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    Threshold #3: Sea of Dread now available!

    Wow. As a fan of Mystara I really like what you've done here. After this I will have to check out the other two.
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    Why Changes were made in 4e

    Whenever I played a Magic User I always went in with dagger or staff when the spells were dry. Darts if I felt it was too much danger to get in close. I never really felt useless, but I seem to be in the minority.
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    The New Forgotten Realms - (About) A Year Later

    I would play in the 4E Realms, but the CG just doesn't give me any real inspiration for the DM side. As a player I'm open to any and all settings, but so much of the Realms seemed ham-fisted that I just don't enjoy reading the book. I know I'm strange in that I like to actually read gaming...
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    D&D 4E Adding a little 4E to my Pathfinder

    Sounds good. I just hope it's not better than mine or I'll have wasted my time. :)
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    D&D 4E Adding a little 4E to my Pathfinder

    Where can I preorder said hefty tome? I've actually been tinkering with sanity and fear rules for my games. Once I feel they're perfected I may have to post them.
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    D&D needs more locations like those in the D&D Cartoon!

    Reading that list I didn't notice the Library I remember. It was so awesome I've put in all of the game worlds I created. I really think the cartoon world had a bigger sense of wonder than any of the game worlds out there.
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    I don't miss the magazines (/ducks)

    For me a computer loses many of the other positives of reading. The feel and smell of the paper, the ability to read from almost any angle and the ability to read just about anywhere even while riding in a car. I refuse to get a laptop and haven't had a cell phone for 3 years now. The thing I...
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    I don't miss the magazines (/ducks)

    Why would the length matter since they aren't tied to paper any longer? That argument does not make sense. As for me, I have a subscription to DDI. I looked at it twice, played with the character builder a fair bit, but haven't gone back. I just hate reading real stuff online. Online is...
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    D&D 4E Greyhawk 4e: Back to the Beginning...

    My question to those quoting that list above is which mechanics should be updated. I never really felt that there was that much crunch in Greyhawk so I'm interested to see what I'm forgetting. I'm a sucker for Greyhawk, I may not really like 4E that much but I do play it but anything Greyhawk...
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    Sand Table

    That's a sad story friend. We weep for his loss.
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    Dealing with a DM who takes things too literally

    I think this thread really helped me figure out what about 4th Edition bothered me the most. Some of the powers I also ask myself why or how and the OPs example is one where I would. I still play it, but I know I couldn't DM it because the rules don't exactly make sense to me. I am a bit of a...
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    Lets try this again- 4E FR Campaign Guide

    The reason I ask is I wonder what tone you used in the game. I imagine a Returned Abeir campaign would be exciting, with all of the mystery of moving to a new world. Did any of your characters interact with the traditional Realms? I think that area has the most fuel for a good campaign in FR.
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    Lets try this again- 4E FR Campaign Guide

    Has anyone done a campaign yet in the new regions that replaced Matzica?
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    Lets try this again- 4E FR Campaign Guide

    I have the FRCG and enjoyed it, but I recall that Mulhorand was moved to the other planet. Has there been anything written on that other planet and what happened to Mulhorand and such since the move? I know most people didn't like those regions, but it was my favorite.
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    Which D&D "sacred cows" will be sacrificed in 5E?

    I'm all for it if just we can bring back the arcane encumbrance rules from 1E!
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    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder Chronicles setting: what does it offer?

    Sounds like an awesome Civ game! I personally have been trying to figure out how to put all the things I love into a setting and I'll admit Paizo has done it better than I would have.
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    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder Chronicles setting: what does it offer?

    For me this is a selling point. I like that so many pulp, fantasy and sword and sorcery ideas and themes are present in Golarion. Plus as a huge Lovecraft fan the amount of tie-in to that mythos makes me very happy.
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    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder Setting as Selling Point?

    I'm a setting junkie and I think that Golarion is easily in my 2nd or 3rd greatest setting slot. It's actually scary close to how my main home brew has turned out. As for it as a selling point, I don't run modules but I buy every Pathfinder AP just for the Golarion information that is held...
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    WoW and 4e - where's the beef?

    I'm replying before reading all of the other replies. I have played both WOW and 4E and although I can feel some thematic or organizational similarities I think that they can be written off as just the evolution of gaming. Basically D&D and videogames are symbiotic, feeding off of each other...