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  1. Goober4473

    Random Monster Generator: Beta 05!

    I made this thing a while back, but I'm working on it again! It's looking very good these days, and it's got legendary monsters now! Unfortunately Google removed the API I was using to add images to the results, but such is life. Some things that are awesome about it: - Generates a whole...
  2. Goober4473

    D&D 5E Goober's Curse of Strahd Campaign Journal (Spoilers)

    I've just begun my latest campaign: Curse of Strahd! And for this one, I'm keeping a journal, including a bunch of notes on my plans, intentions, and alterations. So far, I have my long introduction, where I discuss the themes of the campaign, what I want to get out of it, my major story...
  3. Goober4473

    What monsters are you hoping are in Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes?

    Everything I wanted, I put in the Planar Bestiary. I'd perhaps like to see some faction agents, along with however they update the Sigil factions.
  4. Goober4473

    D&D 5E Curse of Rogue(like) (Curse of Strahd Spoilers)

    In reading Curse of Strahd, a lot of elements in it really feel like a Roguelike game (most like Darkest Dungeon), intended to be played many times, what with the random Tarokka reading, Strahd's penchant for luring in adventurers over and over again, and the deadly horror setting. Obviously the...
  5. Goober4473

    D&D 5E New D&D Survey

    Here's my response to the survey: Planescape Planescape Planescape Planescape Planescape Planescape!
  6. Goober4473

    D&D 5E Campaign defining magic item

    I straight-up gave a level 1 party a Ring of Invisibility, complete with a Choker that coveted the ring and followed the party around. It was a short-lived pickup game, but it worked very well. They also ended up with a Mace of Terror at level 2, though the game didn't progress far enough for...
  7. Goober4473

    D&D 5E How long does a "save ends" spell last?

    Assuming they make the save at the end of their turn, and are thus affected for at least 1 round, shouldn't the minimum average rounds be 1? Or is this a calculation for extra rounds?
  8. Goober4473

    Planescape 5e Planescape

    I've been running The Great Modron March, interspersed with Well of Worlds and The Eternal Boundary, converted to 5e. It's very easy to convert 2e content to 5e, and I made a whole Planar Bestiary for the monster stats, which is the most time-consuming part. If I was going to redesign the...
  9. Goober4473

    D&D 5E Shatterspike in 5E: breaking an enemy's weapon

    In my own conversion of this adventure a while back, this is what I came up with for Shatterspike, since there's no standard "sunder" option. Shatterspike (Rare). Taken from a dead paladin in the Sunless Citadel, Shatterspike is an heirloom of another age. It a +1 longsword, and on a hit, the...
  10. Goober4473

    Planescape 101 Planescape Portals/Keys

    I've started a new campaign, running The Great Modron March updated to 5e, and while the adventure (and some others I'm interspersing in-between) includes various portals and portal keys, I think it'd be fun to get together a list of interesting portals and keys that I can just throw in as...
  11. Goober4473

    D&D 5E Any thoughts on what we will be getting with the Warlock UA coming up?

    Got you covered there already (sort of): :cool:
  12. Goober4473

    D&D 5E NPCs: Where can I find more?

    The Planar Bestiary has a bunch of Sigil-themed NPCs that work well as generic NPCs too.
  13. Goober4473

    D&D 5E Summons and Rolling Initiative

    I notice that pretty much all summoned creatures roll their own initiative and act accordingly. This makes sense in theory, and is very simple, but it's also kind of weird that if a summoned creature rolls a higher initiative than its summoner, it actually has to wait longer to take its turn...
  14. Goober4473

    5e magic of Incarnum (Beta)

    In terms of fluff, I've sort of re-purposed the soulborn from a paladin that can be any corner alignment into more of "choose a cause and be all about that cause, whether it's your own personal goals, a god, a philosophy, or anything else" which is a little difficult to put into mechanics other...
  15. Goober4473

    5e magic of Incarnum (Beta)

    I'll likely add some more fluff as the mechanics get more solid. I wanted to move away from alignment as a primary determining factor though, and turn the necrocarnate from "the worst evil imaginable" to "kind of spooky" to allow it as a real player option outside of pure evil games. I feel...
  16. Goober4473

    5e magic of Incarnum (Beta)

    To be fair, it does give only ONE of the chosen benefits. But it is quite a bit more versatile than a paladin aura. Definitely looking into nerfing this. So long as they're trading an equally useful class feature for it, I don't think it's a big problem. You can multiclass and get heavy armor...
  17. Goober4473

    5e magic of Incarnum (Beta)

    I'm back to working on my Magic of Incarnum update, which I plan to put up on the DMs Guild when it's done. I'm planning to add races and monsters, and perhaps some spells, but for now, the Incarnate class is fully implemented, though not all of the soulmelds are in. The Incandescent subclass...
  18. Goober4473

    D&D 5E Tales from the Yawning portal for those wanting more standalones?

    Very cool. I just wish it was available when I ran the whole Sunless Citadel line updated to 5e. Of course, I started that during the playtest, so there's no real way this could have existed back then. :cool:
  19. Goober4473

    D&D 5E Your one best piece of GM/DM advice?

    Treat the game like improv. "Yes, and" your players when you can, and ask them to "yes, and" you and your plots. You are all storytellers.