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  1. Electryc

    Spelljammer Spelljammer Miniatures Coming!

    Folks should stop complaining about the asteroids, and just wisely consider them "Pet Rocks". Bring back that fad please.
  2. Electryc

    Press Steve Perrin: Creating RuneQuest, A Personal Account

    Nice work, thanks for this background information.
  3. Electryc

    TSR Just when you thought it was all over.... now there’s a fourth TSR!

    So all the memories were destroyed? Isn't that kind of dramatic? Please don't destroy your fond memories due to an idiot in full retreat. It's not like Ernie did anything for TSR before this.
  4. Electryc

    D&D 5E Ray Winninger mentions third project!

    Wouldn't that be awesome? I doubt if it ever came to be, but I'd buy it day one. I played 1st - 5 editions through the years. I raised my kids and taught them the Greyhawk setting and others. Playing other settings, they currently choose to play in the Flanese.
  5. Electryc

    Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft Review Round-Up – What the Critics Say

    Wow came on here to see if this book's worth buying from customer testimonials. Instead I'm reading mostly about debates about bigotry. Who derailed this train?
  6. Electryc

    Interview with Derik Dunning, Author of D&D and Call of Cthulhu Products

    Thanks for that explanation without any finger wagging. Your response makes sense.
  7. Electryc

    Interview with Derik Dunning, Author of D&D and Call of Cthulhu Products

    Forgive me for my neanderthal thoughts if they offend you. I have no intentions to do that. Maybe this is the wrong forum to ask here? I'm a big history fan so why erase the bad part of history? By erasing it, it does not stop people from doing evil things. Aztecs religion centered around...
  8. Electryc

    Spectacular Settlements Bring Dungeons & Dragons Home For The Holidays

    I have this book, high quality and great charts.
  9. Electryc

    D&D 5E Mythological Figures: Francis Drake

    Wait a minute, I thought the new crowd wanted to get rid of alignments? SO CONFUSED!
  10. Electryc

    Hero Forge Custom Color Mini Kickstarter Is Live - And Funded!

    I bought from them a while back, two figures and both of them fell apart. Not useable for tabletop, but for a shelf. Maybe the plastic they use is better now, but I'll stay away from them.
  11. Electryc

    A TOUCH OF CLASS: 7 New Classes & 45 Sub-Classes For 5th Edition -- Kickstarter Now Live!

    I've supported 7 Kickstarters! First off can I buy this living in the United States? Second, will you make a U.S. version that spells the word "color" correctly!?
  12. Electryc

    Official D&D Character Sheets Coming In June

    Not a bad deal for under 10$ nice folder to put your character sheet(s) in. I can see this selling somewhat well even in the times of pdfs and home printers. 3.5 official character sheets are selling $45 dollars on EBAY still in the wrapper.
  13. Electryc

    DIY RPG Design Done Right With Hubris

    Great article, I would have just clicked the X button at the top right corner without commenting. However your reference to Rom the Spaceknight deserves an extra +1. One of my comic mainstays back in the day.
  14. Electryc

    Fantasy Author & Game Designer Joe Dever Passes Away

    *salutes* A fan of the Lone Wolf books in my early teens. Joe's books helped develop my love for the fantasy genre. Condolences to his family, & friends in these sad times.
  15. Electryc

    News Digest: Jack Chick Dies, New Pathfinder Details, Starfinder Interview, Rob Kuntz's New Company,

    Wow that takes me way back, right there with horribly racist comments Elvis Costello directed at Ray Charles and James Brown.
  16. Electryc

    Explore The Dream-Like Fantasy Of The Slumbering Ursine Dunes

    I really like the art style on the covers. I'm personally a fan of Erol Otus's art. Maybe it's me but I'm getting a 70's vibe to the art. I'll have to check these out.
  17. Electryc

    The D&D Movie Finds Its Director

  18. Electryc

    The D&D Movie Finds Its Director

    We can always be hopeful at least!! This sounds far better than the last outing of Jeremy (collecting my paycheck) Irons, and that comical-relief thief we all loved to hate. (Marlon Wayans)
  19. Electryc

    Sword Coast Legends Developer n-Space Closes Down After 21 Years

    I'm one of the rare people that played the game and enjoyed it. The art was gorgeous, the game play was not buggy at all, and the voice acting, and story was quite entertaining. (Yes I FINISHED the game) My only misgiving was N-Space overselling itself as a "Dungeon and Dragons" game. It may...