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  1. Elephant

    https support?

    Does EN World have plans to start using TLS?
  2. Elephant

    Aeon (updated 10/9/14)

    Even a quick "Sorry guys, the campaign fizzled due to scheduling difficulties" would be nice as a confirmation. ... OTOH, hope springs eternal. This SH is the reason I started playing D&D as an adult.
  3. Elephant

    Out of curiosity...

    I know this is blatantly offtopic, but do you read Something Positive, Piratecat? Today's comic reminded me of you. S*P and Other Comics
  4. Elephant

    Eberron inconsistencies

    You left off option D: Present, active, working in Mysterious Ways. ;) For some reason, nobody ever believes me when I tell them that I'm on a mission from God...
  5. Elephant

    Eberron inconsistencies

    I could very much see a Paladin of the Blood making a career in Eberron. Every time you shed the blood of the wicked, you're that much closer to divinity! ... hey, that's where the scan-and-smite paladins come from! The Blood of Vol, not the Silver Flame! :lol:
  6. Elephant

    Pathfinder 1E Losing my Pathfinder virginity ^_^

    It's an understandable sentiment (and I think the word is technically fisticuffs, btw) A friend of mine used to have this as his sig: "Problems with your gaming group/GM/player(s)? Sit down and have an intelligent, adult discussion with them to achieve a reasonable compromise. And when that...
  7. Elephant

    Looking for ~CR3 recommendations

    Nothing comes to mind right away, but you could probably find something on the CR 3 list in the Pathfinder SRD: Monsters by CR - Pathfinder_OGC Most of the monsters there seem like mooks or obstacle challenges, though, not bosses. That list gives me this idea, but it's kind of situational: A...
  8. Elephant

    Aerenal vs Argonessen: why?

    I like this, but I'd add another wrinkle: The dragons could muster sufficient power to wipe out the elves, but that would fatally weaken them somewhere in southern Argonnessen, where some other threat lurks. Or maybe they just aren't well-organized enough to muster the forces necessary to deal...
  9. Elephant

    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder figures to replace DDM figures!!!!

    I'm actually thinking about buying these. They look nice, and I think the Pathfinder iconic heroes are pretty cool. That said, I have a hard time justifying RPG-related purchases to myself. I used to subscribe to the Pathfinder adventure paths, and I canceled that when I realized that I might...
  10. Elephant

    5E on the horizon?

    Based on WOTC's edition churn in the past, I'll be surprised if 5.0 is released later than 2013.
  11. Elephant

    Would you pay to play?

    Not all entertainment is created equal. $8 for a movie ticket ... $20 for a baseball game ... $100 for a Lady Gaga concert ... all covering about the same amount of time. Using the same logic as the movie ticket comparison but subbing in "music concerts by big-name stars" instead, we can...
  12. Elephant

    Pathfinder 1E Losing my Pathfinder virginity ^_^

    First, welcome to ENWorld! :) Second, I think a pacifist Cleric is VERY ambitious in any D&D game. It's a game about killing monsters and taking their stuff, after all. Third, going with a pacifist character in a group that's all about hack'n'slash won't go well. If they're interested in a...
  13. Elephant

    Would you pay to play?

    A common comparison, but not an appropriate one, I think. Who goes to movies once a week? Who can AFFORD to go to the movies once a week? Certainly not me -- things like mortgage, food, and gas come in at higher priorities. One of the nice things about tabletop RPGs is that they're supposed...
  14. Elephant

    What would you play?

    I'd play just about anything, with three exceptions: 3.0, 4.0, and SW Saga. 3.0 because I've played too much 3.5, so my rules intuition would get in the way. 4.0 because I don't think that edition sounds fun. SW Saga because I find some of the rules quirks really annoying. I'd give it another...
  15. Elephant

    Shrink Item

    But pronouncing a Command Word for a Magic Item is a Standard Action...I think I remember reading that in the PHB...
  16. Elephant

    Rules/Rolls for Running a Shop

    Okay, follow-up on 1: Does your DM describe the campaign as a low-wealth or low-magic one? That issue might just be a mismatch in expectations ... I've met people who think that the "default" wealth-by-level guidelines were insanely extravagant... Follow-up on 2: First, sorry to ask such an...
  17. Elephant

    Rules/Rolls for Running a Shop

    I think this entire issue can be boiled down to two questions: 1. Do you trust your DM to manage the wealth level so it doesn't ruin the fun? 2. Would you rather play a game about running a magic shop or about exploring strange dungeons? Sure, you can incorporate both, but if the DM doesn't...
  18. Elephant

    Help think of some Human Verification Questions

    Someone new to RPGs might not. You can't really make registration tests based on insider knowledge if you want to get more subscribers.
  19. Elephant

    Help think of some Human Verification Questions

    Ouch. I'd fail 2/3 of the questions posted in this thread. Just call me Dumbo, I guess :(
  20. Elephant

    Since when was sign in required to view posts?

    O_O That's a pretty nasty spam problem! Could you implement a simple captcha for posting to help prevent it? Something like "type the answer to 2+2 in the box" -- sure, it's easy to write a script to answer that along with adding spam to other fields, but it stops anything that wasn't...