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  1. Canor Morum

    D&D 5E So 5th edition is coming soon

    One that promotes many different styles of play through modular support.
  2. Canor Morum

    D&D 5E Art direction and 5th edition

    Earlier this year I got hammered on ENWorld for having the same opinions shared by a lot of people in this thread. Wayne Reynold's art while good in a technical sense is too cutesy for my taste. And why do his faces always look so terrible? I would prefer a more photo-realistic and gritty...
  3. Canor Morum

    D&D 5E So 5th edition is coming soon

    You are correct that the core would have to be revised every few years with errata and new art to stay current but not entirely rewritten. The divisions and edition wars start when the core is drastically changed, fracturing the audience. This avoids that. Instead of trying to make it...
  4. Canor Morum

    D&D 4E I wish we had Magic artists for 4e.

    That's what I meant by quality, maybe caliber would have been a better word, maybe not. Art is very subjective, so what I consider "better" quality is different from your idea of it. Would I like to see D&D subject matter depicted in a more dark, realistic, gritty way? Certainly.
  5. Canor Morum

    D&D 4E I wish we had Magic artists for 4e.

    I don't like his style on the Magic cards either. Not saying it isn't good, just not my preferred treatment of the subject matter. I was more referring to his D&D cover work though. I'm sure he has lots of fans, I'm just not one of them.
  6. Canor Morum

    D&D 5E So 5th edition is coming soon

    You may have misunderstood. There would be a core set of rules that wouldn't change (basic attributes, the d20 mechanic, etc.) with additional rules and options that are continually developed over time. Developers could try out new ideas and alter the core rules using an exception based design...
  7. Canor Morum

    D&D 5E So 5th edition is coming soon

    I think there should be an end to the whole series of editions. Just make a basic core rules set that is easy enough for anyone to play and then periodically release expansions that add new mechanics and complexity that fundamentally alter the way the game is played. It would keep the things...
  8. Canor Morum

    The CB is still crappy

    Tried the new CB, hated it. It's slow, buggy, crashes all the time and I have to be online to use it. Fortunately there is a way to update the old CB with Essentials and Dark Sun but I don't think I'm allowed to post details here.
  9. Canor Morum

    D&D 4E I wish we had Magic artists for 4e.

    A thousand times, yes! It's too bad Wizards can't get the same level of quality art in D&D books. Wayne Reynolds' cutesy, flat, style is really getting old. Check out some of the art from the upcoming Magic set, New Phyrexia. It's ironic they print this stuff on tiny windows a...
  10. Canor Morum

    All-time favorite DDM minis?

    10. Zombie White Dragon (Deathknell) 9. Displacer Beast Pack Lord (War of the Dragon Queen) 8. Mind Flayer Noble (Lords of Madness) 7. Beholder Ultimate Tyrant (Legendary Evils) 6. Heroslayer Hydra (Lords of Madness) 5. Elder Blue Dragon (Lords of Madness) 4. Elder White Dragon (Against the...
  11. Canor Morum

    Interactive Terrain

    At first I want to say, yes, you can set things on fire with your powers, it just makes sense. But this is problematic. If this is possible then you cannot cast a fireball in the woods without starting a forest fire. You can't cast lightning bolt while standing in water without electrocuting...
  12. Canor Morum

    D&D 4E [4E Players, mainly] Ever thought of defecting to Pathfinder?

    The answer is no. I wouldn't "defect" to another game because that implies there is some over riding brand loyalty that my self-esteem depends on. I like D&D 4E, if I liked Pathfinder, I would play both. I don't have to choose one or the other.
  13. Canor Morum

    March and Beyond

    If this is the case Threats to the Nentir Vale is a definite buy for me. I was on the fence at first because of the expected small softcover format. I would have picked up Heroes of Shadow either way but I'm really glad it is going to be a hardcover now. Gloomwrought and Beyond is a buy as...
  14. Canor Morum

    How far are they going with Essentials

    I think the new class builds are fine, even better in some respects. I just look at them as player options. It's up to them. Personally I don't like the format, I prefer hardbound books with less reprinted information. Give me a hardbound copy with all the new class builds and racial...
  15. Canor Morum

    Why are board games being sold as D&D?

    With the exception of one or two player character minis all of them are unpainted D&D minis sculpts. For a price comparison, just look at the Dracolich. The painted version for that one mini alone on the singles market will cost you as much as Castle Ravenloft itself. The Huge Red Dragon in...
  16. Canor Morum

    The World's Most Dangerous Dungeon Master

    The multiple posting here with links to the same site looks like blatant advertising bordering on spam. I'm sure your blog is very interesting but I'm sure you can think of better ways to increase your readership.
  17. Canor Morum

    Killjoy Cooking With the Dungeons & Dragons Crowd

    Wow, you guys turned a humorous article into a debate. Bravo.
  18. Canor Morum

    Killjoy Cooking With the Dungeons & Dragons Crowd

    Full Article: Alt Text: Killjoy Cooking With the Dungeons Sound familiar?
  19. Canor Morum

    WotC Discontinues Minis: How Much Does It Affect You?

    I will miss the minis. It's always exciting when a new set comes out. I don't like the random nature of the boosters. I only buy singles. There are a lot of monsters, pcs, npcs, set pieces that are still missing. So it's sad that I won't ever get to see those made. I've been avoiding buying...
  20. Canor Morum

    Edition Fatigue

    I'm pretty sure there are rules for some of those. Personally, I don't use them because my players don't find it interesting. To each his own.