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  1. GreyLord

    D&D Movie/TV D&D Movie Hit or Flop?

    Interesting Link. What in the world is Tencent Video and iQIYI? Tencent is a pretty big company at this point (with fingers in all sorts of things you would never expect them to have fingers in) so I expect it is something to do with the Chinese audiences? Is that the ssame for iQIYI...
  2. GreyLord

    Pathfinder 2E Best LVL 1 adventures (that are not the beginner box)?

    Abomination Vaults has a good reputation. I believe they did a revamp of the Kobold King set of modules as a super module.
  3. GreyLord

    Paizo News: PaizoCon Online Wrap Up

    How is Second Darkness being retconned?
  4. GreyLord

    Paizo News: PaizoCon Online Wrap Up

    WELL...not that anyone noticed... WotC DID release new material that could be used for 1e, 2e, 3e, and 3.5e along with 5e. didn't notice? Guess you didn't play the early modules of 5e then. They didn't include the monster stats in the actual room and area descriptions on purpose...
  5. GreyLord

    D&D General Some Interesting Stats About D&D Players!

    That is actually a very suspect number in itself. IF (and that's a big IF) there were even 25 million players, and we each had gotten a ticket to the D&D movie at $10 a piece (I know, that's actually on the low end today, let's say they all went to matinee's), the D&D movie would have busted...
  6. GreyLord

    Willow - Official Teaser Trailer

    I'm not disagreeing at all, in fact you are probably spot on with everything you say about Musk. I used him as an example of someone who has invested in their passions (as I thought he'd probably be the most well known, instant name recognition). Wozniak would be another one that is invested...
  7. GreyLord

    Willow - Official Teaser Trailer

    While I feel you are correct for certain types of shareholders (those corps that run retirement accounts, banking stocks, pure investment funds, etc), which compose a massive amount of the holders and representatives today, I think this doesn't represent the individual shareholders. By these I...
  8. GreyLord

    Willow - Official Teaser Trailer

    And we'll see what else results in the Writer's Strike. It may be that it's being taken from streaming now...but if the strike is successful maybe we'll see what happens after that?
  9. GreyLord

    Disney Closing Star Wars Hotel

    I went to it and thought it was a GREAT experience. I don't even like the New Star Wars stuff. If you are a fan of Star Wars and a fan of the Disney Star Wars...even at that cost, I'd say it's actually worth the money. It is your ONE chance in a lifetime (or more if you can afford it) to...
  10. GreyLord

    Free League announces Dragonbane, the translation of Swedish RPG classic Drakar och Demoner

    I may be off on what you are stating here, but I think TSR had a few more. Star Frontiers and Top Secret just off the top of my head. Palladium basically used the same system for most of it's games if I recall though, unlike TSR. ICE used Rolemaster and had MERP, but MERP was sort of like a...
  11. GreyLord

    EN Publishing SPACE FIGHT! Starship Skirmishes Are Returning And They're All New!

    The components...what are they? The board looks like it could be cardstock? The Chits look like they could be heavy duty. Of course, this is the playtest stuff, so the final could be completely different. About what price point are you guys looking at? Looks interesting.
  12. GreyLord

    WFRP 4th Edition - How the game has evolved.

    I played WHFRP 3e but never bought the rules myself. They were a step TOO far for me. Other's ran it though, so gave me a break from being GM. There are fans of 3e that are very enthusiastic about it. In some ways, I think 3e actually was far more roleplaying intensive (you can see the...
  13. GreyLord

    D&D Movie/TV Dungeons & Dragons Adventures is a 24-Hour Streaming Channel Launching in Summer

    Mine didn't. It's just a digital copy. I think that sometimes if you buy the disc version it comes with a digital version though.
  14. GreyLord

    Mortal Kombat: Fight (Box Office Predictions)

    I haven't looked at the release dates, so not sure. If Little Mermaid and Spiderman release within a week of each other...oooof. I don't know. Might actually give it to Spiderman. It's a sequel but at least it's original. It's probably just me but I really am not a fan of these live action...
  15. GreyLord

    No, Ultramodern5 did not rip off Outgunned's cover.

    Is it okay? If it is THAT similar in appearance? I see that point, but both actually look like they directly ripped off the John Wick image...not inspired, or paying homage to it...directly ripped it off. There IS a difference, I agree. IF the original artists doesn't mind, it's fine...
  16. GreyLord

    Concentration on multiple spells, The "dormant" spell tag.

    I actually like Concentration as it is. I think Dormant (as suggested above) would actually still add too much power to casters. One of the reasons being is that as it is now, casters must make choices and lose spells if they choose that path. This would let them retain more power overall...
  17. GreyLord

    WFRP 4th Edition - How the game has evolved.

    1e and 2e were largely compatible. There were differences, but nothing quite as broad as 3e or 4e. 4e takes some similar ideas, but really is a completely different system. I use 4e books, but have reverted to some 1e or 2e isms simply because 4e is too complex to run at our tables. I find...
  18. GreyLord

    No, Ultramodern5 did not rip off Outgunned's cover.

    So, if I understand what you are stating, you both were "inspired" by someone else's image? You copied someone else's image? So, you are innocent of copying one person's image, because you posted another person's image you copied? Is this correct? As long as it was with permission I suppose...
  19. GreyLord

    D&D Movie/TV Dungeons & Dragons Adventures is a 24-Hour Streaming Channel Launching in Summer

    I did my part. I bought a digital copy (and I never buy digital, always just get a hard copy). Anyone else also gotten it digitally?
  20. GreyLord

    Dune: Part Two - Official Trailer (2023)

    Saw the first one in the theaters, will probably see this one in the theaters as well.