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    D&D 5E Identify Mundane Items?

    Just wondering if anyone knows of ways players can dicern the purpose, use, or other very specific aspects of a mundane item? For example, my players just nicked a set of keys from an NPC. They arent important to the plot, just the keys to this guy's house, a couple chests, and couple doors...
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    D&D 5E NPC fighting pit

    My players just went into an underground fightclub where people watch and gamble on exotic beasts facing off. The players noted they are interested in participating in gambling. I was just going to run the fights as combats, but I just realized that since this city is littered with places like...
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    D&D General Copper Dragon Pranks?

    Lol, sure, the stereotypical dwarf, but these are excentric dwarves. They are the "I have so much free time I don't know what to do with myself" types. Added an edit to the beggining. ;)
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    D&D General Copper Dragon Pranks?

    Anyone have ideas what the dwarves could pull on the dragon?
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    D&D General Copper Dragon Pranks?

    These are awesome! Thank you again!
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    D&D General Copper Dragon Pranks?

    I am going to have a copper dragon and a family of eccentric dwarves have a prank war (possibly spanning multiple dwarf generations). The plan is for the dwarves to try roping the party into being part of one of their pranks. The problem is that I realize I am not very experienced with pranks...
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    D&D General Giant Flying Fox mount

    My players are in a world where horses are available everywhere, but every nation has its traditional unique mounts. The gnomes who they will be visiting soon are very much more likely to use large deer and elk (which they mount with large transport howdahs) or giant foxes (medium sized foxes)...
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    D&D 5E Magic Item: Constellation Stars

    This is a magic item collection that I have been trying to make work for a while now. I am about to introduce it into a game for some play testing, but I was hoping to get a bit of balance review from my friends here at ENworld. The idea of the item is a cool way for having weapon versatility...
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    Starship Building Rework?

    I have seen many people across the internet as equally disappointed in starship building as I am, but I have yet to find any kind of real re-work either official or 3rd party (including simple homebrew). I'm wondering if anyone has seen any good fixes for the starship building? And if there...
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    Small Magic Item Collection

    Comments, Critiques, or otherwise would be fantastic if anything jumps out at anyone.
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    Small Magic Item Collection

    I hope everyone likes these items as much as me and my group. If anyone has suggestions on making them more clear or more balanced, I would love to hear! Band of Endless Energy Wondrous Item, rare This metal twisted torque is enchanted to free the wearer of limits of physical exhaustion. When...
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    Magic Item: Manifest of Circles

    Manifest of Circles Wondrous Item, very rare You may name the coordinates of a location, which will activate a magic circle spell to the nearest magic circle to the given coordinates. The unless the coordinates are exactly on a circle, the nearest circle might be on a different plane, such as a...
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    D&D 5E Capturing Souls

    My wife and I are prepping a new campaign with some pretty heavy fairy tale themes. We also have some plans involving trapping and banishing souls. Before we start creating a bunch of spells and magic items, we were hoping to clarify what is already out there. Thank you in advance! Spells...
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    Magic Item: Jump Stones

    Correct. They are basically an upgraded version of the sending stones in the DMG. I always didn't like how limiting the sending stones were, and this is what evolved from my attempts to improve upon them. (I mean, a magic item is a magic item, but especially with parties of 4 or 5 and you allow...
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    Magic Item: Jump Stones

    So you mean a jump stone that does not need to be attuned/paired with the other stones? I could see a set of artifact master stones that these were moddled after, and then either the prototype is stolen or another is found by the evil group. ;) Noice, thank you for the idea.
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    Magic Item: Jump Stones

    I'm not sure if these are any more tactically powerful than before, the only major difference was removing the auto-force teleport. I actually took away a couple charges in the new one, so they can't do as much teleporting now. But yes, either tactical jumping in or quick escapes to a stone...
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    Magic Item: Jump Stones

    Here is a modified version. I completely removed the auto teleport, simplified the pairing a bit, and added a feature to assist in locating other stones in the network. Jump Stone Wondrous Item, rare You may spend a short or long rest attuning to this palm sized stone. Attuning to a jump stone...
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    Magic Item: Jump Stones

    - Oh! I completely spaced on the same plane thing. Yes, it is not meant to reach accross planes. - That's an interesting idea to make an auto pull be one use. Part of my thoughts on these stones is they are dead useful, but also incredibly dangerous if an enemy got their hands on one attuned to...