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    Critical Role Critical Role's Matt Mercer On Civility

    I too had no desire to watch others roleplay. But at the moment I'm doing hours of data entry each day and music is getting repetitive and boring. This show/ these voice actors are akin to a book on tape, and much funnier!
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    WotC's 2017 Convention Schedule Includes New Hascon, No GenCon

    Fort Wayne, IN Lake Geneva, WI Madison, WI Columbus, OH Half of these cons are in the north Midwest... within driving distance of each other, and 2 of them are only an hour apart.
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    Why there won't be a "Player's Handbook II"

    Players Options 1, 2, 3
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    Horror & Intrigue: PATHFINDER Releases Of 2016

    Although I agree "bloat" is subjective, under this interpretation of bloat D&D 5th is already bloated with it's tyranny of dragons, elements, demon etc... adventure/ rule supplements.
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    Horror & Intrigue: PATHFINDER Releases Of 2016

    I don't really think we can use the word bloat yet.. Maybe matured? I mean in the 3.0/3.5 days D&D had hundreds of rule supplements... That was bloat! I'm guessing Pathfinder has around 20 rule supplements? Although I do like the simplicity of D&D 5th I also like being able to play...
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    7TH SEA Sold To John Wick

    That sounds like the 2nd edition I'd want to play (I had 2 year long game ruined by the aliens... they sounded cool...)! I hope you can get the rules under control. Out of the box 7th sea was awesome, but as time went on it required at least a half a dozen house rules to fix issues that made...
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    7TH SEA Sold To John Wick

    After watching John's video on Chess and RPG's I think I understand why 7th sea is still my favorite rpg. The game is built of stories and adventures. It was only afterwards did they try to attach some rules to it... I hope John does some open play tests because there was a lot of game...
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    7TH SEA Sold To John Wick

    I just about wet myself. Finally a chance for updated rules and new material!
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    Fantasy Flight Games Acquires LEGEND OF THE FIVE RINGS

    Maybe its time for AEG to let go of 7th sea? Please :(
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    Reaper Bones 3: Nearly $400K In 2 Hours!

    I don't even like plastic miniatures, but I couldn't resist the Tiamat... So awesome!
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    Reaper Bones 3: Nearly $400K In 2 Hours!

    I haven't ever dealt with bones miscasts as I am not a fan of plastic miniatures, but I have dealt with Reaper's customer service and they are terrific. Just 3 months ago I bought a miniature with a missing piece in the box. I had the replacement mailed to me within a week at no charge.
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    D&D 5E Help for Modron in 5e

    I had a Rogue modron Chaosmen Bard who paraded around with a one-man-band instrument/ attire. As for as I know they never made a modron mini, so after a dozen games getting stuck using a D6 I finally made my own... From a D6
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    D&D 5E Help for Modron in 5e

    You want to dig into the Planescape setting for AD&D 2nd edition. The Great Modron March was the "modron" Multi-part adventure. The Planes of Law box set had an entire book devoted to Mechanus. The core Planescape box set provided player rogue modron builds and some useful brief information...
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    Mike Mearls on D&D Psionics: Should Psionic Flavor Be Altered?

    I grew up on 2nd ed psionics, so when I saw the 3.0/3.5 version it was a big disappointment. Powers shouldn't be "see ____ spell for a description." Psionics should feel and function like a completely different system.
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    Roll20 Goes Mobile

    I've used Roll20/ google hangouts to play pathfinder with some old buddies from college. Its pretty easy to use, runs great!
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    Is Chris Perkins Working On A New D&D Setting?

    I'd understand if they want to make a generic Forgotten Realms or Grey Hawk as their default setting. New players might be turned away from anything but good-old reliably- generic fantasy. But I agree with Gweinel: To encompass them all: Ebberon, Birthright, Raveloft ect.. The default...
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    D&D 5E Game of Thrones with dice

    Game of Thrones with dice - Dungeons and Dragons fantasy role-playing game gets new life
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    Cool battle map/terrain set-ups

    +1 to above thread. Although I've pursued the Dwarven forge terrain DM Scotty's videos are great for those who want great quality tiles and miniatures on a shoe string budget. As for Homemade ideas. I've made 2 of these "battle...
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    Please recommend an online miniatures store

    Beholders are supper easy to paint. All you need is white, black and purple, red. Base it with a dark purple (black purple mix), give it a black wash, then dry brush with purple. Use white for the eyes and teeth, and put black dots in the yes, red for the tongue. You can certainty go more...