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  1. Atlatl Jones

    RPG Crowdfunding News – Cloud Empress, Elfland, Curse of Camelot, and more

    Yoon Suin isn’t an original system. It’s mostly system neutral, but has some stats for Labyrinth Lord (OSR)
  2. Atlatl Jones

    Release The Midnight World, Horror TTRPG, now available on Drivethru!

    Exciting! I've been looking forward to seeing this since the kickstarter.
  3. Atlatl Jones

    D&D General [+] What is your favorite non-WotC D&D setting?

    Birthright, which is technically not a WotC setting because it was published by TSR. 😁 Taladas too. My go-to setting is Kobold Press’ Midgard.
  4. Atlatl Jones

    Vote For The Most Anticipated RPG of 2022!

    Stonetop is my #1 too. I had to think a lot to narrow down what games were my #2 and #3, but Stonetop was a definite. I’m surprised no one nominated Exalted Essence!
  5. Atlatl Jones

    D&D General WotC Asks What Makes YOU Play Dungeons and Dragons?

    That's what I chose for my favourite product of all time too.
  6. Atlatl Jones

    D&D General WotC Asks What Makes YOU Play Dungeons and Dragons?

    With all the gnomes, it's probably the Korranberg Chronicle.
  7. Atlatl Jones

    D&D 5E New Cover for Eberron: Rising from the Last War

    This one has the same problem the original had: It's a gorgeous two-page spread piece, which when chopped in half to fit on the front cover looks really bland and uninspiring. I'll be getting the alternate.
  8. Atlatl Jones

    It's that time of year again! Nominate Your Most Anticipated Games of 2019

    You have the Chronicles of Future Earth listed twice.
  9. Atlatl Jones

    It's that time of year again! Nominate Your Most Anticipated Games of 2019

    My top two were already mentioned - Fading Suns and Savage Worlds Adventure Edition - but I’ll add: Lyonesse (A stand-alone ROG based on Mythras, in the setting of Jack Vance’s mythic fantasy series) Over the Edge 3rd edition Nights Black Agents: Solo Ops Changeling the Lost 2nd edition The...
  10. Atlatl Jones

    Joke Names you've never used...but want to.

    I've been wanting to make a minotaur paladin named Sir Loin, and a gnome named Chomsky. I'm currently playing a goblin named Verde Groen. Recently I've been using whatever odd name pops into my head fully formed when making a character, which is how Magister Thundacious Polysyllabicon was...
  11. Atlatl Jones

    Joke Names you've never used...but want to.

    The Dire Rhea seem to originate in the mountains, especially a heavily mined one named Ezuma. As a result, they're sometimes called Mont Ezuma's Revenge. They will plague the land until great hero Immodium drives them away.
  12. Atlatl Jones

    News Digest: BattleTech Lawsuit Dismissed, Gygax Estate Licenses Unpublished Games, Deadpool RPG Cov

    A stipulated dismissal with prejudice pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 41(a) means that the parties agreed to a settlement, not that the court ruled against Harmony Gold.
  13. Atlatl Jones

    RPG Crowdfunding News 093: Lasers & Liches, The Living Land, Archive of Magic Items, Dragon-Blooded,

    I played in Tim Gonzales's Tyranny of Dragons game when 5e first game out. His creative additions made the game really fun. I still have the mini I made for my PC dwarf after a certain cursed magic item permanently replaced his face with that of a freckled human teenage girl. I hear that magic...
  14. Atlatl Jones

    Take Me Down To Freedom City

    Good review! I'm surprised you didn't mention just how many awesome supervillain and villain group write-ups there are in the book. The city and NPC details are nice, but it's the plethora of solo villains, groups, and conspiracies that make the setting shine.
  15. Atlatl Jones

    #RPGaDAY Day 23: Which RPG has the most jaw-dropping layout?

    This is a problem that's endemic to RPG layout, and baked into the wording of this question: It doesn't ask which RPG has the best layout, but which has the most "jaw dropping." RPG book design tends to focus on making layout pretty and elaborate, often at the expense of making it easy to read...
  16. Atlatl Jones

    Congratulations to the 2017 ENnie Award Nominees!

    I find it strange that the Savage Rifts GM Handbook is nominated for Best Rules, since it has fairly minimal rules and the Player's Guide has most of the great Rifts rules conversions. I suppose it stands in for all three core rulebooks though.
  17. Atlatl Jones

    Unearthed Arcana Unearthed Arcana Returns to Monthly With Some Revised Subclasses

    I'm not crazy about the Favored Soul healing emphasis either. And to add to the dogpile, if the favored soul already has the Empower metamagic, he gets nothing at 6th level. I like the new Kensei a lot, but I'm disappointed that they can't use glaives or longspears/pikes anymore. The Blade...
  18. Atlatl Jones

    LOST CITADEL 5E RPG Coming From Green Ronin

    Is the Tales of the Lost Citadel fiction anthology going to be made available to the general public who missed the Kickstarter? I just looked for an eBook of it but had no luck finding it.
  19. Atlatl Jones

    [UPDATED - With Cubicle 7] Games Workshop Concluding Deal For Licensing Rights To Warhammer Fantasy

    Has Cubicle 7 created any of their own game systems? I'm mainly familiar with them through their BRP games (Laundry Files and World War Cthulhu) and their translations of French games (Qin, Yggdrasil).