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    Sector 23 for Alternity Gamemaster Guide

    Further updates at: Sector Q;
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    Release for Alternity Games Day

    For a number of years the community have set a date to promote Alternity game play in various ways. What it's about Posted for the day
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    Alternity: The TSR/WotC game that time forgot!

    Definitely, and the forum's still going.
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    Let's make 1/27 Open License Day!

    I like it. I hope it has legs for next year.
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    Sector 23 for Alternity Gamemaster Guide

    I'm jumping in on a recent trend - not that trend, the one before. edit: Updates below
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    ELI5 - Status of Work adapted from someone else's CC-BY materials?

    The CC-BY human-readable summary (they call the actual licence the "legal code") explains Once you've done that, you're compliant with the licence. You don't have to licence your work (but if you do, the licence you use can't interfere with others' ability to read the required information...
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    Statement on OGL from WotC

    Done (and various others, but I think that's my earliest)
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    D&D General how would you recommend I make this feel like a more magical culture?

    What do they look like? I mean "describe them" and their clothing and items, rather than "pick something that they resemble", though either might suit your thought process.
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    D&D General Is WotC archive server no more?

    a certainly accepts them.
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    Starfinder Since my setting is 3PP, I cannot use the Drift...

    Yes, that's also the official open content substitution. See page 2 of the Core Rulebook.
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    Pathfinder 2E pathfinder and earth mythology/culture?

    You could see whether Worldscape offers any answers.
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    D&D 5E Butt end damage with Shillaleagh, quarterstaff and PAM

    It sounds reasonable that the bonus action's damage die is not the weapon's damage die. It's visibly a different size than the weapon's damage die, to start with.
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    News Digest: Pathfinder 2nd Ed Release Line Details, D&D Ranger NOT Changing, BattleTech Clan Invasi

    And trolls are smaller. I'm a little disappointed in a couple of covers so far. Maybe the finished product will gain a bit more spark.
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    The Pathfinder 2 Barometer! Vote your initial hot take!

    Will watch with caution. It's not bad timing for a new edition. I found what was new in Starfinder mostly not a good idea, but I see some encouraging signs Paizo are prepared to listen to push-back on it.
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    What Future RPG System do you play?

    Mostly Alternity, while of open systems, I'd be most interested in supplements for Mongoose Traveller. Again, that probably doesn't help you.
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    Writing for Gamma World 4E - questions

    Is there a Gamma World SRD? I think section 9.1 prevents you referring to WotC published mechanics, such as character origins and mutations, that are not in the SRD. If you can refer to mutations at all, additional mutations should be OK. You may not redefine 4e References (section 4.1) so it...
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    Pathfinder 1E (5 Stone Games) Pathfinder Playtest and Freebie

    It's a good idea. Would it be worth adding class-specific loads? A couple of small things: Waterproof bags and sacks - which do you want? Before plastics, no sack is waterproof and a waterproof bag is most likely multiple-stitched oilskin, not light or cheap (it should cost more than the...
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    New Free Web-Based Random City Generator

    Very sharp-looking and believable results, great work.
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    FREE! Stregoneria RPG PDF for Everyone?

    The cover suggests some interesting influences. I'd be glad to take a look at it. edit: I'd suggest you could charge some low price for an introductory sort of release. What adventures and supplements are you working on?
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    What monsters are protected by trademark?

    Very few monster names are or could be protected as trademarks, which could cause problems for you using the name at all. Don't copy monsters from anyone else's products unless you include them as Open Game Content (that means you have a copy of the source and it declares what you have used as...