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  1. Ketherian

    [Columbia Games 1983] Hârn World for Hârn Master

    One way to look at the "low magic" aspect is that it is a social construct. Higher powered magic is available, but it is rare and not easy to find. I play with HarnMaster but have a fairly high-magic game. In my game the mages live by a set of rules - all of which can be seen as social. There is...
  2. Ketherian

    Best system for historical roleplaying?

    Seconding Harnmaster. It's set in a fictional world, but it is strongly historically based + great maps. See: Intro to HârnWorld - Columbia Games for an introduction.
  3. Ketherian

    What's the gender mix at your table?

    Let's see... Table 1: 4 women, 2 men (I am the GM). Table 2: 1 woman, 3 men (I am a player). Table 3: 3 women, 2 men (I am a player).
  4. Ketherian

    Ranking the Alien films

    It's a really tough call for me. Alien was definitive - changing monster and suspense movies forever. The writing, the scene selection - it's all really good. Aliens had such amazing tech. And such lines that hinted at a huge universe! Then again there was AvP which was one of the best b-flicks...
  5. Ketherian

    Death in the party

    The game I was in fell apart before our friend passed away from stomach cancer. Afterwards, he didn't have the energy to join the next game (and his very long trips to get chemo didn't help). In the end a mutual friend held a wake for him. Those who knew the deceased best said he'd have wanted...
  6. Ketherian

    Things to do in a tabletop rpg that are not combat related?

    It depends. First off, in Harnmaster, everything (even combat) is a series of skill challenges. In the case of the joust, I found a fan-written article that had me print out cards that showed the type of attack. Players picked a card and slammed it down simultaneously. They rolled against their...
  7. Ketherian

    Things to do in a tabletop rpg that are not combat related?

    Hi Joe Sumfin. I'm running a standard medieval fantasy game (HMIII). In it the party (2 knights, a priest, a Sargent, and a cook) tend to solve mysteries (mostly murders, but they also solved a kidnapping, retrieved the bones of a saint, and solving a series of arsons). They even partook in a...
  8. Ketherian

    Initiative: Evolutions in design

    Rather than describe it as camera angles, I see it as chaos. Knowing the order and style of attacks makes things seem rather orderly in what really should be something almost without order. I've never liked a fixed order in regards to initiative; preferring the possibility for the old veteran...
  9. Ketherian

    Sailing Ship Scales

    Columbia games Pilot's Almanac has what you're looking for. A brief web search shows that the supplement is currently out of print. Typically old issues can be found on ebay for a reasonable price. I'm not sure - does anyone remember if Castles & Crusades has a supplement with this information?
  10. Ketherian

    In one sentence...

    I wish a role playing game could be highly descriptive without being rules heavy. Not just in combat/dueling - but in all manner of random interactions (npc initial responses, shop contents, you name it).
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    Since this is for kids, try * butter tarts (a tart or pie similar to sugar pie or shoofly pie in the southern US) * garlic fingers (fresh baked bread sticks topped with garlic & cheese). * Nanaimo bars are a lot of fun, and while they're supposed to be predominantly western, they're available...
  12. Ketherian

    List of all RPG magazines

    It's not really a magazine, per say. Instead it's a way to publish multiple articles together. These articles are available separately after the initial publication (in print from Columbia Games, or in PDF from RPGNow or DriveThruRPG). The HarnQuest bundles don't usually have issue numbers, or...
  13. Ketherian

    I call upon the mighty wisdom of ENWorld to help me set up the Perfect Campaign (for my purposes)

    I use something called "tiddlywiki" it's just a single webpage that uses java to act as a wiki.
  14. Ketherian

    I call upon the mighty wisdom of ENWorld to help me set up the Perfect Campaign (for my purposes)

    Hi Mercurius. Sandbox games are always fun. As to the size of the region to use - as your PCs level-up, the region size will have to grow considerably to continually challenge them. I've found that I tend to start with more outlines than details, filling things in as I go. I use to believe I...
  15. Ketherian

    Gaming Shops in Montreal (and other places of interest!)

    Go to St. Denis street. There's Le Valet D'Coeur (at Mount Royal metro) and Chez Geeks (at Berri). There are a few other gaming stores, but they're scattered over the city (and the suburbs). You just missed Montreal Comic Con (last weekend), but there's lots going on. (Scroll down to September)...
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    What are we forgetting to remember?

    Then: Giant 4-drawer filing cabinet of doom; many (many) 3" 3-ring binders. Duo-tangs and pretty blank-paper books. Now: Tiddlywiki, directories full of PDFs, and Obsidianportal. Often, especially when seeking inspiration. I'll go through the remnants of the black filing cabinet (now just a...
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    Orc Politics

    Rok fall. Groink sound pig make. Torgh tough! Torgh. Torgh! Torgh!!!
  18. Ketherian

    Orc Politics

    Rok speak "pretty". Gronk no kill. Torgh. Torgh! Torgh!!!
  19. Ketherian

    How many d20s do you own?

    Oooh. Do you think we can get Chessex to sponsor it?
  20. Ketherian

    How many d20s do you own?

    I'd say more than 10. Way. More. Than 10. Dice problem? No thanks. Already have one. (And yes. I keep my dice in a crown royal box.)