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  1. kroh

    [Misfit Studios] Expanded Base Building for ICONS now available

    That gingerbread man you guys did last year was down right creepy goodness
  2. kroh

    [Misfit Studios] Expanded Base Building for ICONS now available

    You guys always do a good job
  3. kroh

    [Misfit Studios] Expanded Base Building for ICONS now available

    This is very cool! Can't wait to pick up a copy.
  4. kroh

    Supers! Revised Edition

    SUPERS! Revised Edition has launched on RPGNow! We took the original rules and updated them to include: Updated Layout and design for a smooth read Additional Powers and Attributes to improve the Comic Book Experience Boost and Complications can be applied anywhere. Make the Super (hero or...
  5. kroh

    <Keck Publishing> Threat Record Issue #2 Now Available!

    I should log in more often. I end up missing stuff like this. This looks great. Regards, Walt
  6. kroh

    A Taste of Tesla's Legacy

    Nice to see that this is back on track. I still have more images for this that have sat around and kind of lingered. IN any case... what if anything is happening to the images that were there and do you need the other ones? Regards, Walt
  7. kroh

    Storn's art for swipin'!

    that looks pretty cool. Love the Space station! Regards, Walt
  8. kroh

    art request: Warforged Barbarian

    not exactly to specs... but you are free to use it if you want... Regards, Walt
  9. kroh

    Art By Marco

    My friend Marco just uploaded a couple of more images and so here i be to show them off. Inks this time... very sleek...
  10. kroh

    Art By Marco

    Hey there... Posting this for one of my lead slingers... Enjoy Comments are welcome... Posted for Marco! Best Regards, Walt
  11. kroh

    Storn's art for swipin'!

    I LOVE undead pirate foes! Cool that there is a lot of pulp surfacing right now. Guess everyone is gearing up for the Spirit. Regards, Walt
  12. kroh

    [Trailer] Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

    here here! Regards, Walt
  13. kroh

    Coming Soon for 4E - Races of Fantasy: The Elohim

    Holy Thread...! Product looks great. Is this a race that we are also going to see in Exodus? Regards, Walt
  14. kroh

    Storn's art for swipin'!

    Very cool sketches! Regards, Walt
  15. kroh

    [Supers20]: Bring on the bad guys!

    So how is the release date looking... Not that I am all excited or anything... Regards, Walt
  16. kroh

    Sanctuary [Sci-Fi]

    Is this technically season 2 or did they beef up the webisodes from last year? Is the cast still the same (Amanda Tapping as the Doc) or did they bring in a new crew? Regards, Walt
  17. kroh

    [Supers20]: Bring on the bad guys!

    Holy Duling statisticians! Are you guys taking requests? Regards, Walt
  18. kroh

    [Øone Games] The Revolution Starts in October!

    Sounds pretty interesting... So with all the great products vying for my time and my dime... Sell me on the Revolution... Can we have any hints ??? Regards, Walt
  19. kroh

    Supers20 Q&A

    OOO Requests... Nice! Walt
  20. kroh

    True20, I Think I Love You

    Nice to know that this rule set is getting love from more than just the fans. I like it becuase it provides the structure of d20 while bringing back the fun (If I wanted a rules system that was as complex to set up and play as d20, i could always go and play a video game. I like my rules...