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  1. Bran Blackbyrd

    Frank Frazetta RIP

    Man... I was just talking about him the other day. I'll have to watch Painting with Fire again; I've seen it a few times and always enjoyed it. He's one of those artists whose work has permeated the collective unconscious. As long as there are people, there will be someone who remembers Frank...
  2. Bran Blackbyrd

    Gary Gygax has passed. RIP beloved father of RPG's. (merged)

    My condolences to his family. His contribution to the world will only ever be limited by the imaginations of the vast multitude who have experienced it, enjoyed it, and shared it. That's quite a legacy by anyone's standards. Thank you, and rest in peace, Gary.
  3. Bran Blackbyrd

    Lolth or Lloth

    Anything with a double L in Texas is likely mexican/spanish and would be pronounced like a Y. Except armadillo and Amarillo apparently... :p So Lloth would be Yoth. :\ I pronounce it Lolth, but then in my homebrew dark elves are scarce, good and worship a mother goddess; so no Lolth for me...
  4. Bran Blackbyrd

    New Narnia trailer

    I figured we'd see more. Mainly because; A: Today's computer animation has made the movies possible B: Harry Potter has primed the youth for fantasy stuff in a way that we haven't seen for a long time. C: The LoTR movies proved the rest of the masses were ready for this too. Once the tech for...
  5. Bran Blackbyrd

    Most Outrageous Weapons

    I had a fighter/cleric of Bacchus and my DM gave him a +3 triple flail that produced a Wand of Wonder type effect whenever he made a critical hit. All the effects were changed to be somehow related to wine or Bacchus. Whenever the party encountered a group of enemies that had arranged...
  6. Bran Blackbyrd

    The Leading Ladies Showdown Round 2

    1. Wonder Woman 2. Natalie Cook 3. Mulan 4. Lt. Ellen Ripley 5. :\ 6. Trinity 7. Xena 8. Supergirl 9. Granny Weatherwax 10. I will not be made to choose one of these women over the other. 11. Dorothy 12. The Lady 13. Buffy 14. Princess Leia Organa 15. She-ra 16. Ariel
  7. Bran Blackbyrd

    Ebert and Roper

    To further confuse the issue... He let Jack stay in the apartment despite believing he was gay. That sounds pretty progressive to me. Well, progressive for a man who was already old in the 70s.
  8. Bran Blackbyrd

    WoT Book 11: Knife of Dreams

    Absolutely! This was exactly what I went for when I started planning my campaign world. The PCs (with a few exceptions) all started out as teenagers just becoming their culture's version of legal adults. 0 level peons about to get rudely awakened by the Real World outside their sheltered...
  9. Bran Blackbyrd

    WoT Book 11: Knife of Dreams

    Oh, a few more likes and dislikes. Disliked... 1: The lack of Aviendha material in this book is absolutely criminal. 2: After 10 books they finally decided to change the design of the (US) hardback covers? Great, that doesn't look out of place on my shelf. Instead of the title and author being...
  10. Bran Blackbyrd

    Knife of Dreams - SPOILERS!

    -Perrin FINALLY rescuing Faile It's about time too. -Most of the Mat chapters, especially Tuon completing the marriage ceremony Absolutely. Mat chapters almost never disappoint. -Elayne FINALLY securing her throne. About time on that one too. What annoys me about this (and this applies to a lot...
  11. Bran Blackbyrd

    WoT Book 11: Knife of Dreams

    Actually Rand, Mat, Bayle Domon and possibly Thom saw the tower in EoTW; they were just really far away from it. For the two people in the world who don't want WoT spoiled but for some inconceivable reason haven't read The Eye of The World, this is a spoiler... Another time, when the eastward...
  12. Bran Blackbyrd

    LOST - Wednesday 10/05/05 9:00 PM EDT

    Michelle Rodriguez's character may have been another marshal. That could explain why she turned on the guys the minute Sawyer told her whom the gun had belonged to. Well, that and she doesn't want her big black companion shot. :confused:
  13. Bran Blackbyrd

    [Oct] What Are You Reading?

    In a few days I'll be reading Knife of Dreams (for better or worse). What I really need is a great book on the basics of photography.
  14. Bran Blackbyrd

    Rate Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God (DVD Release Status: In Flux)

    Coming out on my birthday... Is that a good sign or a bad one? ;) It definitely wasn't as bad as the first one. The unidentified ring that turned out to be a ring of the ram made me grin. How does it feel to be flattened by the Dodge logo? Is it like being hit by a Ram truck?
  15. Bran Blackbyrd

    D&D: What Edition is Next, Really?

    There was a Blood Wars CCG as well.
  16. Bran Blackbyrd

    Vote for the Song-Entry Winner!

    Well... someone gave me a pity vote. I must be moving up in the world; a few years ago I wouldn't have gotten the pity vote either. ;)
  17. Bran Blackbyrd

    Running Gags

    "Mohrg Barrel" We had a bard get killed when he raced another PC to a barrel in order to loot it first. Turned out a mohrg had been placed inside and it grappled him. That alone would have killed him in a few rounds but a (young) trigger-happy PC cast a lightning bolt at the two of them and they...
  18. Bran Blackbyrd

    Tickled To Death?

    Die from being tickled? Sounds like you'd be experiencing some uncontrollable and rather hideous laughter. ;)
  19. Bran Blackbyrd

    Anyone else have a bad experience with

    I sent a dvd to a chatroom friend in Canada once through the USPS and the shipping cost me a fortune. It wasn't express or anything either. Just the nature of the beast I guess.