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  1. Tessarael

    Level Up (A5E) Warlock questions, Eldritch Evolution, Eldritch Prism

    On a related note, I believe the spellcasting ability modifier bonus to damage when you have Agonizing Blast also applies to Eldritch Prism, Eldritch Riposte, Eldritch Severance, and Eldritch Squall, as they all use one of the Eldritch Blast variants.
  2. Tessarael

    Blog (A5E) Meet the all-new official WARMAGE archetype!

    For those who might want to use a flat damage bonus instead for Battlefield Blaster, here's the damage increase by damage die type: d2: 1.5 + 0.500 + 0.375 + 0.188 ... = 3.00 average, +100% damage d3: 2.0 + 0.667 + 0.222 + 0.074 ... = 3.00 average, +50% damage d4: 2.5 + 0.625 + 0.156 + 0.039...
  3. Tessarael

    Blog (A5E) Meet the all-new official WARMAGE archetype!

    I'd argue that a spell that only does damage "when a creature starts its turn in the area, or enters the area for the first time on its turn," is not doing area of effect damage. By the rules as written (RAW), I think that area of effect damage is when all creatures in the area of effect take...
  4. Tessarael

    Warlocks, Pact Magic, and a Proposal (now updated)

    If I was redesigning the Vancian spellcasting system, I'd go with an either/or option for the DM: All spell casters get spell points, which refresh on a short rest or long rest. (Two short rests per long rest, ~6 encounters.) Spell points for full casters follow that for Warlocks in A5E: 2...
  5. Tessarael

    Level Up (A5E) Adept - AC

    Use a shortsword which Adepts are proficient in, or another weapon that has the parrying property. "When you are wielding a parrying weapon and you are not using a shield, once before your next turn you can gain an expertise die to your AC against a single melee attack made against you by a...
  6. Tessarael

    Warlock spell poll.

    One thing my DM does, which I really appreciate, is permit PCs to take a quick (15 minute) short rest when they need it between battles. This is done on a per character basis - others can choose not to take their short rest then. With a maximum of two short rests per long rest. A number of...
  7. Tessarael

    Warlock spell poll.

    I like the A5E implementation of Warlocks using spell points. I'd actually prefer to see all spellcasters use a similar system with recovery on a short rest, and hence be compatible with each other. IMHO, all classes should have a core set of powers that recharge on a short rest, with some more...
  8. Tessarael

    Level Up (A5E) Mixed heritages and Paragon gifts

    I think that there are two main concerns: (1) thematic consistency; and (2) mechanical balance between characters and vs. encounters. For thematic consistency, it comes down to having a group of traits, gifts, and paragon powers that make sense together for that (mixed) heritage. As Morrus...
  9. Tessarael

    Level Up (A5E) Improved Maneuver Degrees without New Maneuvers Question

    One other possible way to handle it is that a maneuver could be swapped during downtime with relearning, per page 432 of the Adventurer's Guide.
  10. Tessarael

    Level Up (A5E) Gritty Realism

    It depends how frequent encounters are. If you're only having 2 or 3 encounters a day, then a long rest could be every 2 days.
  11. Tessarael

    Level Up (A5E) Gritty Realism

    We're currently using one long rest per five days, and two short rests whenever you want per long rest. The characters have only been 1st and 2nd level so far. It works okay for travel and intermittent encounters in between destinations. I'm doubtful about it for dungeon crawls. Maybe it would...
  12. Tessarael

    Level Up (A5E) Need a clarification on devoted assault

    The rules as written (RAW) are a little ambiguous, which is why we have had this discussion. My recommendation is to go with the rules as intended (RAI), which lichmaster has already answered as an A5E designer. Maybe this is a question that belongs in Sage Advice or similar, to clarify the intent.
  13. Tessarael

    Level Up (A5E) Need a clarification on devoted assault

    Action Surge at 2nd level Fighter from 5E D&D grants one additional action on top of your regular action action and a possible bonus action. Action Surge doesn't exist as an ability in A5E. There are combat maneuvers in A5E that grant additional attacks, but you need to look at those A5E rules...
  14. Tessarael

    Level Up (A5E) Need a clarification on devoted assault

    Extra Attack is a prerequisite to learn the Stunning Assault and Dispelling Assault maneuvers, but it doesn't define how those maneuvers work.
  15. Tessarael

    Level Up (A5E) Need a clarification on devoted assault

    Extra Attack grants additional attacks when you take the attack action. You can only make the attack action once on your turn. Hence, you can only gain the benefit of Extra Attack once on your turn. On a critical hit, Devoted Assault allows you to spend exertion to use a Tempered Iron maneuver...
  16. Tessarael

    Level Up (A5E) The big difference between A5e and 5e?

    Traveling is significantly more of an adventure for the players, with various things available for characters to do as they journey. You can hunt, cook, keep watch, and so forth - it is part of the daily routine. Managing supply (food and water) resources is also important during travel. I was...
  17. Tessarael

    Level Up (A5E) Do material spell components always require a free hand in A5E?

    And one more: Bladechanter feat allows Fighter/Wizard to use dual-wielded melee weapons as focus & for seen components, V, V,M; V,S,M; and V,S.
  18. Tessarael Errata &

    In the Adventurer's Guide, Warlock on page 285 and Wizard on page 302 incorrectly state, "Mirror Image (ill): Transform an area of terrain with a convincing, immersive illusion." It should instead be something like, "Mirror Image (ill): Create illusory duplicates to misguide foes' attacks."...
  19. Tessarael

    Gate Pass Gazette What Would You Like to See Going Forward?

    For me, a key criteria for more content is online accessibility. If Home | Level Up has lists that you can sort through for Heritages, Cultures, Classes, Feats, Spells, etc., like then the additional content becomes much more usable. As an example, the spell list search...