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  1. Telvin

    D&D 5E messy's 5e newbie questions thread

    50. If a spell is cast as a ready action, what happens to the spell if the trigger does not occur and the caster does not get to expend it?
  2. Telvin

    OD&D First Character Death

    1st level fighter died to a banshee wail (it was a TPK). That was in 1980 or so using the Advanced D&D rules set. Playing in the big sandbox world from Judges Guild, on the City State of the Invincible Overlord map.
  3. Telvin

    D&D 5E Age of Worms Adventure Path

    I ran this years ago in the 3.5 Dragon version. The Free City turned into The City of the Dead when the party failed in the Champions belt. Ended up moving on to a Pathfinder and never finished the adventure. I am currently considering running Greyhawk in 5e and correcting this with an higher...
  4. Telvin

    D&D General Aging effects

    I don't ever recall 3e ever having that, but pathfinder had young characters in Ultimate Campaign.
  5. Telvin

    D&D General Aging effects
  6. Telvin

    D&D General Greyhawk setting material

    With G series already done, I would love to see the D series, followed by Q. That all being said, T series and the A series would be awesome as prequels. What can I say, I loved them. I ran them all in 1st edition. One hell of a campaign it would be.
  7. Telvin

    D&D 5E Stone shape

    This... I would rule no as well. I do not believe that Stone Shape was ever intended to be a tactical attack spell. It was designed to make simple things like doorways, close up openings, and the such. Now I have yet to dive into 5e as a DM, but in my Pathfinder game I changed the casting time...
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    D&D General Turgenev's Friday Freebie Maps

    Have a great vacation.
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    D&D 5E Death and 0 Max HP

    We can debate this forever. It is supposed to be fun. That is why we play the game. Right? A wise man once said, "the job of the GM is not to say no, but find a way to say yes to the players".
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    D&D General Turgenev's Friday Freebie Maps

    What an interesting map.
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    What previous supplements would you like to see brought back for 5e?

    I agree with point 1 completely. Point 2, however, dredging up an old copy (especially if you the type that likes physical books as opposed to PDF) can be time consuming and expensive. But you are right, the deities do not need stats. I, fortunately, have my old books.
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    What previous supplements would you like to see brought back for 5e?

    Wel maybe this I would buy. I would have to look at it first, if they ever did it.
  13. Telvin

    What previous supplements would you like to see brought back for 5e?

    I have no fond memories of any editions splat books. Well maybe the original 1e Deities and Demigods. Splat books create a power creep for the PCs that the monsters cannot keep up with. Its the main reason I am leaving Pathfinder. I will not be buying any splat books for 5e, or allowing my...
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    D&D General Turgenev's Friday Freebie Maps

    That is awesome!
  15. Telvin

    setting up a campaign Zero for myself and my players.

    I am not a new DM. I ran my first D&D game in 1982, strictly modules in GH (GDQ series, Temple of Elemental Evil, Age of Worms, and the such). Been away from D&D since 2008. I have been strictly running Pathfinder Adventure Paths since then. I am just getting back into D&D. I am currently...
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    Greyhawk Elevator Pitch?

    Eye, I am sure he did!
  17. Telvin

    D&D 5E Greyhawk is the official setting for Ghosts of Saltmarsh

    I totally agree with you on this. I ignored the wars as well. What I did do though, was when my party failed at saving The City of Greyhawk while I was running Age of Worms (part 6 I believe), I left it like that. The city is now known as The City of the Dead. Nothing like leaving their mark on...
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    D&D 5E Epic Monsters: Black Shuck (5E)

    Ideas swirling around in my head...Thanks for this!
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    D&D 5E Group Iniative Order

    We had 4 guards in the first wave. The second wave was 8 blood hawks and 2 hippogriffs. You know, had there only been one hippogriff (as Jasper suggests there should have been) I think we would have won. I was the last man...err...halfling (rogue) standing. I killed the last bloodhawk and still...
  20. Telvin

    D&D 5E Group Iniative Order

    I got the impression that the DM was relatively new. If I recall correctly, a couple of the characters got to go, then the hippogriffs, a player, then the blood hawks, then me. The DM did run the blood hawks as pairing up on characters and the hippogiffs attacked separate characters. Also...