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  1. AmerginLiath

    D&D 5E Aarakroca Carrying Capacity

    The lack of coconut jokes in this thread disappoints me.
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    D&D 5E Announcement Next Week--What Hints For Upcoming D&D Books?

    Dragonlance back in the day made interesting use of the Battlesystem rules and a range of isomorphic maps for the War of the Lance. If they’re likely to be returning to that event/timeframe, I’m curious if a release will be built to include mass combat systems and perhaps even some sort of...
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    D&D 5E Revisited Setting News: Its not the 2023 Classic setting, but rather for 2024

    You could do a Saltmarsh-style Spelljammer book that’s a mix of updated adventure, interstitial new elements traveling around, and bits of possibly jamming to other outside adventures.
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    Dragonlance DRAGONLANCE LIVES! Unearthed Arcana Explores Heroes of Krynn!

    Apologies for Not Reading The Entire Thread, but a few thoughts from a bit of a DL Grognard (who’s never thought that the post-2000 game has gotten it quite right, as much as Sovereign Press worked at it). I can understand not having a specific Handling mechanic (it creates an odd thieving mini...
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    The Half-Edition Shuffle

    I fondly remember the days of running my older brother’s B/X and 1st Edition adventures in our 2nd Edition campaign (where a number of characters were built straight out of the UA-era Dragonlance Adventures book anyway), at most swapping in a different version of the same monster if I felt like...
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    D&D 5E Troll-blooded fast-healing characters?

    Reattaching a limb feels a bit strong to do without other Magic for someone of merely troll bloodline (versus a proper troll), but I could see adding proficiency in Death saves to the ability to spend HD (since hit dice are a limited resource themselves).
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    D&D 1E AD&D Monster Manual II back cover text - WTF?

    Valley Elf walks in wearing his Member’s Only Jacket…
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    D&D 5E Limiting Cantrips?

    As much as folks talk about monsters borrowing from character design, this is a place where I wonder if characters can borrow from monster design. I’ve kicked around the idea of cantrips and other more potent “at will” abilities getting a refresh die like many monster powers. Perhaps different...
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    D&D 5E Why do Monks only have d8 HP instead of d10 HP?

    What strikes me as the basic reason is the balance between HP and AC, or more broadly the classes’ ability to absorb damage versus resist damage. The monk — between higher natural AC, deflection abilities, and bonus dodge actions — can avoid taking damage without the negative impact (weight...
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    D&D 5E Fizban Is In The Wild -- With the Table of Contents!

    Aremag is really neat! Aremag is full of meat!
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    D&D 5E Fizban Is In The Wild -- With the Table of Contents!

    I’m curious to see how closely the Draconians read, given their reskinning: Baaz/Foot Soldier, Bozak/Dreadnought, Kapak/Infiltrator, Sivak/Mastermind, Aurak/Mage would be my guess here
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    D&D 5E Monsters compared- new vs old versions

    Reading that change to False Appearance gives me a visceral reaction — Bad WotC! Don’t return to giving us rules bloat and Target DCs! Tell the DM that it looks like a tree and let sneaky descriptions, paranoid players, and “call I roll…?” gut checks continue to rule the day!
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    Dragonlance What Happened To The New DRAGONLANCE Trilogy?

    I was about to go and track down where Weis had commented on the first book being out next year (no one seems to know where that Amazon date came from), but Morrus did us all a solid by flexing his muscles. (with the old Dragonlance message boards recently shut down, finding Weis’s recent...
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    Marvel TV Schedule: what are you excited about?

    Chances are that Ms. Marvel will come out January 2022, which is as good as Late 2021 anyway amidst all the delays on productions during COVID. Unless there are fewer than six episodes in that series (WandaVision had nine shorter episodes to the six longer episodes of Falcon & the Winter Soldier...
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    D&D General Poll: Should a poster be expected to read (or at least skim) all posts before posting in a thread?

    Per what I was saying in #117 last page, I think a lot of the problems stem from posting as if conservations are threaded (coming from a Twitter or Reddit-style zeitgeist back to a bulletin board), when posts are shown linerally. That’s an issue that we can’t really change — and it would be...
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    D&D General Poll: Should a poster be expected to read (or at least skim) all posts before posting in a thread?

    I’m curious when the switch from more shorter threads to fewer longer threads fuller realized itself. Was it when the forum view defaulted into “everything on one page,” or was it a matter of new folks coming in (either from other forums/commenting sources or just as new 5e fans) and posting...
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    Camping and D&D: Preparing for the Trip

    Nice. Having played a lot of D&D (and WEG Star Wars) at scout camp back in the day, and enjoyed annual week-long summer camp as both a scout and an adult leader, this fits perfectly! From reading what you’ve got planned here, I’m guessing it’s pretty open-table? We always had various activities...
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    D&D General WotC: Novels & Non-5E Lore Are Officially Not Canon

    Original vs. Kelvinverse-timeline Dragonlance. That’s what happens when you let kender play too often with the Device of Time Journeying… (I’d personally just attribute any radically-changed Dragonlance to be the answer to “what took Krynn’s place in Krynnspace when Takhisis stole the world...
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    D&D 5E Is Paladine Bahamut? Is Takhisis Tiamat? Fizban's Treasury Might Reveal The Answer!

    [Here Be Spoilers for War of Souls] As the War of Souls and Weis’s Mina trilogy further depicted things, I’ve gotten the sense that Dragonlance gods are (as always shown) a bit weird in their divinity. There’s always the notion of High God and his “calling from beyond” of beings to grant divine...