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  1. Coik

    The klaxons blared in the creeping fog of the neon demon night...

    I'm confused...does it have to? Like, what isn't it about, man? The significant owl hooted in the night. The ice cream man locked up for the night, sealing the weapon that the Zugzugs had travelled 5,000 light years for in the trash bin. Wherever you go, there you are. *snaps fingers*
  2. Coik

    What was the Issue? (extended downtime)

    Art, you say that like it's a bad thing. Hmm...well, if by "innocent" you mean "people with no sense of humor..." I guess I'll just bite my tongue on this one, since I'm sure PKitty wouldn't appreciate me starting a board war. NADT!
  3. Coik

    The Book of Exalted Deeds - It's Here! (merged - full ToC posted)

    I honestly don't know what WotC hopes to accomplish with these alignment books. The system is so poorly defined as to be almost useless, and in essence is really just an archaic holdover from previous editions of the game, which I have to presume was kept mostly so they wouldn't have to bother...
  4. Coik

    [GenCon]religious services in Indy

    I will be performing Discordian services thoughout the con. The hidden pencil in your mailbox will tell you where. To find out when, decode the message in your local newspaper's sports page. Bring yer own effigies. Everyone is welcome, except those people who are really cabbages or something.
  5. Coik

    3.5 Vampires

    I'm not going to get my books for a day or so yet, so... Do vampires still do permanent Con damage, or do people now have the ability to replace lost red blood cells in 3.5?
  6. Coik

    Amazon Orders

    That means that, in general, if you place an order for that item it will ship within 24 hours. So if you by something at 9 am on Thursday, nine times out of ten it will be in the mail (or picked up by UPS, or...) by 9 am on Friday. Actual transit time depends on the shipping method, and I...
  7. Coik

    [3.5] TALON: What are you guys going to do?

    Hellfire. Ah well. Anyone happen to know if next-day delivers on Saturdays? And do you need to sign a release?
  8. Coik

    Warcraft Expansions

    Well, I guess you're right...I shouldn't go about changing the thing until after I've had a chance to read through it, should I? Okay then. Just how pervasive is alignment? As bad as in D&D, in that there's some absolute but vaguely defined system of morality in place? Worse? Better? And I...
  9. Coik

    Warcraft Expansions

    Does that mean it uses alignment and fire-and-forget magic? If so, it won't be enough to keep me from buying it...but the spring in my step as I go to do so will be noticably smaller. And if so, it's not really a big deal...axe alignment for faction allegance, axe wizards for sorcerers (and...
  10. Coik

    [GenCon] "(more) Road Construction News!" (Scouting and Info Within)

    Re: KODT live! Ah, thanks. No, I don't do event pre-reg, so that's not available to me. Particularly not this year. Ick. I can see wanting to make it a PDF, but make it so it's a bloody size where we can a) read it and b) don't have to scroll to see the entire event listing. That's why I...
  11. Coik

    Ennies Ceremony: How should nominees dress?

    No, no, it has to be at least three words: "To-ga, to-ga, to-ga!" You really need an "I don't care" option. Cos I really don't care what they wear on the stage. Hell, let 'em stumble up there, obviously inebriated or stoned (carrying a 3/4 empty bottle or roach, as approipiate), long...
  12. Coik

    [3.5] TALON: What are you guys going to do?

    Check out the latter pages of the Amazon orders thread. In light of Amazon and Wal-Mart breaking the street date and WotC themselves declaring the books for sale, Derek's trying to get his hands on 'em ASAP. Wish I had your luxury. My DM wants an evaulation as soon after Gen Con as possible.
  13. Coik

    [GenCon] "(more) Road Construction News!" (Scouting and Info Within)

    Well, I would volenteer, but I don't know a dern thing about the product you want demoed, and I doubt I could stay in one place for two hours... :) General question: Does anyone know where and when the KoDT Live Reading will be? I forgot to copy it down before I threw out my copy of the...
  14. Coik

    Amazon Orders

    It's how they get their sick little thrills. Jeff Bezos is reading this thread right now, and laughing.
  15. Coik

    Amazon Orders

    Of course, as you note, in this regard it's a lot like communism. It looks really, really good on paper... I'd be surprised if they didn't give everyone the go-ahead. And rather disappointed to, given that both Amazon and Wal-Mart have techincally broken the street date at this point (and to...
  16. Coik

    Amazon Orders

    Well, that depends on who owns the media company in question. If the parent company has Wal-Mart stock, they'd probably praise it as one of the most masterful marketing moves in economics. I honestly don't know why WotC bothers with street dates. It's pretty much confirmed that no one (except...
  17. Coik

    [Gamer's Bag] EN World GenCon Coupon!

    So, basically, if I have it on my computer, you could put it on a bag? See, I was thinking of getting a bag with the Five-Fingered Hand of Eris (and before anyone has a conniption, no, it's not copyrighted). (My email is, if you'd rather not talk actual business on the board)
  18. Coik

    Religous Wars

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Religous Wars All right then, let's pick a quote unquote "good god." Either established or hypothetical, your choice. Which amounts to pretty much an attempted PR coup. The god would only act in a situation where it was guarenteed to get a ton of new worshipers and the...
  19. Coik

    Anyone else not have their GenCon badge?

    According to the website, Will Call will be open from 2-9 pm on Wednesday. Of course, it doesn't bother with petty, insignificant details like where they'll be set up. Speaking of which, I got a reply on my badge...since I missed their hidden ship-to option, mine is Will Call. I get in after...
  20. Coik

    Amazon Orders

    Heh. :) Well, that really depends on a few factors and how Amazon does business. I dunno what their policy is for order new books in a "series" like this. They could look at the sales of the 3e core books, and make policy based on that...or they could look at the sales of every D&D book for...