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  1. elawai

    Critical Role Announces Two New RPGs

    There have been no DND Beyond ads on the Critical Role shows for a couple months. Initially this looked like they were just supporting the community on the recent controversies, but it looks like CR is putting out a competing product. If CR goes with Daggerheart for their next full campaign, a...
  2. elawai

    D&D Movie/TV Dungeons & Dragons movie prescreening for Amazon Prime members March 19th

    Decided to buy a ticket for the Amazon screening because it ended up being very cheap (and our DND group is not meeting that Sunday).
  3. elawai

    D&D Movie/TV Guess the D&D Movie Opening Weekend Box Office Performance, and Win a Prize!

    I'm going a little higher: $86 million. After the failure of the newest Ant Man movie, people will be looking for something to watch.
  4. elawai

    Star Wars The Bad Batch - SPOILERS

    Looks like the 2 episode finale starts this week. I wondering how long each episode is since they split it in two.
  5. elawai

    Loki! (spoiler thread)

    Midnight PST [about 10 minutes from when I posted this]
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    Loki! (spoiler thread)

    I believe they showed why Sylvie was picked up by the TVA on screen. She was expected to be the Goddess of Mischief, and instead of playing pranks on others, she's playing with toys and taking the role of the hero. She was obviously a well behave child, and that made her a variant.
  7. elawai

    Star Wars The Bad Batch - SPOILERS

    Ming-Na Wen who plays Fennec is 57 years old, so this is fairly consistent with the show ages. She looks amazing for her age, which might lead to some confusion.
  8. elawai

    D&D General Adam Bradford, Lauren Urban, Todd Kenrick Leave D&D Beyond

    Todd was poached by Codename Entertainment (Idle Champions)
  9. elawai

    D&D General Adam Bradford, Lauren Urban, Todd Kenrick Leave D&D Beyond

    I'm pretty sure them leaving has been in the works for awhile. Lauren and Todd were part of the Silver and Steel campaign on the DND Beyond that just ended just last week. I follow the DM for that game, and at the beginning of January she became aware that the game was wrapping up - with 3...
  10. elawai

    Printer Tech Support

    If the wireless network is on a dual band router, it could be that you have the printer on the 5 GHz band. Some printers don't work with 5 GHz band. Switching it to the 2.4GHz band might solve it.
  11. elawai

    s8e6: The Caretaker

    Thanks for the clarification. This might be enough establish that the Doctor is bears some small responsibility for the cop's death. Perhaps since his death wasn't as directly attributable to the Doctor as the previous deaths. his case was shuffled off to an assistant. Also, it sounded like...
  12. elawai

    s8e6: The Caretaker

    Didn't the Doctor say early on in the episode that he intentionally drew the Skovox Blitzer to the school? If this is correct, perhaps one could claim that the police officer died as a result of the Doctor's action. If the Doctor hadn't lured the Skovox Blitzer to this cop's beat, then he would...
  13. elawai

    Smartphone help for a complete noob

    I think I would go Windows Phone + TMobile no contract for a first time purchase Windows Phones are easy for most people new users to get into (iPhones apparently easy to start off with too), and if you go with TMobile I think you can get a nice entry level Windows phone at a good price, and...
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    Frederik Pohl, Writer, Hugo Award Winner
  15. elawai

    Christmas Special The Snowmen

    It looks like they went for more of the book feeling rather than the movie, which probably kept it from getting out of hand. The children seemed well behaved, she must have really whipped them into shape over her tenure as governess :)
  16. elawai

    Christmas Special The Snowmen

    There were also many Mary Poppins references in the episode. The ones I mainly caught were the umbrella catching the ladder, making her look like she is flying. My sister, who just read one or more of the books recently, cited that switching between accents was a major nod to Mary.
  17. elawai

    So, who wants to talk about new Doctor Who (spoilers likely)

    Some Daleks have the ability to use an emergency temporal shift as an escape (Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks). Perhaps Oswin emergency shifts to the Victorian era? How she manages to transfer to a human looking body is a still a mystery to be solved. I doubt that they'll use the...
  18. elawai

    In Remembrance--2011

    Gene Colan, Comic Book Artist Comic book artist Gene Colan has passed away | News Briefs | 1970's comic book artist known for Batman, Daredevil and Tomb of Dracula (featuring the first appearance of Blade)
  19. elawai

    In Remembrance--2011

    Joel Rosenberg, Author of "The Guardian of the Flames" series The Escapist : Author Joel Rosenberg Dead Article doesn't mention it, but Rosenberg's series was quite popular amongst gamers in the 1980's.
  20. elawai

    [TV] Doctor Who

    Glastonbury - Matt Smith/Orbital YouTube - Matt Smith & Orbital - Glastonbury 2010 For those that are interested, youtube video of Matt Smith with the band Orbital at the Glastonbury Festival 2010 - Doctor Who Theme