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  1. MrHotter

    The Latest Pathfinder 2 Playtest Update Has Dropped!

    I'm a fan of the Half-Elf/Half-Orc setup. I could see complaining if taking the half-race ancestry feat did not have any benefits. I think getting to add low light vision and extra move speed (or the other options you can choose) is as good as the other human ancestry feats that would give...
  2. MrHotter

    Level Advancement and In-Campaign Time

    When Mat beat Galad and Gawyn he was already speaking the old tongue, so he was already drawing on the talents of the dead tacticians that were in his head. He also had a wager on the fight, so his unatural luck also played a part in the fight. This was a preview of his special talents.
  3. MrHotter

    Level Advancement and In-Campaign Time

    That bugged me a bit too. I sorta explained the fast leveling for PCs in my world by saying my players have 'hero's blood'. It's kinda like being a superhero in my world. They can heal fast, live long healthy lives, and quickly learn and gain power. The hero's blood (or villians blood) is rare...
  4. MrHotter

    Why doesn't the help action have more limits and down sides?

    As far as I can tell, we are agreeing on everything. I just wanted to clarify my thoughts in case another DM who may be following this thread was wondering how other DMs view the Work Together action and how it different from the in combat Help action. I'm one of the DMs that did not...
  5. MrHotter

    Why doesn't the help action have more limits and down sides?

    I think it would be reasonable to always assume that any out of combat tasks or skill checks will have the players helping each other where possible. I just think it's up to the DM to decide when the 'help' would give the player advantage and what would happen if they fail. In your examples of...
  6. MrHotter

    Why doesn't the help action have more limits and down sides?

    This is why I'm glad I read the message boards. I only knew about the Help action, and not the Working Together that is used outside of combat. I listen to a podcast where every roll outside of combat is with advantage because they always have someone use Help. "I'm going to search for food."...
  7. MrHotter

    One of my players wants to play a kid wizard like Harry Potter. Should i allow it?

    if you go back about 100 years in the US you would find 14-year-olds who are working, married and starting families. I don't see any better age to start a brand new character. In societies where it's common for children to work the farm or go hunting with their parents, seeing a young person...
  8. MrHotter

    What makes Great Weapon Master and Sharpshooter so good?

    As a poster who does not post very often, has there been any well-received suggestions for updating the -5/+10 feats to help balance them out? Has WotC responded to any suggestions or concerns about the feats? I don't think the feats should be removed, but I've thought of house ruling them to...
  9. MrHotter

    What makes Great Weapon Master and Sharpshooter so good?

    For home games, this is easy enough to deal with. After seeing all the controversy over these feats, I've house ruled that anyone using a -5/+10 action would auto miss on 1-5 rather than just on a 1. That should make it so the player may not want to use the feat every attack even on low AC foes...
  10. MrHotter

    D&D 5E Curse of Strahd Suggestions for a 2-Person Campaign

    I have a similar campaign going. One thing to keep in mind is that a single player game will have a much different feel than a group game. I love the single player games I have because it can be a story that completely caters to the one player's needs/wants. Be sure to adjust the story to...
  11. MrHotter

    D&D 5E Mike Mearls: Ranged Paladin doesn't break anything

    The game developers thought they had ranged vs melee balanced when they made the game. They may have changed their mind now that the game has been out for so long (or they may not have), but the balancing mechanism is in the rules. Two non-feat using creatures would seem to be balanced by the...
  12. MrHotter

    D&D 5E Mike Mearls: Ranged Paladin doesn't break anything

    If a player wanted to be a ranged Paladin I would be happy to help them house rule some class changes. The simple change would be to add the archery fighting style and remove heavy armor as a proficiency. Any ability or spell that lists 'melee weapon attack' would be replaced with 'ranged...
  13. MrHotter

    D&D 5E D&D Beyond - What's it for?

    If you play a game online or play with a tablet/PC at the table, then D&D Beyond should save you a lot of book searching. As someone who has already purchased the 5E Fight Club apps and another character creator app, I'm looking forward to having an online app that has official support from WotC.
  14. MrHotter

    D&D 5E CoS question -- DM ONLY, PLAYERS STAY AWAY!! --

    In my game, I've ruled that vampires can't change form while out during the day. That's how I remember it from Bram Stoker's Dracula. That would be a good enough reason for a vampire to avoid trying to move around in the daytime. I'm also switching up the vampire powers with townsfolk and...
  15. MrHotter

    D&D 5E Races that make a better class than yours.

    It is possible to make poor race/class/concept choices when creating a character. It matters more to some players than it does to others. I like the idea of the main racial abilities being generally useful and having the sub-class being more suited to certain classes. That's pretty much the...
  16. MrHotter

    D&D 5E Human Revenant question

    They've left off half-elf and half-orc from the PHB races without sub-races list. Add in the races from other official sources and you would need to figure out aarakocra, goliath, firbolg, and many others. If I had to house rule a half-elf revenant I would say remove the +2 charisma and the...
  17. MrHotter

    D&D 5E Are You Planning on Subscribing to D&D Beyond

    Cool, that's one of the things I was waiting for. I use the computer/tablet to look up rules and monsters, but I like to have the character sheets on the table.
  18. MrHotter

    D&D 5E Human Revenant question

    Ahh...that makes sense. It looks like you would reduce all of your stats but two of them by one point but then add one point to constitution. For balance sake it's replacing your subrace abilities...
  19. MrHotter

    D&D 5E Human Revenant question

    Where are you getting the info on a Revenant as a player? The Monster Manual does not mention a player becoming a revenant, but if you go with what they have under the info for vampire or wherewolf players, then you would not change the current stats/abilities for the player unless the...
  20. MrHotter

    Mad idea: taking a level of exhaustion to regain a once-per-long-rest ability?

    I like the concept, but I think you may need to come up with a list of abilites that can be reused. That way the players don't find a 'gotcha' that makes them overpowered. Add things to the list by the players request after you have a chance to think about it. In novels, you always see the hero...