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  1. Taylor Espy

    Beadle & Grimm's Legendary Edition of Curse of Strahd: A Review

    I am eternally frustrated by these line of products. The only piece of content I would care about -in- them are the utterly gorgeous maps, and they seem uninterested in releasing digital copies of them.
  2. Taylor Espy

    ZEITGEIST Gets A Facelift

    Sounds like I need to get back to running my Zeitgeist campaign. I'd like a chance to finish Act 3 before my party digs into the new book.
  3. Taylor Espy

    Playtest (A5E) Level Up Playtest Document #1: Origins

    Well I hope you folks decide to make that more prominent, Zeitgeist is probably the best setting i've ever had the pleasure of running multiple games in, and i'd pay good money for content designed with a steampunk setting in mind. :)
  4. Taylor Espy

    Playtest (A5E) Level Up Playtest Document #1: Origins

    A few of the options remind me of the Zeitgeist books, that's pretty cool.
  5. Taylor Espy

    ZEITGEIST ZEITGEIST in legacy character builder

    I'm also very interested in these files, I would appreciate them a lot.
  6. Taylor Espy

    Wendy’s Presents: Feast of Legends (a Late Night Review)

    A truly unfortunate product of Late Capitalism. Hopefully people see this as the shallow advertisement that It is.
  7. Taylor Espy

    ZEITGEIST Post-Zeitgeist Setting and Adventures Discussion (Spoilers!)

    A story taking place during one of the many Yerasol Wars could be quite interesting I think. Personally, i'd love to see a story with a smaller scale that takes place in one of the countries that didn't get as much love as Risur, Ber for instance. There's a lot of interesting things that the...
  8. Taylor Espy

    D&D General DMs Guild Roundup: Encounters in Avernus and More

    This is an excellent pdf, better than the other settlement building supplements out there.
  9. Taylor Espy

    ZEITGEIST Looking for a writer for a ZEITGEIST setting book

    Hello Morrus, I have been keeping my eye out for something like this, as I have grown quite fond to the ZEITGEIST setting since I first started running a game in it some three years ago. I would say that I am very familiar with the setting and tone, since I have gone on to run a second...