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    Describe your last rpg session in 5 words

    Player died. Game in jeopardy. Alternatively, Player died. Time to grieve.
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    Realistic Consequences vs Gameplay

    The person or group who built/discovered the fiction, obviously. Of course there are and they might even have been used here with a subset of players present, but I'm discussing the case where that fictional positioning has already been determined by whatever source. For example, 6 sessions...
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    How do you feel about factions in RPGs?

    Factions are tools. Like all tools they have a best-use case and a worst-use case. Factions can be an excellent tool to provide access to abilities the party (or even just a single PC) normally can't access on their own. They can also be excellent foils / drivers of adventure that provide a...
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    Realistic Consequences vs Gameplay

    If there is legitimate disagreement as to possibility of success then determining an auto-fail isn't a sensible interaction. Can people do it still? Yeah. But it is on par with someone claiming their PC can "totally" carry their gear, the partner's gear and their partner while running from a...
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    Realistic Consequences vs Gameplay

    Re: "Say yes or roll the dice" DM: Your detective PCs realize the bad-guy just got in his car and driving away -- he's about half a mile ahead of you. What do you do? Player: I jump in front of his car! DM: Err.... The philosophy of 'say yes or roll' relies on sensible interactions with the...
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    Realistic Consequences vs Gameplay

    Not really, GM force is more a marker of GM predisposition. I've had GMs run using strong illusionism, choice negation, and other forms of force entirely ad hoc as well as fully-prepped key-for-lock treasure, heavily keyed systems. Funny thing is, they are the same GMs.
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    D&D and the rising pandemic

    A decent skeleton of a plan for areas that are in any way self-sufficient. That's... pretty much nowhere in modern states. Trying cell isolation whilst still importing food, medicine, and other supplies will fail. Now, the failures may be sparse enough you can control the additional outbreaks.
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    D&D 5E Input Needed on Attack Roll Concept

    First, it would suck to roll 20, 15, 15 on 3d20 if the 15s will hit. Second, if "meat" is restricted to Con or Con + something small like level, then your are into a situation where a single hit on "meat" can drop an opponent regardless if a critical was scored. You'd need to redo damage rolls...
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    Realistic Consequences vs Gameplay

    I am not a hard-fast 1 PC per player in many campaigns. In others, I am, it depends strongly on the table experience I am looking for for a particulalr campaign. However, I have had poor experiences in the past with particular players seeking extra-special attention / advantages from...
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    Realistic Consequences vs Gameplay

    The PC is part of the shared world. The PC is being retired by the player. Therefore someone else (namely the DM) needs to operate the character. Can the player decide to reprise his ownership? Maybe, depending on the reason for retirement. Can the player use the PC in a different campaign...
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    Realistic Consequences vs Gameplay

    It's happened a few times where the group effectively "fires" a PC. "Thanks for your efforts, but we feel your tactics/priorities are incompatible with the group. Now that we are back in civilization, here is your balance owing. We hope you have success with your future endeavours." If I am...
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    Realistic Consequences vs Gameplay

    This occurs not infrequently in campaigns I run. I never interfere in player decision-making unless an outside force is doing so in the world. Should different PC sub-groups provide different stimulus, the environment will adjust its response. The environment responds to stimuli in priority...
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    Realistic Consequences vs Gameplay

    It could take hours to get to that door. I've had groups take hours whilst in front of that door looking for alternative choices before someone decides to say 'Eff it! I open it anyway!" No, you can chop down disarm, or avoid the NPC too -- using the correct tools. If you have an axe, you...
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    Realistic Consequences vs Gameplay

    Yeah, the situation looks very similar to DM: This dungeon door is trapped. Player: I open it anyway. <mechanical resolution> DM: Make a new PC. Compare: DM: This man is powerful, controls the legal machinery, and is known to be unstable and severely punishing of dissent. PC1: I mouth off...
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    Realistic Consequences vs Gameplay

    Umm, stocks are guarded. I suppose rebels might storm the guards to rescue two unknowns who apparently attacked the king so poorly they are merely in the stocks. It's probably more likely they would be tormented/injured by loyalists and/or children.
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    EN World Two potential site upgrades

    The module also allowed one to designate threads as friends-only. There was at least one instance where the OP created/was given control of a resource thread, got pissed at the site, and designated it friends-only a year later. Everyone was thrown out.
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    System idea: managing a secret organization

    Way back in time I ran something similar in a modern setting. Based on Mission Impossible (the TV series not the movie franchise), where each player built 3+ PC specialists and a team was assembled to run the mission by a designated team lead (it rotated among the players). Two things became...
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    D&D 5E In your Years of Gaming, How many Psionic Characters did you See played

    In 1e, they aren't particularly rare; I use the PHB rules for determining psionics and then allow players to opt out before rolling psionic strength. Psionic PCs tend to die slightly faster overall in my experience and many players (especially if they don't have tremendous Int, Wis AND Cha)...
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    How often do you play a differently-gendered character when gaming?

    Looking at the last dozen or so PCs from various systems, it looks like I play males 50% of the time, females 35% of the time, and weird and/or genderless entities 15% of the time. Looking at just D&D and similar games, its about 2 of 3 males.
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    Worlds of Design: Always Tell Me the Odds

    It gets really bad when mechanics become opaque and improperly explained. The original skill challenges in 4e were like this. Markov chain probabilities are not obvious to most folk. It was obvious when one did the math that the original designers hadn't. And that's before the inclusion of...