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  1. Tav_Behemoth

    Autarch Domains at War Kickstarter

    That's good to hear! There are cases where a hero can deal unit hit points to a unit, or take HP after being targeted by a unit's UHP attack, but I've heard of people using D@W in their 4E games where hit points are more variant from ACKS. Most of the complexity is either: - customization...
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    Autarch Domains at War Kickstarter

    I played Domains at War last night as a stand-alone wargame with Paul from Blog of Holding, who's been keeping up with the Next playtest a lot more closely than I have. We decided to recreate the Battle of Arsuf, which - with the aid of a book on medieval war that he had on his Iphone - we were...
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    Minecraft to craft dugeons??

    One of the bonus goals of the Dwimmermount Kickstarter was a Minecraft server on which we'd excavate the mega-dungeon. That's got parts of three levels, but one of the backers did a full dozen levels. It's amazing to walk through and has really helped identify places where the original maps need...
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    Domains at War: RPG Mass Combat as a Wargame

    Domains at War was featured in the EN World news a while back - Folks: Attaching a Wargame to your RPG? Alex Macris is doing just that. - and now it's been successfully crowdfunded, with 19 days left to go in its Kickstarter campaign. The goal of Domains at War is to extrapolate d20 combat...
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    Folks: Attaching a Wargame to your RPG? Alex Macris is doing just that.

    Blackwarder - yes, the Player's Companion is finished and just waiting on the last stage of indexing the PDF. You can pre-order it here, and get download instructions for the draft right away. It's got guidelines for creating new character classes and spells, with lots of examples of each, plus...
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    I'm going to NYC!

    Ramaster, the New York Red Box group Mr. Greengoat is always open to new players and often organizes games to fit around the schedule of visiting out-of-towners. If you want to drop in and kick it old-school - or even if you want to play one of these post-1981 RPGs that many of us are also...
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    Retroclones and Older D&D Editions

    I've updated the entry for Adventurer Conqueror King to reflect that it is 100% open content except for a few terms related to its implied campaign setting, the Auran Empire. Balancing that limitation is that there is a public compatibility license provided, which (among other things) lets you...
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    Great Authors that AREN'T in Appendix N.

    Michael Mornard confirmed that Gary was a big fan of at least one Clark Ashton Smith story, The Seven Geases, from which he took the spell. Tom Moldvay, who wrote X2, added CAS to his reading list for the original "Red Box" Basic. Other books Gary might have included: Pratchett, Terry...
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    New OSR/Basic Fantasy Blog!

    Thanks for the tip Allan, introduce me if you see us both in the same room at NTRPG! wynteriii, I self-published back in '04 with Behemoth3 which gave me some writing chops and credibility, and then was recruiting for a campaign and one of the players who responded was an existing freelancer...
  10. Tav_Behemoth

    New OSR/Basic Fantasy Blog!

    I like your use of "new-school" visual aids along with old-school simple rules! I also like your ambition to become a chaplain - do you know Geek Preacher who I always look forward to talking with at Gary Con?
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    Strategic Level Game System

    Rilvar, there are lots of folks out there posting about using Adventurer Conqueror King. Here's one of mine that's focused on a house rule I use, and here's a report from a player in that session. By far the biggest source of play reports using the system is Louisville D&D which has posted 43...
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    Best Skill System for a BECMI or 1st Edition game

    Adventurer Conqueror King tries to use a proficiencies system to split the difference between approaches. Many things are left up to "describe how you do it" - all PCs explicitly get an "adventuring" proficiency that covers everything a D&D character should be assumed to be able to do, from...
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    Introducing the Deck of Many Things

    Somehow the kids in my D&D afterschool class heard about the Deck of Many Things. I don't know whether to be glad that its legend still percolates down to nine-year-olds, or sad that the important part of the legend - RUN AWAY DO NOT TOUCH BE THOU NOT TEMPTED - had been lost. Well, they know now!
  14. Tav_Behemoth

    Mapping and Exploration

    I'm playing in a game run by Michael Mornard -'s "Old Geezer", who was part of both Arneson and Gygax's original groups. We're exploring a dungeon I know on a meta-level to be the AD&D DMG sample dungeon, but since wandering monsters are brutally frequent and (despite rumors to the...
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    100 Kickstarter Rewards

    Ones we've done for Adventurer Conqueror King, its Player's Companion, and/or Dwimmermount: T-shirts Signed print of cover art Pre-release limited edition printing of product, useful for playtesting Separate booklet of maps The core book for which a supplement is being Kickstarted Hand-bound...
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    Gaming with Gygax

    Glad you did, looking forward to seeing you & everyone at GCIV! Hearing Piratecat's account of Gary's dungeon was perhaps the high point of a fantastic FalCon experience. I've recently been fortunate enough to play with Michael Mornard, who was an original player in both Gygax and Arneson's...
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    Edition reccomendations? (Earlier d&d)

    The great virtue of Basic / Expert over AD&D or OSRIC is that it's stripped down to just what you need to play in the original style. AD&D is grand and baroque and I love it to death, but I find that both it and the 1974 original D&D lend themselves to a playstyle where you spend a lot of time...
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    trancejeremy, did you get Amazon Payments sorted out? We can take PayPal through the Autarch site but it makes it a little extra step to get you the info posted to backers as updates. Last night was the first game James ran for backers - I was part of the first trial run as we worked the kinks...
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    A Gathering of Kickstarters

    Autarch has six days left on a Kickstarter for the Player's Companion, the first expansion for the Adventurer Conqueror King System which was successfully crowdfunded this summer. The Player's Companion presents new character classes plus templates for quick chargen and guidelines for designing...
  20. Tav_Behemoth

    Variety of "Old Schools"

    At Anonycon, I played a 3.5 game using Dwarven Forge terrain and minis with a DM who had converted their longstanding campaign over from AD&D. It was old school in that they had been doing basically the same thing since the old days, 3.5 was just a souped-up version of their AD&D houserules, and...