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    D&D Movie/TV Dungeons & Dragons 3 Movie Trailer

    Someone also mentioned "Scourge of Worlds," the computer-animated interactive DVD from a few years back. It wasn't perfect, but I still think it's better than any other D&D-branded movie I've seen (and certainly better than this new one looks). Also, I appreciated that they set it in Greyhawk, I...
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    D&D Movie/TV Dungeons & Dragons 3 Movie Trailer

    Someone mentioned Battleship and the contrast really struck me. Here we have two properties owned by Hasbro. The one with little or no built-in narrative gets the big-budget blockbuster treatment (and throws in aliens, which had nothing to do with the original game), while the one that is...
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    The playtest has begun

    It's been about four and a half hours and I still haven't been able to download the packet. So, for those of you who did get it already, congratulations.
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    D&D 5E EN World Interview With Mike Mearls, Lead Designer of D&D Next

    I'm interested to see how healing works. (I'm sure I'm not alone in that.) I didn't mind the second wind mechanic. I've even toyed with allowing a second wind action once per encounter in a 3.5/Pathfinder game. But I absolutely hated the way that healing surges were tied to almost all methods...
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    D&D Blog. Should Fighters get multiple attacks?

    I never had a problem with iterative attacks, but I can understand why some people complain about them. I suppose you could get essentially the same result by giving attack and damage bonuses instead of additional attacks. I don't have much experience examining the math behind the mechanics...
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    D&D 5E D&D Next Blog - The Fighter

    I know that 4E has its fans, but I am not one of them - particularly when it comes to the fighter. In previous editions (and I've played 1E, 2E, BECMI, 3.x, and 4E), my favorite class was fighter. That stopped with 4E. The 4E fighter didn't allow me to play the kind of fighter that I like...
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    What name would you like the next iteration of D&D to bear?

    By the way, I just noticed that the poll is actually asking what name should be on the cover of the new books. I think that's a different question than what the new edition should be called - which is what I thought the poll was asking when I voted.
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    What name would you like the next iteration of D&D to bear?

    As Obi-Wan Kenobi might say, that's true from a certain point of view. (Were the Basic D&D box sets different rules, or simplified versions of 1st Edition?) The main thing, though, is that calling it 5th Edition would continue the naming convention that has been in effect since 1989 and the...
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    What name would you like the next iteration of D&D to bear?

    No, the name of the GAME doesn't change. But then, we're not talking about what to call the GAME. We're talking about what to call THE NEW EDITION of the game. So, like the 3.0 and 4E rulebooks before it, the new edition rulebooks will say "Dungeons & Dragons," and that's what we'll continue...
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    What name would you like the next iteration of D&D to bear?

    I think it's a mistake to get hung up on what the covers of the books will say. The 3rd and 4th edition core rulebooks didn't announce their edition numbers, but we all knew which edition they were and that's how we referred to them if we needed to be specific about which edition we meant. And...
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    What name would you like the next iteration of D&D to bear?

    The name "Dungeons and Dragons" is larger than just one edition. And no matter how all-encompassing they want this new edition to seem, it's still just one edition. The new edition needs to be called something other than just "Dungeons and Dragons" in order to differentiate it from the previous...
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    D&D 5E Is Monte Cook working on D&D 5th Edition?

    Just what I was thinking. I remembered seeing something somewhere that revealed how soon after 3.5 came out that they started working on 4E. I'm sure we won't hear any official 5E announcement anytime soon, but it wouldn't surprise me if they are actually working on it now.
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    Baby Steps

    This reminds me of the careers in Warhammer Fantasy RPG. Maybe something like that is the answer: each set of classes extends only as far as the box set in which it appears, and each new box set offers a new selection of classes. Then it's not a matter of continuing with your existing class...
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    What happened to

    Thanks for posting that.
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    What happened to

    I just noticed that is gone. Does anyone know what happened? I was an occasional visitor, having started playing in my first Birthright campaign not too long ago (using the 3E rules conversion that they had posted there). I'll be disappointed if it's gone for good. Does this...
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    TWF and you

    How so? What's there to be clunky? You take a penalty and make an extra attack. Are you saying that rolling an extra attack bogs the game down? I've never had a problem with TWF, so I found your remark surprising and would like to see you expand on it a bit.
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    Eberron in 09: The fiendish bovine (aka Keith Baker) spills some beans

    The likelihood of having additional material on DDI doensn't really do much for me, as I have no plan to subscribe to DDI. I'd be more likely to buy a worthy-looking Eberron sourcebook than subscribe to DDI in order to get whatever they're putting on there. I know that DDI saves WotC the cost...
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    [Ampersand] Bill Slavicsek on campaign settings

    Consider this another vote for Birthright. I'm playing in my first Birthright campaign now (using the 3rd edition rules from and really enjoying it. The possibility of seeing new versions of favorite old settings is one of the bright spots of 4E (and I'm not sure that I've seen...