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  1. Nefermandias

    D&D General Refresh my memory on the lethality of 3rd ed

    Only pickaxes and scythes had X4 crit by default.
  2. Nefermandias

    D&D General Refresh my memory on the lethality of 3rd ed

    Yes. But it's curious how often people say that like it was the norm. By the way, can you point me where I can find said optional rule? EDIT: Found it. "Hovering at Deaths Door", on the DMG. It's not quite the same as 3e though.
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    D&D General Refresh my memory on the lethality of 3rd ed

    People keep saying this -10 thing about 2e, but the Player's Handbook says you die at zero.
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    Going Nuclear:1D&D

    That's probably right, but I guarantee it's not the case for my group. I am very comfortable with Roll20, my account is almost 9 years old and I have Pro subscription. Our current 5e game makes extensive use of API scripts, dynamic lighting and all those nice resources you can find on the...
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    Going Nuclear:1D&D

    Because of all the forced movement, terrain powers and the way encounters were built, it's rather cumbersome to replicate on a VTT. Also, it's nice to have your cards in your hands. It's hard to explain, but 4e was a very tactile experience. Now with 5e you can just Google something like...
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    Going Nuclear:1D&D

    For me there's also the problem that 4e isn't really good to be played online, contrary to what most people believe. It's so much easier to play 5e if you're going to use a VTT. Physical minis+dungeon tiles+power cards is the way to go.
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    Going Nuclear:1D&D

    Sure, I won't pretend to know what their reason for releasing One D&D is. I don't really care either. 3pp content don't affect my game in any way and I just wanted to point out that this might be the case for a lot of people out there.
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    Going Nuclear:1D&D

    Yes, but I don't see anything negative about One D&D. I don't know how this conversation got to this point.
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    Going Nuclear:1D&D

    Because I want to? Do you only ever listen to your favorite song? Do you only ever eat your favorite food? What kind of question is that? What are you trying to prove? B/X is my second favorite, BTW. That doesn't stop me from playing 5e too.
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    Going Nuclear:1D&D

    No. What you mean by "last time around it was Paizo" ? I stuck with 4e back then, it is in fact my favorite version of the game by a huge margin. I will stick with the new 2024 edition now too. I'm sure there's plenty of people away from the internet who feels the same. So, hard nope. I will...
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    D&D 5E Wall of Force options

    There's still the issue that both Conjure Minor Elementals and Wall of Force requires concentration.
  12. Nefermandias

    D&D General DM Says No Powergaming?

    Speaking for my table. I have never allowed feats and multiclassing and my game runs perfectly smooth. And no, powergaming is a real thing, not just an insult or an imaginary problem. On the other hand, I find the tone you use to talk to people here quite insulting.
  13. Nefermandias

    D&D General DM Says No Powergaming?

    Feats and multiclassing are optional. Just don't give your players that option and you'll never have to fear power gaming ruining your campaign.
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    D&D 5E Redsky - A No-Magic Full Conversion for 5e

    Some serious Numenera vibes here.
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    D&D General How to work with players who wont accept any setbacks/defeat?

    Your party seems very enjoyable to slaughter. I would be having a kick out of killing them every other session. You should consider investing on a paper shredder for their character sheets.
  16. Nefermandias

    It goes to show you can't please everbody!

    His point is, we shouldn't have to rely on 3pp to have something that was advertised as part of the official books. In this case, true modularity and solid options to customize your gaming experience. There's also the fact that some groups will never accept the inclusion of 3pp or homebrew in...
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    What can WotC do in OneD&D to make the DM's Guide worth buying?

    4th Edition's DMG doesn't even has magic itens in it (they are in the PHB) and it's arguably the best DMG ever.
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    D&D 5E SPIRIT GUARDIANS range clarification

    It affects anybody within 15ft of the caster. How people could possibly mess this up, is beyond me.
  19. Nefermandias

    What does Backward compatibility mean to you?

    If we are only talking about modules, I'd argue that most Basic, 1e and 2e AD&D modules are "compatible" with 5e. I know by personal experience that any DM should be able to crack open Into the Unknown or The Night Below and run it in 5e without having to modify anything.
  20. Nefermandias

    Should we have Level 1 ASIs at all?

    Have you heard of point buy? I'm not even sure why 5e brought rolled scores back.