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  1. D'karr

    Old timers?

    I have been gone for a long while, and then could not get into my account, which further complicated posting. I finally recovered the account so I might post more often. I think I first signed into ENWorld around Sept / Oct 2000, right after GenCon. I do remember fondly @pogre Miniatures...
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  3. D'karr

    Not Getting a Verification Code

    OK, I was finally able to get a password reset message on my regular account. If you were able to do something to correct it, thanks. And if you had nothing to do with it, thanks anyway for looking at the issue.
  4. D'karr

    D&D 4E How to transfer D&D 4e Adeventure Tool to a new PC?

    Sorry for coming late to this. I believe the adventure tools modified database is kept in the folder [drive]:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\AdventureTools\Data. Replace [drive] with whatever your System Drive (OS) is and replace [username] with whatever account name is used. You should see...
  5. D'karr

    Do we need Superior Weapons? What about a Superior Expertise to replace it.

    2 handed superior melee weapon High Crit - Heavy Blade category IIRC
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    Do we need Superior Weapons? What about a Superior Expertise to replace it.

    Personally I've gone in a different direction. I want the character to be special, not their equipment. Feats that add a +1 here and there are a pain in the tuckus to track and sift through, and really don't add much flavor but quite a bit of cruft, IMO. If we were to examine all feats and...
  7. D'karr

    Tweaks to make the game work better with fewer players

    I guess this is a case of "different strokes for different folks", but I couldn't disagree more. The base assumption in 4e is 4 PCs. Everything in the game is geared to support and interact within this assumption. When you have less PCs the party is gimped. If you have 2 PCs, as an example...
  8. D'karr

    U1: Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh MAPS

    These are very cool. Well done!
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    Tweaks to make the game work better with fewer players

    You could make all skills class skills and let the players select what they have training on. Then give them each 2 or 3 skill focus feats for free. If they ever take a feat that gives them training in one of the skills they focused on they can reassign the skill focus to something else. As...
  10. D'karr

    Keywords vs Damage Types

    What I have found is that the power mechanics kind of vary all over the place. Some powers specifically require the player to designate the type of damage at selection. In that case I would say the power takes on the keyword selected. Some feats and items allow you to change damage types when...
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  12. D'karr

    D&D 4E Streamlined 4e combat

    I would disagree that tactical combat was the best element of 4e or that its fiddliness added to the appeal. Arguably the best element of 4e was that it delivered a game where the characters were actually the main protagonists and they were capable adventurers from the get-go rather than bench...
  13. D'karr

    Sell Me On WotBS / Zeitgeist

    Thoughts of Q's Workshop I have not read Zeitgeist but the mention of getting a stipend reminded me of Spycraft (d20). I don't know if this is workable, but it might be an extremely simple solution to the magic item distribution issue, if it is indeed an issue. You don't get a stipend to...
  14. D'karr

    Sell Me On WotBS / Zeitgeist

    Magic Items are a character build resource In all versions of D&D magic items have been a given default, and the default world is always high magic. The Christmas Tree Effect has been in place from the beginning, and I first encountered it in a home game circa 1983. As the editions moved...
  15. D'karr

    D&D 4E Sweet spot of 4e

    If you have a chance take a look at the Neverwinter Campaign Setting/Adventure. The book was designed to give a cogent feel for adventures across most tiers, but is limited in scope to the Heroic Tier. They really did a good job of showing how to scale the game challenges and feel of upper...
  16. D'karr

    Ranger tips? 4E PHB only

    The character builder allows you to remove all unused sources using the Campaign Settings Tab. You can then save that as a campaign setting default and load it as necessary. I use that with my players to filter out a lot of cruft from the system.
  17. D'karr

    D&D 4E Who's still playing 4E

    I'm currently playing 4e in a converted Kingmaker (Pathfinder) Adventure path. We are having a blast. Interestingly enough I was recently invited to join in a Pathfinder game and declined because my experiences playing and running 3.x and Pathfinder, after playing 4e, have been extremely...
  18. D'karr

    Can't Renew my DDI SUB

    I never NEEDED the electronic tools to play or prepare. For that matter I was able to run the game simply with the tables in the DM Screen. However, once I started using the electronic tools, such as the compendium and the offline character builder they became essential. They make...
  19. D'karr

    Session report - the Mausoleum of the Raven Queen

    Wow, what a time warp! I guess I get to say AGAIN how much I enjoy reading these campaign gameplay reports.
  20. D'karr

    How often should PCs level up?

    For me it depends on the pacing of the game, and the theme of the game. There will be times when leveling should be really fast (once per session), and times when it should be really slow (once every 8-10 sessions. Most leveling happens somewhere in the middle (3-6) sessions. I like real...