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  1. Ry

    D&D 5E Less killing

    I'm definitely considering other systems, but there's something about how well-supported D&D is that just gives and gives and gives in terms of compatible content.
  2. Ry

    D&D 5E Less killing

    Even though they’re quite taxing, my take is that exhaustion points have to be at least as far for real psychological trauma as hitpoints are from battlefield wounds. I’m still trying to point at and gamify a boundary, not take them through Apocalypse Now.
  3. Ry

    D&D 5E Less killing

    Separately, As for other systems, I'm open to suggestions but I'd like suggestions that have a lot of support. I'm a big fan of limiting down from many options to a small set, to customize the rules to a campaign (e.g. imagine a game where only artificers, rogues, rangers, and eldritch knights...
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    D&D 5E Less killing

    I really appreciate the suggestions so far. I am aware of the exhaustion death spiral and that's... that's kind of my feelings coming through about violence situations that risk violent death the toll both the above takes on soldiers and survivors In my mind, that's more than the binary where...
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    Pathfinder 2E Paizo drops use of the word phylactery

    It's a gosh-darned horcrux in the original fake latin
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    D&D 5E Less killing

    The body count in D&D really bums me out, especially when it comes to my players (my kids). The kill count of an adventurer who makes it to level 20 is only one seen by a small number of machine gun operators in modern times. Soldiers who kill in war have high incidence of PTSD and other...
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    Overwhelmed by choices (of rpg materials)

    That’s a cool book, I just picked it up. What lead you to it? Just following Frog God work generally?
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    Overwhelmed by choices (of rpg materials)

    I was looking for great random tables, to fall back on when I DM. Stuff beyond the DMG When I search the web the blogs are so many but not grouped or ranked. Even “best of” lists are all over the place. Same for drivethrurpg. But it doesn’t have to be random tables. How do you approach the...
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    Thanks- it was fun to write and fun to play. So much 2e and 3e play was limited to those levels...

    Thanks- it was fun to write and fun to play. So much 2e and 3e play was limited to those levels anyway. I strongly suspect that 3e’s original playtesting was in these levels as well.
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    Is D&D Too Focused on Combat?

    All the ways a player can assert himself in logistics and exploration fail in the face of an opponent. Part of the difference between our play selves and our real selves is that in the universe of the game, something's actively trying make you unsafe, cause you harm. Maybe we all should...
  11. Ry

    13th Age Discussion: A Love Letter to The Best Parts of D&D

    I played this game for one session, and I thought it was awesome.
  12. Ry

    Sneak Peek of Pathfinder Comics #1

    Stealth mountain
  13. Ry

    Review of Lords of Waterdeep (Board Game) by Wizards of the Coast

    These news sections read like ad copy.
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    How do I unsubscribe from Paycheck?

    It's cool, I prefer to collapse all the possible-things-to-manage.
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    How do I unsubscribe from Paycheck?

    Ah, I see. If I wait 3 more months I can use my gold to buy a larger Private Message box so I don't have to keep clearing out this so often. I'll just disable private messages.
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    How do I unsubscribe from Paycheck?

    I keep getting these notifications that I have private messages, but then they turn out to be for something called Paycheck where I apparently have 5 gold pieces. How do I turn these off? I don't want to disable Private Message notifications entirely.
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    I do want 5E (and 6E, and 7E...)

    More likely the last edition to be printed on paper.
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    Random terrain tables?

    A game I'm planning is set in a world where some of the terrain is unstable - the distant mountains of the evening might have drifted by morning. The hexes are like a school of fish near the surface - sometimes one will disappear from view or appear from 'below'. Does anyone know of good...
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    One last name change?

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