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  1. CM

    D&D 5E Dark Sun, problematic content, and 5E…

    What is D&D if not slaying problematic things and taking their stuff?
  2. CM

    D&D Movie/TV Watch This Honor Among Thieves Clip (With a Cameo from the D&D Cartoon Adventurers!)

    <Posts clickbaity blog griping about how the movie has no respect for displacer beast rules and the producers can't be trusted> j/k, looks great. Only thing that surprised me was Neverwinter having lethal blood sports.
  3. CM

    D&D General The Owlbear Druid: How Would You Do It? (A Poll)

    Since the stock 5e owlbear is a pretty sad take on the monster and not much different from a cave bear or polar bear, I'd just make it a beast. It doesn't have any traits that should disqualify it.
  4. CM

    D&D Movie/TV Why is the media overstating how controversial the Druid's Owlbear shape is?

    So much of gaming journalism these days is just drama mongering clickbait, often just "X slams Y for Z" with a bunch of reactions from twitter, even on some of the more reputable sites.
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    D&D 5E February's Keys from the Golden Vault Appears on Amazon

    You son of a <bleep>, I'm in.
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    WotC Wizards D&D Japan releasing cool art.

    I knew the Record of the Lodoss War anime was based on a real D&D campaign in Japan but I'm surprised to see just how closely some of the character designs of the show match the style of these player class archetypes.
  7. CM

    D&D One Changes to the Rogue...

    This is how I've been houseruling SA since 5e launch and it's been fine. Will continue that way if 5.5e restricts it to the attack action on your turn.
  8. CM

    One D&D Expert Classes Playtest Document Is Live

    It was a brain fart. I meant to say that you have advantage on the roll if trained in both sleight of hand and thieves' tools, not double proficiency.
  9. CM

    One D&D Expert Classes Playtest Document Is Live

    Thief's Fast Hands lets them Search as a bonus action... but trapfinding is a Study action and not a Search action... :confused: Also Fast Hands says that disabling traps and picking locks is a Dex (Sleight of Hand) check that is also made with thieves' tools. The tool proficiency glossary...
  10. CM

    Taking a healing potion as a bonus action?

    Added that to a houseruled Tavern Brawler.
  11. CM

    Postmortem: 10 Ideas in 5e that didn't quite work...

    8 encounters per day.
  12. CM

    Jumping ahead: Bring back Bloodied for monsters

    My players all very much liked having the bloodied tag since 4e and we kept on using it in 5e. I would like to see it return if done correctly.
  13. CM

    DM's no longer getting crits on PC's

    Fine, but I want monsters to have more and better special attacks.
  14. CM

    5.5 Darkvision and the Unseen

    Personally I'd like most racial darkvision to go away. You feel kinda stupid as a human rogue trying to scout ahead of the party these days.
  15. CM

    D&D 5E I Think We Need A Bigger Shelf

    I'm sure it'll be nice but that price is just absurd.
  16. CM

    D&D 5E Changes to D&D's Spellcasting Monsters: Streamlining Your Way To Bliss

    Disclosure: My players and I agreed (mostly) to ban Counterspell years ago. It's not fun for either side. As a fan of 4e monsters, I like the idea of self-contained spell blocks in monster stat blocks, but I dislike the idea that (for NPC type spellcasters at least) they are following some...
  17. CM

    D&D 5E Changes to D&D's Spellcasting Monsters: Streamlining Your Way To Bliss

    I tell you, it all started going downhill when you didn't need bat guano to cast fireball anymore. (j/k)
  18. CM

    D&D 5E D&D Beyond: Monsters of the Multiverse Will Not Replace Existing Monsters

    Enabling or disabling the optional class features introduced in Tasha's are just a per-character toggle. I imagine the revised player races will be just as easy. For monsters, probably duplicate entries, one from each source.
  19. CM

    D&D 5E Counterspell nerfed!

    This nerf to counterspell is even more terribly thought-out than counterspell itself.
  20. CM

    D&D General Lolth Miniature Coming In February 2022

    Some of the older depictions I've read were basically a spider with a female drow elf face. This is a bit more intimidating, though I guess I always preferred the lore that drider forms were cursed "gifts" for those who displeased lolth, that horrified the drow themselves.