Edition and the only part of 2nd Edition that we worked into the game was the Bard Class (as the 1E version was unworkable). Over time most modules used were 3rd Edition (or higher) so we modified them for 1st Edition rules. We also have worked in 36 years...
  16. Silver Moon

    Gaming Group Turns 36!

    Our group began in late May of 1982 and we just had our 36th Anniversary. Last night's game began Year 37, and was Game #1336 (Game 3 of Module #175). We still have three founding players, and another who joined in 1985. Back in our earlier days we gamed weekly, but due to life and...
  17. Silver Moon

    AGELESS Campaign Characters & Out-of-Game Talk

    Experience Points for Story Hour Chapters #92 to #145 Playing Characters Ruby 5,775 George 5,050 Abigail 4,225 Lawrence 2,875 NPC's: Mina 1,325 Callum 850 Hardin 825 Cetan 625 Fish 350
  18. Silver Moon

    AGELESS Campaign Episode 2 - Temple of the Cat-Goddess

    Thank you Queenie. It is funny how one historical fact can spin itself into a whole historical interlude. Once I came across the fact that a confederate doctor at the Battle of Wilson's Creek was named William Cantrell it was just a matter of figuring out how Lawrence Cantrell and James...
  19. Silver Moon


    Chips or cookies. We used to also supply soda until a few players (who never brought anything themselves) started to complain about the soda choices that we provided at which time it switched to bring-your-own.
  20. Silver Moon

    What's Your Favorite House Rule?

    Love it! A few from our group: If a dice accidentally falls onto the floor you can keep the roll instead of having to re-roll it if it lands on the highest number. Experienced players can begin new characters at 2nd Level, but with zero experience points. That way they still need the same...