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  1. Len

    Level Up (A5E) Plan your pledge tiers...

    Q about Marshal tier: It says that it includes all the PDFs including Zeitgeist, Monstrous Menagerie, etc. but after I select that pledge level, those same PDFs are offered as add-ons at extra cost. So, are they included in the basic Marshal tier or not??
  2. Len

    D&D 5E Most User-Friendly VTT? (Dice Games In The Time of Covid)

    So then, is your point that the various people who have said they found it difficult to figure out Roll20 are just stupid? Thank you for your contribution.
  3. Len

    D&D 5E Most User-Friendly VTT? (Dice Games In The Time of Covid)

    You seem to be completely missing my point. It's not that some particular thing is simple, it's that nothing is simple when you're faced with a screen full of controls and a hundred pages of inscrutable documentation.
  4. Len

    D&D 5E Most User-Friendly VTT? (Dice Games In The Time of Covid)

    I found this tutorial that looks useful for setting up a Roll20 campaign: Roll20 Crash Course - Roll20 Wiki (I haven't run through this myself because I'm not the GM of our current campaign.) It may seem super easy to you, but I can tell you that some new users find it bewildering and just...
  5. Len

    Tools & Apps for online RPG conferencing

    Voice chat is definitely a problem with Roll20. We had exactly the same problem last week and used Discord for voice.
  6. Len

    D&D General Fantasy Byzantine Setting Brainstorming

    It's available from Amazon (paperback & ebook) and from the publisher (VintageKnopfDoubledayPenguinRandomHouse - the last publisher standing!) It looks fascinating, I think I'll pick it up.
  7. Len

    D&D 5E Most User-Friendly VTT? (Dice Games In The Time of Covid)

    I had the foresight to set up a Discord server for our group ahead of time, just in case, so when we ran into that problem we switched our voice chat to Discord. In my experience that type of problem happens often with browser-based voice chat. I recommend doing voice/video chat with something...
  8. Len

    D&D 5E Haversack is rare?

    The Handy Haversack has another advantage: it's a haversack. You can carry it without using a hand and you don't have to drop it to use both hands for combat.
  9. Len

    VTT or Discord on an iPad Pro?

    My DM successfully used Discord on an iPad for our last session. He was running Roll20 on his computer, with the iPad off to the side. (We couldn't get Roll20's voice chat to work properly.)
  10. Len

    D&D 3E/3.5 No Longevity Magic in 3e?

    Exactly the solution a PC in my current game is going for.
  11. Len

    How has the Coronavirus affected your roleplaying games?

    We had our first online session last night. We're using Roll20. We had a bunch of problems with voice chat so we switched to Discord for that. (We also had problems with Discord's browser app, until everyone switched to the desktop version.) Other than that it went well. We don't have...
  12. Len

    D&D 5E What do you think the 2020 Summer, Fall, and Winter D&D books will be?

    Here are my predictions. Summer: A sourcebook + adventure that is a tie-in to some non-Wizards IP that is currently popular on streaming because that's all the inspiration the writers have left after being stuck at home for months. It will sell well but D&D fanboys will despise it. Fall: The...
  13. Len

    D&D 4E Are powers samey?

    That's quite a floogecdoche you're in.
  14. Len

    D&D 4E Are powers samey?

    That was exactly my feeling after playing a paladin and a wizard in two 4e campaigns.
  15. Len

    Roleplaying in the time of corona: Tips for doing it online?

    Yes, Skype/Slack/whatever will probably work fine. Just make sure there's a way for the GM to show maps & pictures to the players - but at worst you can hold a page up in front of the webcam. :)
  16. Len

    D&D General ‪What does the word “dire”‬ mean to you?

    Bigger & more ferocious is better? Well, I guess that's the DM's viewpoint.
  17. Len

    Which TTRPG did you play in 2019?

    Traveller (Mongoose 2e) and W.O.I.N. (O.L.D.)
  18. Len

    D&D General How Was Your Last Session?

    In our last session, we made a deal with a dragon and it worked out fine!
  19. Len

    D&D 5E Have you thrown 88 opponents at your party?

    Explained earlier in the thread.
  20. Len

    1 Day Left To Die Hard On A Starship!

    Did you know that I'm working up a campaign set on a starship using W.O.I.N.???