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    Verys Arkon's Character Booklet (v2) New 1 page version beta.

    I picked a character sheet for my group to use within the first few weeks of play. I only just noticed your sig, Verys and after your great work on the 4e pre-release rules compilation I thought I'd check it out. I'm amazed. My group will definitely be making the switch as soon as I buy more...
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    Got the D&D 4e Starter Set...So whatcha wanna know?

    I'm not the typical new player. I was reading on ENWorld before I had purchased a single D&D product. I am DMing before I've ever played a D&D game as a character. But I am still a new player and the lack of CharGen is not appealing to me or my players. I won't be buying the started set and I...
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    D&D 4E Preparing the perfect D&D 4e introductory session

    I like level 3 because of the two encounter powers.
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    Got the D&D 4e Starter Set...So whatcha wanna know?

    I'm a new DM. I'm 23 and my players are all 17. We're all brand new to D&D, having decided to start with the release of 4e. Some of us have played DDO, Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights and other such games before- so we understand character generation- but we're newer to actually playing a...
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    Beastmaster Ranger up

    A Bag of Wonders should help on the multiple pets front. Just ask your DM if you can keep the pet static. And ask if you can theme some of your powers to involve other pets- have a power that increases your perception? That can be thanks to your Eagle. Just as long as only one pet is combat it's...
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    Beastmaster Ranger up

    Bear is close enough to Ape as far as I'm concerned... Overall the build seems "weaker" but considering you get free flanking out of it, it seems to be balanced. Reading the preview I noticed that it has Dex listed as secondary when the abilities so far seem to benefit from Wisdom. Longtooth...
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    Ability Score Blues

    My preference is characters that start with a 16 before racial bonuses. In MOST cases this will end up as an 18. However I have a Dragonborn Fighter that has a 20 Str and loves it (it suits him) and I can imagine that a 16 primary after racials would work decently for a number of characters...
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    Dragon 368 - Death Matters (But Never Happens)

    My players died just fine... In Kobold Hall, the White Dragon at the end got next to my already weakened Fighter... crit with one of his claw attacks, hit with the other, then bite and oh.. crap... sorry, you're dead already! I gave them a gimmee on that one through roleplay- the priest in the...
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    Can you lower your own hitpoints?

    Melee Basic Attack has a target of "One creature". A creature can either be an enemy or an ally. An ally does not include oneself (PHB page 57). You cannot cut yourself (emo kid), but you can get an ally to cut you, if you are willing (S&M).
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    Charismatic Blademaster?

    That's going too far, imo. The feat for swordmage only applies to basic attacks after all. Being able to change your primarily stat from int to dex gives you a net benefit in terms of initiative with no disadvantage (other than the feat cost). Perhaps if you deliberately made yourself MAD and...
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    New Class Features in the DDI: Martial Powers Spoilers

    Interesting, out of the two new Warlord build options 1 requires neither int or cha and the otherone seems to value both. I wonder what the new powers and feats look like...
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    Barbarian is up!!!

    The reason I'm not comfortable with Barb where it is right now, is because of how off and on it seems compared to other classes. When you rage, you are uber for the entire encounter, even your at-wills become uber and if you choose you can even UBER BURST with Rage Strike. The rest of the...
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    D&D 4E Wonko's 4E Auto Character Sheet + Custom Power Cards

    The playtest is official enough to be used in LFR and other such campaigns. It is still roughly 6 months until either PHBII or the Eberron Player Guide are released. It would be nice if, at the least a "shell" were added with class skills, HP, defenses and class features. I understand your...
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    D&D 4E Wonko's 4E Auto Character Sheet + Custom Power Cards

    Looking forward to Artificer Playtest and Genasi both being added. Other than that, great work!
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    Iron Dragon Charge

    I rule it as: One friend may charge on the turn you use Iron Dragon Charge. Every turn after that, when you charge pick a friend (the same or a new one) that is within 5 squares of you (on that turn). They can charge. I think that was 4).
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    Crit modification level 12 and lower?

    Issue Archive You can download the complete PDFs at the end of each month. 367 isn't yet "done" so the PDF isn't available.
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    Crit modification level 12 and lower?

    Draeven Marauder Paragon Path (Dragon 365)'s class feature Marauder Precision (11th level): You can score critical hits with spears on a roll of 19–20.
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    Minotaur + Executioner's Axe = OMG!

    The Executioner's Axe has the High Crit property. High Crit does an extra 1[W] (per tier) in addition to "normal" critical damage. Crits by this big-boy will do a minimum of 18 damage.
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    Elemental Feat Damage

    I was hoping a Martial Lightning Genasi would be able to avoid being forced into using a Lightning Weapon. I was hoping Shocking Flame would allow the Genasi to benefit from his Promise of Storm power.
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    Elemental Feat Damage

    Yup, I already sent them an email. I couldn't find anything in the books, but I thought I might have just missed something.