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  1. PeelSeel2

    D&D 5E D&D Essentials Kit Offers a New Place to Start

    I was picturing fleshing out the character classes presented in Essentials Kit to 12 15 or 20 in the same, simple manner. Additional spells to the fleshed out level, more magic items, Another Adventure, and another screen with different, pertinent information that could be 'added' to the first...
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    D&D 5E D&D Essentials Kit Offers a New Place to Start

    I ordered mine from Target. Was supposed to get it tomorrow. It came today!! Reading through it. They did a great job presenting a cut down rulebook for beginners. IMO the best job since the 1982 basic version. I sincerely hope Target pushes for an Advanced Kit through level 10. The...
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    It's Time To Pre-Order Your Copy Of Into The Borderlands

    At that point, might as well buy this product. Two historically significant copies of each, essays by authors and artists, 5e conversions, and 5e expansions. Plus a pdf copy. All in a nicely done package.
  4. PeelSeel2

    The Enemy Within Coming For WFRP 4!

    Well crud. I wasn't going to be a part of this at all, and then they have to do something like this and TOTALLY REDEEM THEMSELVES! Whats some more shekels anyways.....
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    D&D 5E Point Buy vs Rolling for Stats

    In the original edition of D&D rolling stats meant you could see how good your character was vs other characters with hardly any bonuses. The average of 3d6 is somewhere from 8-12. Between AD&D and Basic D&D a stat discrepancy started appearing. AD&D had an esoteric progression rewarding high...
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    Playing With Savage Rifts

    I have the same feelings towards this product. Savage Worlds easy-peezy rules coupled with one of the best worlds equals unparalleled fun. FUN!!
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    Cortex Plus Creator Studio Announced By Margaret Weis Productions

    Awesome!! And like that, a new paradigm has arrived!!
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    D&D 5E Starting the realms

    I never played the realms until about a year ago. I came across a huge collection of FR stuff from 1e and 2e and it piqued my interest. I ran a small campaign around Daggerford set in 1357. I hated the sundering, spell plague, etc. of later editions. I really enjoy fifth edition, and think...
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    D&D 5E Increasing spell power

    I moved Hold Person from a standard action to a bonus action. Kept everything else the same. Seems to improve it without over powering.
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    D&D 5E Invisibility and Perception

    I do not think an invisible creature in combat needs to make a sneak or hide roll. They are considered heavily obscured and 'perceiving' creatures are effectively blind when dealing with invisible creatures. Unless their is extenuating circumstances, no perception is allowed. They can guess...
  11. PeelSeel2

    D&D 5E Rolling Hit Points Tweak

    We always played you rerolled your hit points at every level. If you got higher, they went up. If they where lower, they stayed the same. Helps average them out.
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    Goodman Games Kickstarts Two New 5E Adventures

    Goodman Games is a top rate publisher in the Role playing industry. They have a vast amount of experience publishing under the OGL. They have not concentrated on 5e because D&D is no longer their "Bread and Butter". Much like Paizo, during the 4e era they went their own way and made their own...
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    D&D 5E 5E inspired by B/X?

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    D&D 5E D&D 5e is fantastic. Just a topic of appreciation and some forum analysis.

    Bang up Job for the D&D 5e team. It will be interesting to see where they take 5e. They are trying a new path. What that is, we do not know. We have gotten hints, but not much else. They have even eluded to the fact they are learning as they go. I hope it continues very successfully. I...
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    D&D 5E Grapple feat, grapple, and huh?

    So in looking at the grapple feat, the last line says: • Creatures that are one size larger than you don’t automatically succeed on checks to escape your grapple. Under combat and grappling, it says nothing about this. Under the condition it says nothing either. So, is it an omitted rule...
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    D&D 5E Spell interaction conundrum

    Or do not worry about it......rule, in this case, magic effects cannot pass through. After all, the wizard spent years of his life researching and improving upon the wall of force to make it impenetrable. It is really not a wall of force any more, it is something greater.
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    D&D 5E ad&d modules?

    For AD&D modules I have run pretty much out the module; just re-skinning some monster from 5th to match up to the encounter. Re-Skinning is your friend! Treasure presents no more problem than it did in the past; the same with magic items. Magic items, probably less problem than they did in...
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    New 5E Adventures Coming From Goodman Games

    In my opinion, yes. I like them because they are concise, evocative, and modular. If I am not feeling the direction of our campaign at the time, I can grab one of these and put it in without much complication. If I want to do a whole 'adventure path' with a series of them, I can make that happen.
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    New 5E Adventures Coming From Goodman Games

    and yet it will sell like the price must still be OK to customers.