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    (Gamers Wanted!) Portola/Quincy, CA. ISO of RPG group

    Greetings! I am moving to the area, and am in search of a RPG group. Willing to play or GM as needed. 3.5 preferred, but very open minded. Gratefully, Mark
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    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder - Massachusetts North Shore

    We are starting a new group (well, actually reconstituting an old one) and are looking for a few additional players. The game will be (initially) Pathfinder and will meet once a month on Saturday evenings. Experience with RPGs or Pathfinder is not a requirement, but we are seeking easy-going and...
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    Pathfinder 1E [San Jose, CA] Pathfinder Group Seeking Players

    Just an update: We will be doing character generation on the 2nd of June, so PM me or replay for any questions. Hope to hear from you!
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    Pathfinder 1E [San Jose, CA] Pathfinder Group Seeking Players

    Greetings! We have a new Pathfinder group starting in San Jose. The group will be meeting approximately every other week with weeknights being the target night. We have the GM and two players and are seeking a few more. The game will be leaning towards beer & pretzel style as we all have...
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    Midnight in San Jose

    Thanx for the interest, Mo! For the benefit of all others reading this thread, we will be meeting once a month on Saturday afternoons. This is infrequent, but we have to fit in the game between other family obligations. Also, we will we using some house rules for HP and Hero points, but are...
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    Midnight in San Jose

    If you're interested in joining a newly started Midnight campaign in San Jose, PM me. Have one player so far and would love some more.
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    Mouse Guard, Anyone?

    If you don't want to be mice, but the idea of playing a Dunedain in the Fourth Age of Middle Earth scratches your itch, there is a great MG hack out there called Realm Guard. It has the same structure of MG, but with a few modifications to make it human centric. I'd give the link, but the site...
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    Customizable GM Screen interest survey

    Bumped for the weekend crew (this will be the last one). There might be less interest than I was hoping...but that is good to know before I invest in stock ;).
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    Customizable GM Screen interest survey

    Hi all. I received samples last night and was super pleased with the quality. Bumped for further interest/input.
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    Customizable GM Screen interest survey

    Hi gang and thanx for the input. I just got word from my preferred vendor that the quad-panel is *not* doable in landscape (only portrait) as it is "too large for the existing equipment." If there is a ton of demand for this version, I will keep shopping manufacturers, but I suspect this may be...
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    Customizable GM Screen interest survey

    Greetings all. I am exploring price/fabrications options for a new line of customizable GM screens and wanted your input. I am in the very early stages that thought this would be a good place to survey both interest and preference. Here are my questions: (1) How many of you are/would be...
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    Song of Ice and Fire RPG

    The pdf is now available!
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    Things I don't like about the 4E DMG - part 1 of 1000

    Yes. Player's abilities, intellegence, or sheer luck should always trump a GM's plans IMO. Don't rob a player when your creativity is out-maneuvered by his brilliance.
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    I said "No" when I should have said "Yes".

    I personally love these types of players. I find it enjoyable to let them use their creativity a little bit and then throw a complication at them. Sure, that was a poison fungus, but after production of the poison you find that it is contact poison. I much prefer the "say yes" + complication...
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    How does Burning Wheel play?

    I absolutely love the game. It took awhile to trust DOW and Fight!, but the results have won me over. Of course, game systems boil down to personal preference, but BW has spoiled all the other games on my shelf for me.
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    How does Burning Wheel play?

    While I would agree that the game has a fair amount of mechanics to follow (a fact that I actually like due to their internal consistency), I have not experienced this with resource management at all. If fact, this is one of the easiest aspects of the game, far easier than any other game that I...
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    So, what published 3e adventures are you always going to remember?

    My favorite by far was Dark Awakenings: Guardian from Auran. The plot was solid and the use of 3d graphics was way ahead of its time. Mark
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    What other games do you play?

    I'm currently playing Burning Wheel in the Harn setting. Mark
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    What didn't people like about Greyhawk From the Ashes?

    Sorry if this is thread-jacking, but I don't know if my question warrants its own thread. This conversation caught my interest in that I have FtA in a box somewhere in storage and have been itching to run it as a campaign. My question is this, out side of the current Gazetteer, what products do...