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  1. Quintegamer

    The K-Team: Best Undead Adventures?

    Dungeon Magazine #70 - Kingdom of the Ghouls Dungeon Magazine #17 - The Pit (one of my favourites) 2e Ravenloft - Touch of Death (mummies) 2e Ravenloft - Night of the Walking Dead (zombies - very tough for listed levels. I ran it with a 4th-5th level party and they were very glad to have...
  2. Quintegamer

    (2e) Looking for players in Quinte area, Ontario, Canada

    Hey all, I'm looking for a couple more players for our weekly 2e D&D game in the Quinte area, Ontario, Canada. I host and provide coffee, player's handbooks and minis - you supply: • Willingness to come prepared (actually reading the background info given, knowing what your character can do) •...
  3. Quintegamer

    Against the Shadow - a RM/MERP campaign

    So our face-to-face game group started back up this past Monday. We are playing a Middle-Earth game, using Rolemaster 2nd edition with some elements of The One Ring thrown in (cultural virtues and rewards, Hope and Shadow scores). The party is: Balor Belyst - a Blue Mountain dwarf fighter...
  4. Quintegamer

    New game: Middle Earth - 2e Rolemaster w/ The One Ring elements

    John - the player running the magician and I talked and he actually went for less blasty spells. Spirit Mastery (sleep, charm, etc) and utility spells were his choices. Light law (shock bolt) is his only damage spell.
  5. Quintegamer

    New game: Middle Earth - 2e Rolemaster w/ The One Ring elements

    Jaeger - d100 roll high, open-ended both high and low (96+ and 4-). Never played BRP or RMSS, had the 2e books since the 90's.
  6. Quintegamer

    New game: Middle Earth - 2e Rolemaster w/ The One Ring elements

    The new game my group and I are starting when we come back to the table in about 2 weeks is a Middle Earth game set five years after the events in The Hobbit. Using ICE's Rolemaster system (2e) with elements of The One Ring thrown in - Shadow and Hope points (modified), cultural virtues and...
  7. Quintegamer

    Which non-D&D fantasy RPG do you currently play?

    Getting ready to start a Middle Earth game using 2e Rolemaster (with parts of The One Ring thrown in).
  8. Quintegamer

    Looking for recommendations - pre-painted steampunk minis

    Hi all, I'm looking for recommendations for 25/28mm pre-painted steampunk miniatures. Preferably from companies that will ship to Canada (but if they only ship to the US I can work with that). Thanks in advance.
  9. Quintegamer

    Anyone Here From Napanee/Kingston Stretch Of Ontario?

    Kaodi - I have quite a few friends playing 5e in Belleville, if that's not too far for you.
  10. Quintegamer

    2nd ed D&D game in Belleville, ON

    Looking for 4-6 adults to play 2e D&D on Thursday nights. People who can make it most weeks preferred. Min/Max gamers and powergamers would probably not enjoy themselves. All materials supplied - location in Belleville. Looking at 7-11pm. Game is full, will repost if a spot opens up.
  11. Quintegamer

    Multi-class experience

    Experience for multi-class characters - can be a bit of an issue. Mainly when a character is a thief/anything. You can end up with a thief 6/mage 2 for example. To combat this, our group has adopted a new experience guideline for all multi-class characters. We add both experience requirements...
  12. Quintegamer

    D&D 2E Are there any websites or blogs that review AD&D 2e adventures and books?

    With the exception of Spelljammer, Maztica, Al-Qadim and Birthright - I have almost every 2nd ed product (and have DM'd most). I'd be happy to share my group's experiences with specific adventures. Ask away!
  13. Quintegamer

    Building Your Own Gaming Table?

    Wow nice game room Monte! We use a 6' x 4' dining table from the 40's for our game room. We're in the process of having a new surface for it built with supports that will make it 6' x 6'. I sit at a desk at one end of the table. With 6' on each side, we'll be able to comfortably sit 6 players...