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  1. knikpiw

    WOIN Pinning down timing

    I don't know if you've ever done archery but you typically don't hit first try, but use the first shot to get your bearings and dial in your subsequent shots. So the second shot where the target hasn't moved gets a +1d6 whether or not you landed your first shot.
  2. knikpiw

    WOIN Crashes and damage advice

    So there are starship crashing/ramming rules. Ship class multiplied by velocity giving you your damage. So like, if you ram your car into someone, take the speed of your vehicle, let's say it's 6 and mulitply it by mass of the vehicle/person that you're using to ram into whatever it is. You'd...
  3. knikpiw

    WOIN Since when did Damage Dice tradeoff turn out 1:1?

    So in my earlier comment, I sited the v1.2 trading dice 2;1, while the errata has 1;1 and the WOIN Rules Reference Document - Combat Actions also holds 2;1. If the Errata is the correct one, will there be a revision of the corerulebook? I don't see a huge need myself yet, but are there plans of...
  4. knikpiw

    WOIN Since when did Damage Dice tradeoff turn out 1:1?

    There is a 'Power Attack' listed here: WOIN Rules Reference Document - Combat Actions But it is no where in the books. But it is only 1:1 for the first damage dice, all subsequent ones being 2:1
  5. knikpiw

    WOIN Since when did Damage Dice tradeoff turn out 1:1?

    Trading attack dice for damage dice is still 2:1 (Page 150 in v1.1 and 166 in v1.2). Trading damage for attack is still 1 to 1 as it always has been. LUCK dice have always been 1:1 in either add or subtracting dice from a pool.
  6. knikpiw

    WOIN Starship Combat

    Following on with the point defences. Are they mounted for each arc of fire, or mounted on the 'roof' in a turreted fashion?
  7. knikpiw

    WOIN Starship Combat

    Two quick questions related to starship combat. Can starships gain a crossfire bonus (+1d6)? For a PC flying with their starfighter into another ships point defence Aura, are there any checks/attacks that need to be made or is it always a guarenteed 1d6 damage? Thanks, haven't seen much...
  8. knikpiw

    Morrus' Starship Hangar

    Never saw that page in the recognition manual. Thanks!
  9. knikpiw

    Morrus' Starship Hangar

    Can this be brought back, or is there another source for "with rules for reducing the price for used ships and ship quirks"? Thanks
  10. knikpiw

    WOIN Old Starship store Generator

    I remember there was a link for a starship generator called something like Wrigleys Copendium or something, that generated a catalog of old ships with issues but at heavily discounted prices. Would love to have something like that again for my current group but cant seem to find the link in...
  11. knikpiw

    WOIN Seeker Upgrade on ranged weapons

    Thanks Morrus, much appreciated
  12. knikpiw

    WOIN Seeker Upgrade on ranged weapons

    I see where you're coming from but then you're playing with different ammunitions and the projectile is able to change directions after being fired, a self guiding shot. As the descriptor says: "enhanced target-finding AI instantaneously calculate the exact distance and direction of the target"...
  13. knikpiw

    WOIN Seeker Upgrade on ranged weapons

    So the Seeker upgrade gives a +2d6 bonus on top of weapon quality to attacks but can only be used once per round. Does this mean that the weapon can only be shot once per round (Every shot being a seeking shot), or that you can take 2 shots each round with one being a seeking shot? I could see...
  14. knikpiw

    WOIN [Question] Experience and Advancement?

    So x10 is for Grade advancement, but it's x3 the new level for other advancements (skills, attributes) and in the book it explains how you can adjust the advancement speed for your party. In my longer campaigns with this system (more than a year) the x10 new grade level worked very well...
  15. knikpiw

    WOIN Cumulative Attribute/Skill XP cost

    you're only adding the cost of two ranks, cumilative would be everything up to, e.g. To buy a new skill the entire way up to level 4 would be 3+6+9+12=30 xp, not 21
  16. knikpiw

    WOIN Maximum Dice Pools

    I think each race should have their own attribute that is not limited by the MDP. Orgons should never have their STR limited, Androids should never have theit LOG, Felans '' '' AGI, Spartans '' '' WIL, Borians '' '' END, Venetians '' '' INT, Humans '' '' LUC (Probably not LUC but you don't want...
  17. knikpiw

    WOIN Maximum Dice Pools

    So sometimes PCs can be capped on a roll from the first session the whole way to the last. One of my players was still capped after an entire year of play which sort of felt like a bummer, felt like a waste of expertise if it could never be utilised. I see this also in my new WOIN game as one of...
  18. knikpiw

    WOIN LeMat Revolver

    I play with the mechanic that when a shotgun is used in melee range you get a +1d6 to damage on top of the Sidearm +1d6 attack bonus
  19. knikpiw

    WOIN Question on high quality armor and defense

    Unless we’re talking shields.
  20. knikpiw

    WOIN Space combat exploit question

    I used it in space combat yesterday for the group I run for. I used it to shutdown their tractor beam which worked amazing, otherwise a piloting check with a high level would of been needed. Used it against shield generators right before firing a railgun/laser. I made sure to not use it...