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    What Threatens Middenheim in the Adventure The Horned Rat?

    Hmmm haven't really encountered this but it seems interesting. Where can I get a copy of this? Do I need to buy it online or is it only applicable on certain platforms? I hope to try this out soon.
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    D&D 5E WotC Takes Control of D&D Translations

    Why is the initial focus on Europe and Latin America? I think the focus should be more on Asian countries. Well, this is just based on my observation. I just hope that it will not be overpriced. Also, is this already released or not? I haven't heard updates about it.
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    Critical Role Critical Role's New Show - Exandria Unlimited!

    I will always love Critical Role forever. They are so fun to watch.
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    Let's Look At Some Awfully Cheerful Adventures!

    Awfully cheerful sounds like an adorable title. I might see it soon when I have the time.