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  1. SamuraiY

    HackMaster in RI / Southern MA

    Hi. I don't know if you're still looking for players or not, but If you are, I'm interested. I sent you an email, and hopefully you'll get it. If you don't though, and you're still interested in another player, just let me know. My email is if you want use it. Thanks
  2. SamuraiY

    Looking for group, MA

    Hey, thanks. I've never been to Abington, but I'll have to make a point of heading that way. And I'll definitely go on over to the site. Thanks :D .
  3. SamuraiY

    Looking for group, MA

    Hi. I'm Looking to join a group, ideally in the general southern MA / Northern RI area. I live in Franklin, but I can be pretty flexible about distance. I am only 19, but I have played for over ten years and like to think of myself as being pretty mature (then again, who doesn't). I've played...
  4. SamuraiY


    Hmm...Doesn;t look too bad. I might tone it down a bit though. Maybe make it work on spells of lower level instead of lower or equal level? Of course if You did that I'd suggest bumping Major Counterspell up to level 9.
  5. SamuraiY

    We're Going To Do Return to the Tomb of Horrors and One Player has Freaked Out!

    I have to admit, I once threatened to drop out of a game like that and I still feel like an incredible jerk for having done it, but in this case I really think you should listen to him. Roleplaying shouldn't be an excuse to throw away a campaign thats been going on for this long. Unless he has...
  6. SamuraiY

    FR Campaign resources

    Can anyone point me two a website with such things as Forgotten Realms calenders and maps(I'm not possitive that's legal, so if it isn't never mind)? I'm thinking of starting up a campaign there but I need some more mateirals. thanks.
  7. SamuraiY

    Legendary Craftmanship Weapons

    Pretty good ideas. As for who is making it, I think PCs should be able to do anything an NPC can, but in this particular instance it would be made by an NPC. If a PC were to do it I would want it to require epic or near epic skill. I would prefer to make it stronger than just an additional +1...
  8. SamuraiY

    Legendary Craftmanship Weapons

    Note: I'm not sure this is really the right place for this because I'm looking more for suggestions than comments on my house rules. Also I don't know 3.5 rules. Some of this might be in there. One of my few problems with the DnD system is that the actual craftsmanship in a weapon isn't really...
  9. SamuraiY

    2-1st ed. players needed in Woonsocket RI area!

    Hi. Just figuring I should probably bring the discussion over here from my thread. Anyway, both my brother and I would be interested if you can lend us a few books until we get the hang of 1st e and/or get some of our own. Did you want us to come to both campaigns or just one by the way?
  10. SamuraiY

    Looking for a game in MA

    Unfortunately, we don't know any 1st edition. I blame nature for the fact that neither of us where born at the correct time. We would be willing to learn a new system, but I have no idea where we would be able to get 1st edition books at a price we could afford. Thanks though :D
  11. SamuraiY

    Real or just another scam!?!

    If it's too good to be true, it probably isn't. never fails. :)
  12. SamuraiY

    Magic Bones

    How about this: The legs count act as one bone, granting permanent jump and expeditious retreat. The arms also count as one bone and grant ambidexterity and two weapon fighting. What do you think of these and the above suggestions? What should happen if the person already has both or one of...
  13. SamuraiY

    The contests are OVER! Thanks very much to everyone for playing!

    Nope. I can't get to any.
  14. SamuraiY

    Things that annoy you as a PC

    Rogues who steal from other PCs. Even more so when they are taking something they have absolutely no use for, such as a ring of wizardry. DMs who think its agood idea to arm standard ghouls with crossbows. Players who constantly argue about why their character is better than yours. Elminister
  15. SamuraiY

    Ideas for a cool prosthetic limb?

    A magically animated mithril hand! with knives instead of fingers! :D
  16. SamuraiY

    The contests are OVER! Thanks very much to everyone for playing!

    My brother showed it to me. He's a lurker called Pheonix.
  17. SamuraiY

    Magic Bones

    I like your idea for handling the deaths much better than mine, because quite frankly I would be somewhat grosssed out by the PCs chopping a character's corpse up my self. As for the other quests I have some ideas for their quests eventual goals, but I'm not quite sure how They will get there...
  18. SamuraiY

    who wants to be my crew

    LOL You people have way to much time on your hands you know? Anyway I was thinking I could join your crew, but then I realized I really don't have any Piratey skills. Dang :(
  19. SamuraiY

    The contests are OVER! Thanks very much to everyone for playing!

    Gamers Seeking Gamers. It gives me eternal hope that I will one day find a group and actually play dnd again.